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Resetting Facebook's privacy settings

There is a lot of talk about Facebook sharing too many of your details to the world and within Facebook itself. That may be true, but there is always the manual control option. Naturally, 170-some options are a little non-user-friendly to say the least.

But no reason to panic. There are a couple of tools and websites appearing that will help you reset Facebook privacy settings. So stop complaining and get busy. It took me 15 seconds to install SaveFace and set everything to "friends-only". I think everyone can spare 15 seconds...

Update: Another site to help you checks Facebook privacy settings:

Condat 2010

Spent a brief weekend at my parents', trying to arrange a two week internship at a local restaurant. I managed to arrange restaurant les deux lacs to take me in, one of my parents' favorite restaurants. I think that instead of interning one week at two places, I'd rather spent two weeks in one place. I think that's more effective. I can always go back next year and try a different place.

While there I had great food and nature was amazing. It had rained a lot in the weeks before, but when I got there it was 30&degree; Celsius and hot. Life had exploded and everything was growing and blooming. Gorgeous!

Mount St. Helens, 30 years ago

A very beautiful, stunning and also fearsome report in pictures from Mount St. Helens, 30 years ago.

I know the ash cloud from Iceland is a nuisance, but this eruption without any warning (due to a big landslide I just discovered) has to be more awe-inspiring.

Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control

OpenMoco is an Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control rig for (video) cameras. It's still a work in progress but already yields amazing results. Check out the video he made of the volcano in Iceland and dozens of other videos.