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Cool animated movies coming up

While in Funan, world's largest IT dept store, I walked past some laptops showing off graphics using some new upcoming computer animated movies:
* 9 (amazing)
* Planet 51 (hilarious)
* UP (outstanding)
* Avatar (breathtaking)


First sampling of photos from Singapore. All unedited, of course. Just so you have an idea. Today, I'm gonna play tourist and hop on the Hippo bus or something. Every city has one: an open double decker bus that circles the city's most touristy attractions. The magic word being "open" here. Wind is my rescue in the 30C heat with 90% humidity. We had a big thunderstorm last night *sigh*

Engadget: Apple dictated Light Peak creation

What I thought to be an R&D project from Intel could very well a deliberate move into a new technology from Apple. Engadget may have dictated Intel to create this new technology and could begin using it as early as 2010!


Who needs a boat will from here on be answered: WHY. :) And why? Because you can!

Check out this amazing yacht that will cost €60-100 million. O_o

IMAP Email on the Nokia 6230

Having spent an hour trying to get Gmail access working on my old Nokia 6230, I gave up an reverted to using XS4ALL, my ISP. I know that used work. Using their excellent online helpdesk I quickly retrieved the settings and verified once more IMAP access to my Email is working.
I think the trick is the Nokia doesn't support SSL. So configuring IMAP using SSL ports 993 and 465 for secure, private and encrypted Emails to and from their server, didn't work. However, using TLS (ports 143 and 587 resp.) worked fine! Now that I know that, I may switch over the Gmail if needed. For now it's nice to know I can send/receive Emails on my phone should I need it.

Update: I think Gmail will never work on the 6230. Gmail requires the use of SSL over port 993 for incoming IMAP mails. The phone only supports TLS (port 143). Bummer.

Next Gen networking: Intel Light Peak

Tom's Hardware reports that Intel has come up with a demo of what may become the next gen in networking: Intel Light Peak. Whereas Copper cable seems to be topping out at 10 Gb/s, Light Peak will start at that rate and easily up it to 100 Gb/s over the next decade.
The high speed optical cable will be used to connect computers, HD displays, video recorder, Blu-ray players, iPods and solid-state disks (SSDs).

Update: Apple is going to use Intel Light Peak in 2010!

Installing Firefox Portable in an Internet Center

Having spent 1 day in Schiphol, waiting for my flight, I've been to the KPN Internet Cafe a few times. While you can access KPN hotspots using various accounts from third-parties, if you don't have a laptop, your only way to read Email is to use the terminals from KPN. And you can only pay for access: €3 for 15 minutes. Thieves, that 's what they are. ;)
To make matters worse, these terminals run an outdated Windows version with most certainly not the latest security fixes for IE and... the dreaded IE6. (When I'm back in the office, I'm going to write somebody about fixing it!). Problem with IE6 is that it's a terrible browser, no standards support, very leaky and brain-dead. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter... they all warned me I was using a bad browser. Sadly, most of these terminals are protected against updating configuration and installation of software. But wait, there is more...
I went to, downloaded FF 3.5.3 (9 MB), installed it in My Documents …

HTC Hero with Android

I find myself strangely drawn to the HTC Herowith Android... /me gets glassy eyes and dreams some more

Running a Small Business on Free Tools

There are so many great free tools out there for people on small budgets or start-ups or simply those who want to save money for other things.

Check Wizkid Sound for their choice of free tools that run their small business. Add wikidot to it, for writing collaboratively on any form of loosely organized documentation.

There are free hosted subversion servers out there, to give you version control for your website development. Lighthouse gives you free issue tracking for bugs reports, defects and feature requests. Blogger/Twitter to post regular news or stay in touch with each other if you are geographically spread apart. WordPress for a full-featured CMS with room to grow. if you provide ICT services to customers and want an organized (ITIL v3) way of controlling changes and maintenance. Thousands of people provide free template designs for all major content management systems (CMSs) so there is no (immediate) need to hire a designer.

Blogger Twitter Widget malfunctioning

As you can probably see, my twitter feed is broken and shows tweets from someone else. Blogger is aware of the bug and has notified the creator of the widget. Hope they fix it soon, this is the 2nd time I'm aware of this happening...

Update: fixed :)

Android Phones

Nice website (why didn't I think of this?!) that lists all known and rumored Android Phones. *sigh* I guess coz it's just too easy...

