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Short break

I'm traveling to the UK for a short break and a visit to friends. Marianne is in Cambridge and Jelte's birthday is on July 4th. I'll be going to a Jack Johnson concert in the O2 arena, checking out London and Cambridge and generally meeting a lot of new people. :)

BBQ at Hart Beach Surf Club

I helped out Romano and his friend from rent-a-chef hosting a BBQ at Hart Beach Surf Club in Scheveningen. It was cold, windy and rainy during a WC soccer match. But while everyone was watching, I was busy preparing the BBQ with fish papillotes in alu foil, ostrich steaks, potato and bean salads and a ton of sausages. It was a South African braai, in honor of the host of WC, and they made a delicious apricot chutney in traditional style. Wonderful!
In the evening, there was a party there, a Live South African band "Teba Chumba" and a raffle giveaway. Very funny to be a reggae party with people instead of a house party. But I party well everywhere. ;)

Spotify scrobbles to

I've been raving about to many people over time. I am a paying customer for 2 years now. One disadvantage of is that they don't let you play all tracks, even if you pay your fee. Reason is that simply doesn't have the rights for all tracks in all countries. Political reason, not a technical one. Spotify, with an iPhone and Android client, has more rights to stream music to web browsers and mobile devices than But Spotify has less added-value to an artist or a band than
So I'm very pleased to learn that Spotify can integrate with and scrobble your track to That way you can use the great value-adding of similar artists, artists' events and like-minded people of with the free music streaming of Spotify! Yeah! Everybody wins. Now if only would buy Spotify (or vice versa)...


Through the Dell PowerEdge mailing list, I came across a great site that hosts various MIBs for use with SNMP. They have an annotated Dell SNMP MIB that you can also download. Hope this helps.

Printer made of Lego™

Someone, who's is my next hero, has made a computer printer out of Lego! Granted, it takes a little while longer than a 60 ppm B&W model from HP, but nothing is as cool as this. Because you can!