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Definition of Unlove

Unlove - definition of Unlove

How do I unlove?
I can fall in love easily. I can love magnificently, I think. I can prevent myself from falling in love, for a while. I can delay being in love, if I try. But I have no influence whatsoever on either becoming not in love or unlove someone, once I love them. I can make it less, but it won't go away. I have no clue.

I can't simply move on, that would seem shallow. I can't just forget or ignore, or I wouldn't have been so in love in the first place. If it were that trivial, it wouldn't feel like love to me.

So perhaps I love too much. Perhaps, what I call falling in love already is what most people experience as 'being in love'. For me, the appetizer is already a main course for most. Perhaps for them if they'd be as much in love as I can be, would feel like a whole endless buffet or a 5 course meal. Is it me or is it them?

I just don't know anymore. Break-ups have always been hard on me but this one feels lik…

PlayStation 3 has been hacked

It appears that the PS3 is hacked.
This is the first report and it's still a long way from anyone doing a zippy-be-dooda and have a hacked PS3, but the rest will be history. of course, Sony may be able to reverse it again by doing a System Update. :) So you never know.

The fact that it took 3 years is amazing. Very good system, IMHO. I respect that.

Streaming movies

There is a growing trend in what we used to call Video on Demand (VoD). Now that broadband internet is ubiquitous (in the modern West) and people have a growing sense of "I want that and I want it now!". Movies are spread over torrents and usenet newsgroups. Music videos are often first on YouTube and recently even in HD quality. While torrents are (mostly) free, newsgroups require monthly payments. For that money ($5-10/mo), you get lighting-fast access to download servers that get you (an illegal copy of) a movie in about 5-10 minutes. And that's at DVD quality.

The increasing popularity and capabilities of gaming consoles (and the money gamers spend) have drawn in a new kind of distribution: streaming. Just like Internet radio sends a stream of low-resolution sound packets to a listener while you listen to them, movie streaming does the same to viewers.

YouTube pioneered video on the web. Many popular TV series were offered to fans in countries that had never heard o…

Flying at 70,000 feet

Isa sent a link to a YouTube video on flying really really high.

Video is from a U2 spyplane flying at 70,000" or 23 km, almost twice the height of normal commercial airplanes. Sooo cool!

OCski 2010

Was away for a long weekend to Austria on invitation by my colleagues from Oracle. we went to Bad Gastein, quite near Ramsau am Dachstein where I learned to ski 35 years ago O_o and Gerlos where friends of mine from the restaurant are working for the season. Check out the first pictures of OCski 2010

Update: more photos by Vera and by Jaap, and Peter.
Update2: Jan also has photos.

Career change: Gastheer-Cuisinier

Just before NYE, I decided to opt for a possible career change in a few years. I've always wanted to learn more about the restaurant business, cooking, being a host/maitre d' ;) but couldn't really find a good place to try it. Then I did: the 'academie voor gastronomie' in Holland created just that type of year-long course: Turbo opleiding Gastheer-Cuisinier.

There was an open house last Tuesday and I went there. It was everything I hoped it to be and the other people were nice and diverse from all kins of backgrounds. So that should prove educational in all ways. The course will start Feb 8th, not next week as I first thought. They are trying to seek official approval with the bodies that can decide these things, bu either way: a certificate from this institute will get quite the attention. Nationally as well as internationally. Granted, it's the Gordon Bleue in Paris, but just right for me!

Google Nexus One details

Well, the internet and blogosphere is filled to capacity with news on Google's new smartphone, Google Nexus One.

3.7" AMOLED screen
700x480 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon @ 1 Ghz
multi color (back?)lighting
5 Mpx digicam with LED flash
11,5 mm thick, 130 gr weight
touchscreen, but not multitouch
3G, WiFi, Bluetooth
Android 2.1

Google sells it through its web store. In the US in combi with a subscription from T-Mobile or separate. Outside of the US, it is for sale in (sim-lock free!) Singapore, Hong Kong and England. The Netherlands can expect availability in march of this year, through Vodafone.

On a side note: we can expect the Xperia X10 around April and the Motorola DROID aka Milestone in March.

Divorce can be funny

Just browsing Dave's Trailer Page and ran into 2 trailers right after each other that made me think "Uh Petra should watch this." followed by "Uh! I so need to watch that!"
What am I talking about, check out the trailers for "The Back-Up Plan" (48 MB, hers) and "The Bounty Hunter" (50 MB his). ROFLMAO Just glad I didn't lose my sense of humor in the divorce :P

Eten en Drinken 2010

Finally got around to editing and sorting the pictures I took for "Eten & Drinken 2010" last November on the Malieveld in Den Haag: I have pictures of the dishes I ate as well as wonderful food market they had there!