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The Daft Punk's Console

Rana Sobhany became widely known when she played a DJ set at an Apple gig using only 2 iPads as consoles. Not laptops, nor iPods nor CD players or anything. Pretty cool, sure. But it's just the same thing in a different flavor right?!

Then I spotted the iDaft app on her iPad and saw how she used Daft Punk's brilliant song "Harder Better Faster Stronger" in her sample set. Then I suddenly saw the potential of a platform like that were artists can produce original sound bytes and samples and loops, pack them into an App and get used by other artists in ways they never even dreamed of! Voila! A revolution is born!

But the best part is, you can use the same app right from your browser, to make your own special version of the Daft Punk song. It also comes in Flash and plays in any browser, anywhere! Brilliant!

Slidy: PowerPoint Slides inside your browser

PowerPoint has a some things that are nice, but many people are terrible at handling all the fancy features and create behemoths of creativeness that are simply disgraceful to look at, let alone pay attention to. Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply make slides in a browser, preferably cross-browser and on mobile devices too, and get generic bullit or numbered lists, headings, simply builds and such?

That's just what Tim Berners_lee at the W3C did, when he built HTML Slidy. A light-weigth, cross-browser slide show presentation tool built using web standards XHTML and CSS. There is even a short howto on LinuxAndFriends. You can see an example there too.

Iceland vulcano eruption

Great video of the eruption of the vulcano is Iceland:

Aquascript writes with water

Aquascript is a way to write text in the air using water. Like dancing waters to music, sort of, but Aquascript drops down water from jets and writes words in the air that way.

Don't believe me, don't understand or just skeptical? Check out this promotion for safe drinking water done in Paris last March using Aquascript:

Beemster Lusthof

Last weekend, a friend from the academy, where I am taking my course to become cuisinier/host, asked me to help him out. He had to cook a 5-course menu for members of the Beemster Lusthof. It's a cooperation of local farmers, beekeepers, etc. from a special region in Holland - called de Beemster - that grows bio-products. Everything from cows, sheep, milk, cheese and yogurt to honey, fruit, jams, beer, flour, corn and vegetables. The menu was to be created using only their own local, fresh, bio-grown products. My friend, Ronald Roos, needed some help because everything was going to be prepared on-site and the group was a bit too large for one cook.

The day was a lot of fun and very educational. Both logistically as well as food-wise. We had 5 hrs to prepare everything (!) from scratch: roasts slow-cooked "au bain marie" until done; vegetable bouillon, lam, tiny meat balls, a terrine from carrots, mashed potato and French toast for desert. In the end, everything went fin…

Generic webcams

Video chat is all the rage, I know. But webcams are stupid accessories. They cost a lot, they never work when you need them most and everyone has their own drivers. :puke:

Enter Universal Video Classes. OS X, Windows, Linux all support UVC web cams out of the box. No wires required. I recommend the $30 HP Deluxe Webcam. It's available at Amazon and every other retailer or cheap site out there. It's small, simple and works great! No software or [additional] drivers required.

Quake Live

It's so oldskool it's cool! QUAKE LIVE runs in a browser and soon in a HTML5 browser so it'ld even run on a powerful mobile phone. I just reactivated my old nick and played a training game in QuakeLive. Look me up: [AX]Dreamszz. [AX] is my former clan name Astrix aka [*] :) ah good memories

The Most Magnetic Material Yet

Scientists have created something that is 18% more magnetic than Iron Cobalt (FeCo). Until now, that was the most magnetic material known to man. The new compound is Iron Nitrogen (FeN) and may disprove our knowledge about how magnetic material can be... :) Coool!

USGS Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days

Ever since the big quake in Chile, it seems other big earthquake have been circling the Pacific Plate. I remembered having blogged about this before, so I went back and checked that site again.

The USGS has a great quake related site. Check out various reports, details and maps. Interestingly, the Recent Earthquakes of the Last 8-30 Days is littered with quakes. And guess where...

BDXL: Blu-ray Discs expand to 128GB

Someone asked my the other day if I knew what the successor to Blu-Ray would be. I said I'd heard of one candidate but had forgotten who or what.

Then Engadget posted news on the official BDXL spec. By going 3-4 layers deep, they can store up to 128 GB write-once information or 100 GB (rewritable). However, you'll need a new player since your laser probably isn't powerful enough to penetrate those new layers. Unless they have a way of souping them up. Perhaps ask NASA if they can think of something! :) After all, if they can jumpstart a satellite a billion miles away...

Update: Remembered the previously announced technology: HVD

New site lay-out

Fresh Spring, little cleaning is in order. So I edited my site a little. Removed links to old deprecated information. Used the new Blogger template designer to spruce up my design and used the bèta feature of adding a page. I might continue using Blogger now and make use the page feature or convert to WordPress after all. Dunno yet. Still ironing out little tweaks...