Dance Parade 2009

ingrid and saskia
Saturday marked another Dance Parade 2009. Different from other years, this year almost all friends had recently had babies or so. So our number was small: only 5 people including me. Luckily I've been going out in Rotterdam this year, so I ran into 5 6 (!) friends at the dance parade as well. Thanks Li, Björn, Jermaine, Therese, Ingrid and Saskia! Always fun when a pretty woman is suddenly around your neck and you also know her. ;) hehe

The Dance Parade was different than others years also because a lot of care and planning had gone into it by the city of Rotterdam, in an effort to try to discourage drinking along the route and demote gangs of drunk people making a mess along the way. I think it worked: we only drank 5 liters of Bacardi&Cola and Vodka&Orange juice with the 5 of us, so it was definitely very effective! *hick*


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