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DJ Mag TOP 100 for 2009

DJ Mag just published their annual TOP 100 DJ of the world list. Armin van Buuren won again, 2nd 3rd year in a row! Congrats! Tiësto is #2. Trance duo from US "Above & Beyond" are on #4, a surprise for me. Didn't know they were so popular. They've been a favorite of mine for a while now and I love their podcast! German Paul van Dyk and Dutch Ferry Corsten are #5 and #7 resp. Love both of 'm too. Markus Schulz (also German), a recent favorite of mine is #8 and the young boy genius Sander van Doorn - who rocked at Mysteryland this year - is #10.

You may wonder why I left some numbers... well French David Guetta (#3) is not my style, although he does have some great hits. Deadmau5 (#6), I never heard of and Gareth Emery from the UK (#9) is new to me too, although I have heard a set or two by him and liked very much. :) So I'm keeping tabs on the latter for the next year. Now, tune in to and find your favorite tracks/DJs.

Motorola Droid

Motorola, makers of shitty phones except the RAZOR, are trying to make a comeback with an Android phone. View the Motorola Droid unboxing on Engadget! Read their first hands-on review.

Update: In Europe, the DROID will be called MILESTONE. What's with the CAPITAL letters anyway?! No need to scream... sjeez

Google adds free turn-by-turn navigation, car dock UI to Android 2.0

Wow, Google just upgraded Google Maps in a major way!
Android 2.0 phones will have access to free turn-by-turn navigation using a Car Dock for their phone. This turns the phone into a navigation device, like TomTom VDO Dayton etc and accesses Google Maps to provide you with directions. Cost? Zero! Of course, you'll have data roaming charges through your mobile provider, so if you're a globetrotter, better buy out the data charges!

New Apple MacBook Pro revealed by OS X update

In an update for Snow Leopard for developers, Apple has revealed that two new MacBook Pros are likely to appear soon. Rumors have it that these will contain quad-core CPUs, since Mac Pro and new iMacs are already available with the Intel i5/i7 quad-core CPUs. If true, this will make the new MacBooks extremely fast compared to current versions! See also MacRumors.

Android 2.0 SDK

Google's just released the Android 2.0 for mobile smartphones with the Android OS.
Highlights are:
* multiple (G)mail accounts
* support for Exchange mail accounts
* more camera controls
* search in all SMS/MMS messages
* HTML5 support in browser (needed for Google Wave)
* Bluetooth 2.1

Google is actively looking at what Apple's iPhone brings and improving it. And open source... :)
Update: Engadget shows ass-kicking turn-by-turn navigation on Android using the free Google Maps! OMG!

O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6

Just because it took a really long time to find it and because previous links in forums didn't seem to work, there is an O2Micro Smartcardbus driver for Linux 2.6 kernels available through the MUSCLE project. Other hits I found used a usr:pwd combination in the URL and that didn't work for me. Hope this helps.

Trying to install opensc and openct to get the built-in smart card reader in the Fu(s)jitsu Lifebook e8110 to work with the VPN solution from work. KPN is starting to promote working from home in order to reduce the housing needs for all its employees. 5 years too late if you ask me, but better late than never! ;) But you'll need to use your company (smart)card, if a reader is available, to identify yourself with a VPN client.

Testing it on Ubuntu 9.04 (LiveCDs RULE!) Get opensc through the Universe repository; you may need to edit your apt sources to activate it. And you need pcsclite, also from MUSCLE.
There is also a tool called o2scr that may work. Untested yet. An…

In Your Light - Jon Allen

Dee pointed me to this great new artist Jon Allen and I was moved by his single In Your Light.

Ninite Makes Installing Software Incredibly Simple

If you are upgrading from XP to Windows 7, or from Vista, or you regularly (re)install PCs and want to (pre)load them with useful apps or you simply regularly wipe your Windows PC and start fresh (I did once year), you need Ninite to do all the hard work for you!
Select which apps you want, download the 200KB installer to your fresh Windows PC, run it and go do something useful while all the apps you choose are installed for you.


2 MIT students take a $150 weather balloon, attach a beer cooler, put a Canon digicam in it, a cell phone with GPS and send the sucker up into near-space at 24 km altitude to take some pictures! Check 1337arts. Now they want to cross the Atlantic with the same idea!

Rebel EFI: OSX on any Intel PC

With Rebel EFI Psystar, the company that brought cheap clone Macs, lets you install OS X on any hardware you have (compatibility permitting of course). :) Cool!

World of Goo Creators Try Pick-Your-Price Experiment

What would people pay for a game that normally sells at $20 if they're given the choice to choose their own price?
That's what World of Goo creators decided to try for the celebration of their one year anniversary. :) Turns out, the average price was $2.03 for 57000 games sold. 12% said they were paying the amount because they already owned the game and wanted to get it for a new platform. World of Goo runs on OSX, Windows and Linux, BTW. The opportunity is extended until October 25th, so hurry while supplies last!

Apple iMac Goes Intel Core i5, i7

Apple has refreshed their iMacs. The entry models still have a Core 2 Duo but the high-end versions will use Intel's new Core i5/i7 quad-core super fast CPUs! Prices start at $1200 for the low-end and $2000 for the top model. Still, if I would design my own Windoze PC, it'll also cost me at least $2000 and probably more!

