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Driver-Free Webcams

Found a set of Driver-Free Webcams for Mac OSX, Windows 7 & Vista, and Linux. All you need the OS and to plug them in. Just order one, so we'll see :)

VMware Acquires Zimbra

I was stunned as I read this morning that VMware Acquires Zimbra. Just a few years ago, Yahoo! bought this open source email and collaboration suite. Zimbra is a kind of open source Exchange server that uses open standards where MS Exchange uses proprietary closed formats to store your mail and calendar. You can use any client, desktop or mobile, to check your mail, calendar or contacts and work together on documents with coworkers. Zimbra is similar to Zarafa, in that is also replaces the expensive Exchange server, but Zarafa introduces an interface to Microsoft's MAPI layer. The interface exists for many platforms.

Education at "De echoput"

Last Monday, I had my first lesson for the year-long course "Cuisinier and Host". It's a brand new course for people in the food/restaurant business or thinking of going into it. It combines parts of a chef, host and sommelier into one intensive course. Because these professions can all benefit from one another when they know more about the other, without having to be excellent in the others.

The course is given at the Echoput in Apeldoorn and organized by the Dutch Academy for Gastronomy. There was so much to remember, write down and talk about that I forgot to take pictures regularly. But I have a few online. I'll update the gallery as the year progresses.

New photos online

I've uploaded new sets of photos last night. For one, the pictures from Morgins and snowboarding there. Had a great time, but sadly nothing seems to be able to compete with the snow I've had when visiting Ed in Colorado in 2008. It's just plain and simple here.
I also updated an album of Capo Cucina, where I have a monthly cooking class. We usually do Italian cuisine, but this year we opted for Vietnamese on occasion. I uploaded our first Vietnamese session.

Living Stories

There is news in News-land :)

Google opened up their Living Stories pilot with The New York Times and The Washington Post. Here is the idea behind it.

I can't help but that the format and organization of news this way much hints at the existence of a Google Wave behind it... or is that just me?

MiFi: create an AP out of your phone

With Mifi, you can use your (smart)phone to create a wireless AP for anyone in close proximity. Using the Internet connection of your phone, those around you can connect to the Internet.