Active Computer Gaming

The problem with most computer games is that you sit down for hours learning it, improving and enjoying it. However, during that time you basically don't do much. The Wii changed this somewhat because now you stand up, swing arms, legs and generally move your body a lot more while playing games. But the true invention of the Wii was motion-sensing!

So two guys have brought motion-sensing to the PC with integrated wiimotes and a treadmill into their favorite RPG Aion. By "flapping your wings" (flapping arms with wiimotes in your hand), you can fly in the game. By running on the treadmill, you run in the game. So now, you're actually tired from a fight, from flying 5 minutes or from running away from an enemy! Coool!

Grand Turismo Opening

This game is soooo real, it's almost too good to play. It's hard, but the payback is amazing. Cars handle like a dream and every single sound in the real cars has been digitized and used in the game. Truely awesome work! :respect:

Check the opening scene of Grand Turismo to see what I mean.

Nintendo Wii price cut?

T3 seems to have a rumor of Nintendo Wii price cuts... :) The US price is said to go down by as much as $50. Cool!

It's probably due to Sony releasing a cheaper and slimmer PS3 Slim! Whatever works is fine with me!

Railay Beach

Thinking of going to Railay Beach. A close 30 min ride from Phuket and easy to get from Singapore. Seems like a good place. Fun people, lots of stuff to do in water and on rocks. I'll look for flights once in Singapore. Many places nearby so if I get bored, I can walk over to the next village or whatever. :) Sooo looking forward to vacation, can't wait!

Update: Get cheap flight in Asia using one of the many budget airlines: AirAsia, Tiger Airways, Bangkok Air. But beware: they will not book luggage through, so only single legs flights and keep 2 hrs minimum for transfers in between legs.

Nokia 6500 classic from work

Work gets me a new Nokia 6500 classic. Very bare bone but decent enough. Symbian OS, so that gets me some flexibility. Hope I get it on time for my vacation... Be good to have all my contacts synced with Google again.

Update: FUCK, it's not a Symbian-powered Nokia, it's the Nokia Series 40 OS. Grrr

Capo Cucina

Wednesday was my monthly cooking workshop with a group of guys I met through Marc. we gather at Capo Cucina where chef Romano teaches us Italian cooking and shows us tips and tricks during preparation! Have a bunch of our work in progress up on SmugMug.


Was in Utrecht last weekend and was taken by the shapes of the new Rabobank building near central station... check it out.

Flickeur - Every Picture Tells a Story

A very nice photo experiment using Flickr photos to create an infinite photostream: Flickeur - Every Picture Tells a Story. A bit nervous and the ringing bell and repeating audio gets on my nerves after a while, but you can always turn off sound. :)

Apple iPod nano fifth-gen

Apple latest iPod Nano, the fifth-gen 16GB MP3 with video recording might just make it good enough to ditch a one year old gadget and "upgrade"... Hmmm, Singapore is just in time for Xmas in October!

Android 1.6 SDK is here

Pro of waiting for a decent Android phone is that by the time I get one, the OS will be stable and full featured. They just released Android 1.6... Still, I'd rather have a nice one now.

Mobile phone broken

At LIEF festival, my phone fell and while the batteries were already empty at 4pm, the phone hasn't come back up online since. :( RIP I guess. It's a 3 year old Nokia N73. I had been looking at a replacement for while but haven't found one that really tips the scales. I like Symbian OS phone for their versatility and usability, although they are usually s l o w. The CPU is underpowered to make it cheaper and/or last longer on one charge. So... I really wanted to try a Google Android phone, just because I can, however they suck so far. Ugly. Bricks. Needless to say, I am running from my backup phone the ancient Nokia 6230 - and bearing with it for now. My work (KPN) might give me a decent upgrader but I still want an Android.

Lucky for me, my brother from another mother MrVanes has the same wishes, desires and longings - gadget-wise that is. ;)

Dov Davidoff

Dov Davidoff is a very funny stand-up comedian. Thanks, Appie, for the tip! (y)

Monopoly City Streets

Latest gaming hype, but a really cool idea: Monopoly City Streets.

