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Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components

was reading several threads about adding Ogg Vorbis support to the Mac. The open audio format is better than mp3 (twice the quality in the same space) but not widely supported because, uhm, I dunno. I guess it makes too much sense.

Anyway, while Windows is fairly easy with audio and codecs are abundant, Apple's OS X is a bit tighter and more anal difficult. However, has a bunch of QuickTime Components that work as an add-on to QuickTime (hence the name 'components'). This makes it ubiquitous for OS X, as almost anything can tie into that. It adds a simple library and then even iTunes can play back or rip to Ogg files. :) Brilliant!

see for more tools and GUIs, if needed.

Academie voor Gastronomie

2009 was bad year. But instead of looking back too much (already did that), fo 2010 I want to focus more on myself, what I want, like and love and food, cooking, chef, being a host is definitely a big part of that. So whereas last year around this time I had decided to follow a course for becoming a chef at the local ROC, this year my ambition is higher and I'm signing up for a crash course for chefs, sommeliers and hosts at the Academie voor Gastronomienear Apeldoorn.

The course will be the first step on my way to becoming a chef and own a lunchroom somewhere in the world. Don't really care where, not really. Location and placing are more important, besides I've been meaning on leaving Holland for the last 10 years anyway. This is a good excuse. :)

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway

A few days ago, there was a mysterious spiral blue light display above Norway. I don't believe it was a hoax. There were too many reports from different places and different sources. Slashdot had a whole slew of possible explanations on it, the most logical to me being one where a Russian rocket might have misfired and exploded. It is still sketchy at best, and I am still not sure. But the video and photos are very cool nonetheless!

Truely Innovative Lingerie

I'm a sucker for lingerie and a total geek when it comes to technology, innovation and doing things just "because we can". :) This article combines the two in a truly masterly way: Frank Lampard's ex Elen Rives unveils the UK's most 'innovative lingerie ever' in sexy new photo shoot.

The straps are completely customizable and will fit under any dress, really! :) So cool!

Live Downhill Tetris

A bunch of skaters created a live video game in SF last Fall.
Using neon signs attached to their bodies, they freeborded (a type of skateboard) downhill in San Francisco. From above it looked like the Tetris game.
Check it out!

Philippines volcano Mayon eruption likely

And speaking of volcanoes... It seems like the Philippines will get a white Xmas of a different sort. Cnn reports the Philippines volcano Mayon is likely to erupt soon. Alert status has been raised to Level 4, which means "imminent". More than 222 tremors have been recorded in the past few days.

Underwater volcano captured on film

Think I posted this on Twitter before, but CNN now runs it too... NOAA managed to capture a deep sea underwater volcano on film in the Pacific ocean. I got the film from NOAA and uploaded it to YouTube.
"Eruption of the West Mata volcano, discovered in May, occurred nearly 4,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in an area bounded by Fiji, Tonga and Samoa."

First Robot to Across the Atlantic - Scarlet Knight

For the first time, a submersible robot has crossed the Atlantic Ocean: Scarlet Knight had a predecessor disappear. Perhaps due to a shark or maybe a fishing boat. In 221 days, the robot traversed 7409 km! With this knowledge, a new area in ocean surveillance can start. And considering we've only discovered approx 5% of the world's oceans, it is about time!

Nexus One Hardware Running List

An Android website is keeping tabs on the Google Phone "Nexus One" that comes out early next year. The specs are close to what my Liquid does, so nothing exciting there apart from the newer Android version 2.1 (vs my v1.6). Read the article on these are the droids.

Superboot: how to get root on the Acer Liquid A1

Following a brief exchange of notes between MrVanes and myself, I got thinking of getting root on my Liquid. I.e. I can become superuser and do whatever I want to on it, including breaking it beyond repair. :) Life on the edge! ;)
Anyway, not decided yet. Still trying to see if I can get Google Maps Navigation working without root. But just in case, here is howto root the Liquid using a utility called "Superboot".

My grandfather's birthday

Today would have been my grandfather's 95th birthday. Sadly, he died last year. But to commemorate him and my grandmother, we're having a family day today because his bday would always bring the whole family together. And because we hardly see each other otherwise, we somewhat have settled on keeping the tradition alive, which I think is nice.

So here to my grandfather Opa Peper! Happy birthday!
I have some pictures of his 90's birthday on Smugmug...

Flood Could Have Filled Mediterranean In Less Than Two Years

Cool! A new study suggests that a Flood Could Have Filled Mediterranean In Less Than Two Years. It was long thought that a Niagara Falls-like "trickle" filled the basin over eons, but new data resulting from geological drills related to the digging of a tunnel from Spain to Morocco suggests it happened "over night". A torrent of 100 km/hr several miles wide poured into the basin with more m3 than a thousand Amazon rivers. Data suggests water levels around the globe fell by almost 10m after the Mediterranean was full! O_o

Google Releases Chrome Beta for Linux, Mac

Google has finally Released Chrome Beta for Linux & Mac. Although not all comments I hear are good...

IMVU: 3D Chat

I just got a total blast-from-the-past when I clicked on an ad to "meet new people". It reminded me of a 3D chat program using VRML back in 1996 called OnLive! 3D chat. I used it for my research back when I was working for KPN Research.
IMVU seems much like it. Add a little Second Life added in and a little bit like the Sony PS3 chat service I have at home (and never use). Still kinda cool because you can easily create a virtual house (like Alphaworld), virtual outfits (like Second Life) and chat in 3D. OnLive! also used audio chat, which made it the coolest, because people farther away sounded softer.

MJM Metal: Fine Jewelry

OK I know this is probably a bit gay, but I rarely encounter jewelry that I like. So when I saw these 18 Karat Gold rings by melissa joy manning, I had to blog it for myself to remember it. :) Wow!

Beginner's guide to HD video

Digital Photography Review has a Beginner's guide to HD video. With more and more digicams capable of recording HD video, it's time we all learn the basics. I know I need to ;)

Google Goggles

T3 reports on Google Goggles: "Google has launched an Android mobile app which will allow users to discover a host of information about famous landmarks just by taking a picture of them on the phone's camera.

The augmented reality service, which is endearingly named Google Goggles, combines a GPS-based location pinpoint with the company's image database to provide users with information on landmarks, works of art and even company logos."

Acer Liquid A1

<bad English accent>
Well, de boullit is shroe de church!
I just ordered the Acer Liquid A1. I should get one in 5 days and counting... MrVanes IM'ed me he had just ordered one and I got caught up in enthusiasm and caved in. I have no life. I have no spine. But I DO have an Android! w00t

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation: "Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 1.6 and higher."

So it'll run any currently sold Android phone, as they're usually running v1.6. Only a very few already have 2.0 or will be updated early next year.