Source: Tom's Hardware

Element 114 verified

The existence of element 114 (in the Periodic Table of Elements) has been verified by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 10 years after the first discovery by researchers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. The independent verification of their discovery is important because many claims have come from the same research group since, but no one outside of their group.

Nokia NbuExplorer

When my N73 (S60 Symbian smart phone) crashed, I lost the ability to copy contents over to my new phone. I solved the immediate needs by mailing my most frequently accessed friends using Gmail. But I thought I could resync my new work phone with Google Contacts again using Google Sync. Helas, the Nokia 6500 Classic is not supported even though it supports SyncML. :(
However, I still have a recent backup of my N73 on the SD card (created backups monthly) and a colleague mentioned I should give Nokia NbuExplorer a try... :) Cool! Will do! Or convert them using the ABCNBU utility.

What have we learned from all this?!? No matter how inconvenient and bloatware and terrible Nokia OTI aka PC Suite is, it is worth trying to strip it down to the bare minimum so you can make regular backups of your contacts... because you never know when you'll really need that!

Alex - a dual-screen Android-based e-book reader

More cool Android innovations: Alex - a dual-screen Android-based e-book reader.
"Up top you get a 6" monochrome E-Ink EPD display, while underneath sits a tempting, bright, colourful 3.5" touch-screen LCD. Alex politely supports wi-fi and mobile networks for browsing, contains an SD card slot for storage."

Android 2.0 screenshot walkthroughs

Speaking of Android, Boy Genius Report has a Android 2.0 screenshot walkthrough... exciting!

Google Android: Acer Liquid A1

I'm glad I know MrVanes because he and I are so much alike in some ways. I'm also glad he told me NOT to go for an HTC Android phone while in Singapore, because the Hero and Magic sucked! Bad feel, bad form, terrible handling Yuck!
Anyway, he spotted the Acer Liquid A1 planned for Q4 (aka now!) with an est. retail price for €400 and an 800x480px screen powered by a 1 Ghz Snapdargon CPU from the good people at Qualcomm. I can't wait! Acer's netbooks are great and the laptops are better than average, so why can't they do the same for Android phones? :)

New set of pics from Railay Beach

Uploaded a new batch of pics from Railay. Having a good time and really calming down. So sad that I am leaving here in 2 days. :( But all's well that ends well. Saw some Thai boxing yesterday and the one guy went knock out! Holy moly, he received a few kicks in the head.. pfff
Oh I discovered a way to set long exposures on my IXUS 80IS. It is hidden in the menu to over or underexpose an image. I can set up to 15" exposures! Cool, played with at feature a bit and got nice pics from the bars (Bamboo and Joy's) where I hang out without using flash. :) There is also a picture of my back with all my skin hangout off. I am peeling really really badly at the moment. It was very stupid of me going unprotected in the tropical sun like that. Hope I don't get any problems. OH and the sunset pictures are unedited, no color shift whatsoever neither by me nor by the camera. It was almost religious so amazing how the colors kept changing!

New pics from Railay Beach

I posted some more pics from Railay Beach. Finally also a couple with sunshine in it and one with myself in it.

Tracking Facebook and the Facebook Platform for Developers and Marketers

Inside Facebook is an interesting site that tries to uncover trends and facts from world-wide Facebook usage...

Mac updates: app update

I'm a bit of a verion-holic so I was interested when the XS4ALL newsletter informed of a tool for the Mac to keep all your software up-to-date: app update. Best of all: it's free and open source ;)

New photos from Thailand

It really still is somewhat of a rainy season here. Had a big drench yesterday before coming to Railay. Yesterday evening at 8pm the rain also came back a bit, but last night I awoke from the noise of the sky falling down! OMG I woke up and was lost and disoriented, only to realize it was only rain and fell back to sleep. Slept 12 hrs. :) Nice.

Since it is still rainy and mostly cloudy, I am taking the chance to update vacation photos on smugmug. Check 'm out! Not tropical paradise pictures yet, but I have faith. ;)

Weather in Railay Beach is a wonderful weather site. They have almost all the weather details anyone could ever need. I even found 10 min old Doppler radar and visible images of the area! :) The old meteorologist in me is happy.
Had torrential rains this morning while I was waiting for the long tail boat to take from Krabi to Railay Beach. Amazing! I love rain, especially if it's tropical heat and the rain is warm and cools everything down. Took some great pics and movies! Will upload them tomorrow.

BTW, I'm on the tip of the island, in the bay on the East side.
Update: link to rain video

On the way to Thailand

Well, after a week with my friends Michiel and Molina in Singapore it's time to move on. I need to get away from the city, the heat and the people. Just want to quiet and peace of mind to settle my nerves and thoughts. It's been a weird and hecktic, stressful year so far. Need to unwind, no matter how much I enjoyed Singapore and their hospitality. Was lucky to participate in a Moon Festival celebration with Chinese friends of my friends. Home-cooked dinner, marvelous house, friendly people, lantern walk though the neighborhood... it was excellent and soo different from anything else in the week. Great ending of a wonderful stay. Thanks! I'll try to upload some pics soon...

Now on way to Krabi, through Bangkok. Flight was delayed and had mechanical troubles. So I missed my connection here on Bangkok. :( Had to go through customs and check back in. Sadly, I had to pay the difference for a new ticket because I had not allowed enough time (3 hrs) between my flights. Thieves! …

Happy birthday mom

Just a little "Happy Birthday" to my mom, how celebrates her birthday to day! Glad to hear they'll make it to my home for my birthday! :)