Play Monopoly on maps from Google Maps and use 3,000,000 dollars to buy good real-estate and hope people will stop by and pay you. Or so I think. The site is down due to the overwhelming response from all over the world. :) It's even a twitter trend :)

Oh and you can draw/build your own favorite structure in Google SketchUp, upload it and your own building in Monopoly City

Palringo - next generation IM client

Friend of mine pointed me to Palringo, a new IM client for PC, Apple and mobile phones. Currently only iPhone and Android, but Symbian coming (soon I hope) and Symbian S60. It is different in that it combines voice mail and photos with IM. So you send someone a photo easily while in chat. Of coruse, it supports all IM protocols including MSN, ICQ, GTalk and Jabber. So it is not different from Trilian, Miranda, Pigdin, Adium and so on. But having the same IM client on desktop and phone plus the ability to send photos easily could make me switch... we'll see

Photos at LIEF Festival

LIEF festival, the tiny, intimate, cute little techno and minimal party in Utrecht last weekend was awesome! Sold out. I estimate 5000 people only. Really fun! The location was dressed up in very cool ways, very effective and lief (=sweet/cute in Dutch BTW). The day, however, proved a disaster is three ways:
1) I forgot my digicam but used my phone instead
2) my phone was empty at 4pm or so. :(
3) I dropped my phone at 9pm or so and now it dead :'(

Fortunately, partyflock has great photos of LIEF! And next, my friends, we are all going here! It is just too LIEF to let it pass you by!

Netherlands wins 2 gold at Asia Culinary Cup 2009

The Dutch team "Nationaal Team" has won 2 gold medals at the int'l Asia Culinary Cup in Bangkok, Thailand. The team of Wynand Vogel won in the categories 'Cold Buffet' and 'a la minute'. Source: Misset Horeca tweet about songs is a twitter service where you type in a song title and they give you a link to tweet it. Easy and faster than going to or spotify, searching for the song, getting the link, shortening it and tweeting about it. :) Great service!

Milow – Silver Game

Oh why are things you care about so hard to do? Because you know they'll hurt? Or... will hurt someone?
Milow – Silver Game

Happy Birthday, Internet!

Happy Birthday, Internet! Congrats your 40th birthday. It's good to know I am as old as the Net. Puts me in good company!

Apple iTit

Just Whatever: "Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women’s breast implants.

The iTit will cost $499 or $599 depending on speaker size.

This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them."

I am keen on seeing the iTittie A and AA for young adolescent females with 1 GB capacity for $30 or so. But with the possibility of trading them in later for an iTit C, D or perhaps even DD/EE when the need arises. ROFL

Update: the joke dates back to 2007 :yawn:

A night in September

Finally met my ex last night. Was a bit of a mess leading up it (confusion, retribution, misinterpretation and so on), but in the end she proved to be the woman I chose to marry and I reconfirmed the meeting I had canceled a few hours earlier because I didn't think she was ready to be herself. Turns out she was.
The meeting went fine and we were both calm, civil and said what needed to be said. After an hour it already seemed we'd talked for hours. I cleared up many things important to me (but not all) and felt better. I wanted to continue a more informal chat about the things we're doing now, but she wasn't able to. That's fine, no biggy. Perhaps another time.

That left me dazed and shaken but calm. The sudden put-it-behind-me was a shock. Felt like I had turned around staring into a void in the future whereas I had been moping over the stuff in the past. Small case of vertigo I guess. Good, of course, but stressy nonetheless. So now it's off into the void... U…

Mysteryland 2009

Saturday I was at Mysteryland 2009. We were all afraid for the weather but it was beautiful albeit a bit windy. It was a very very beautiful decorated event, even for Mysteryland! Food, bars, coins. Everything was well taken care of. No hassle, no hussle no stress.

Update: BNN has a great 1 hour (!) video report (in $#@&$%# silvershite!) from this crazy party with 60000 people.

Dramatic time-lapse of LA wild fires

Image has a dramatically beautiful time-lapse of the LA wild fires online, glued together in a movie that shows just how big the fires are. The smoke clouds are so huge they resemble an active volcano more that a fire...

Canon EOS 7D specs leaked

T3 reveals canon's latest DSLR digicam: Canon EOS 7D. 18 Mpx, DIGIC4 DSP and a huge 3" high res LCD plus HD video recording inherited from the 5D. :drool:
Maybe I can get it cheap in Singapore after all! ;) naah, just a nice 17-105 f2.8 L lens would do nicely

Update: DPReview has a hands-on preview and the cam will appear in late September for $1900. :)