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Courier - the iPad you really want

Forgot to blog about this. But I heard colleagues say Microsoft also has a tablet like PC in the bleachers, much like the Apple iPad. The Courier is a device even the biggest Microsoft haters would want. Even if only to hold it and play with it... Check the info on Engadget and judge for yourself.

The stunning pictures of sleepy insects covered in early morning dew

A guy in Poland gets up at 3am and takes macro pictures of insects that are in a sleepy state and sit virtually motionless. They're also much more approachable than when awake. But still, firing a flash in the "face" of an insect at 3am is sure to scare the bejezus out of any living creature.

Check out his GORGEOUS pictures of sleeping insects!

Update: added sample photo ©Miroslaw Swietek and website

Geohot advises against updating PS3 firmware

If you have a PS3 and use the 'Install other OS' feature, the next update - coming this Thursday, will remove that version and apparently any OS installed thru it.
It seems Sony's pushing the firmware update to remove the threat of PS3 hacks, so the hacker warns to update until he's found a way to retain the possibility of installing another OS. See Engadget for details.

Live Mesh Beta – MS in the cloud

Microsoft has a dropbox type solution for all your desktop files that will let you put them in the cloud. :) It's called Live Mesh Beta and reminds me a whole lot of the open source source ifolder that Novell made a few years ago.

I saw a great demo of a designer who worked with WordPress sites and used Mesh to sync all his files from his laptop to his desktop and so on. If he fixed a bug for a client, or added some files for a customer while on the train, when he'd get to the office or home, those files would already be there. Very handy!

PlayStation Move: everything you ever wanted to know

While everyone agrees that motion controllers like the Wiimote make for a different level of gaming, no one has dared to compete. until now!

Engadget has everything you ever wanted to know about the PlayStation Move controller.

TED: Gaming can make a better world

Great talk at TED 2010 by Jane McGonigal on why Gaming can make a better world. Really good talk that puts a few things in perspective.

I'm ready for my next 'Epic Win'. :) Check out Urgent Evoke.

Roundup: E-Readers

Wired has a roundup of 10 E-Readers of various makes and sizes and sorts. Interesting read. I love what the Kindle has done for this market and respect Amazon for that. But it's too closed and proprietary and stupid in that way. :) I love the COOL-ER readers that my friend MrVanes also loves, for the same reasons. Open, good size, good battery life and big enough, SD reader and music option. I could also get used to the Archos tablet for the reasons that Archos also makes open hardware that can be customized with various flavors and types of operating systems (think: Android OS!) and that they of the geeky kind. I.e. great stuff that is geared towards users that known there stuff

Becoming a "gastronoom" at the Echoput

I've been steadily uploading photos from my course "Turbo opleiding Cuisinier/Gastronoom" at the De Echoput in Apeldoorn, so you can get an idea of what I do there: check it out.

Dutch Startup Awards 2010

This afternoon, the nominations for the Dutch Startup Awards are invited in Hilversum.

There are a couple great ideas! Like, a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists in different genres, each filled with 22 tracks, selected by specialized DJ’s from Amsterdam. 22tracks provides a quick overview of the latest music, promotes new artists and lets you discover new genres. No registration, no hassle.
Or, which incidentally I had also been thinking of after all my issues with sharing iTunes or playlists. converts and generates playlists for Spotify.

And what to think of, that let's you create and send easy, clear and stylish invoices to your clients without the need to install complicated software. Reminds of the wonderful people at that also just create software that does one thing but does it very well and very easily. :)

Super Mario Bros in its purest form

Super Mario Bros on an 8x8 LED matrix is video of a girl (?) who did some basic house-hold electronics and ported the Nintendo Mario game to a hand-made print board, displays video info on an 8x8 mono-color LED display and transcribed some music to a music generator... to create a Super Mario version in its purest form!

OMG :respect:

Pentax makes 40 megapixel 645D medium format camera

Well, it seems we are almost entering the next revolution in digital photography! :) Whereas previously, those who wanted to use medium format cameras and go digital had to resort to using digital backs by e.g. Kodak and pay around €35,000 for a 37-38 Mpx digital back-side for their otherwise analog camera.

Now, Pentax gets official with 40 megapixel 645D medium format camera! And it costs only $10,000 with the option of a new 55mm f2.8 lens for only $1,000! You can buy 3 of these babies for the price of just Kodak's digital back. :)

Ironically, king of the medium format cams Hasselblad also has H4D-40 (40 Mpx) digicam, but they want $20,000 for it. :)

Telling your ex the truth

Here is a great way to telling your ex how you feel... :D
Brilliant! ROFLMAO what in the hell did those cats have to fight about, and did the black one get away?! :) ROFL

99 luft ballons

Finally put up the 99 Luft Ballons from Blik. If you'd like your own wall decals and live in EU, please Supernice in the UK. S&H is much cheaper. ;)

Life, love and their relationship to Lief

Thought of the text in June last year, had the sculpture made out of tin in October last year by Simone de Jong. Got it just after my bday but took until now to put it up. It was time...

My grandma

Sadly, on March 2nd, my grandma died at the age of 99. she had just had her birthday on January 9th. But despite her mind, her body was slowly giving in to her old age. She lost the ability to knit, make puzzles and read. So besides watching TV, all her favorite things had slipped away. My parents had brought her back to her own home, where they provided her with full-time care. She really wanted to be in her own house when time would come. And I'm glad for her that it did. No senseless suffering. She will be buried on March 6th in Rotterdam, next to her husband who's been waiting there for 25 years already.

Update: photos from the funeral

Echoput - day 3

I've uploaded photos from Echoput - day 3 to Smugmug. This time we focused on making fonds, the base for all sauces. We made fresh fish fond from Tarbot scraps and veal fond, which the restaurant will finish cooking for us. And we had a lesson on the difference between wine that had time to air first and the same one without air, straight from the bottle. BIG difference. So think about that. However, leaving the cork off won't do a whole lot. Decant it in a nice carafe or something.

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

I was thinking of building something like this a few years back, but it's already done: LibraryThing | Catalog your books online. I always forget what books I already have when I'm in the bookstore. Very annoying!

Update: is a similar tool but with extra options. Only question I have left is, how do you easily add all your books to these...?