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Moo Business Cards

Totally forgot about this until just now: Moo Partnered with Smugmug. MOO, a UK-based printing service prints business cards, Postcards and Greetings Cards based on one or more of your Smugmug photos. :) Given the partnership with Smugmug, you are assured of an excellent quality. Best of all, instead of choosing one photo for your business card, you can choose up to 50 and get a different image on each of the cards. :) For all of us who simply can't decide, a life-saver!

Update: I got them the other day and they're awesome! Very good paper, thick but not too much. High quality print, crisp colors and good feel. Recommended!

Build you own smartphone car dashboard mount

Speaking of building it yourself, I've been really annoyed at current Android phone makers that they sell loads of phones without a proper car mount kit. Only Dell, Motorola and a few others have special car mounts for their phones when they come out. All others simply don't. Now you don't really need one that often, but if you like to use the free Google Navigation features of any Android-based satnav tool, you will need a car mount or someone to hold the phone for you. You can buy generic phone mount kits, but they're ugly and expensive...

So I was pleasantly surprised that someone felt the same way and came up with a really easy solution to building your own car mount for less than $10! Genius!

Update: Garmin sells the mount too, if you'd like to buy new, for $25.

How To Make Your Own Glowsticks

How To Make Your Own Glowsticks is a really simple, 8 minute, easy to follow and amazingly effective way to make chemiluminescent liquids. Great for parties, impress the neighborhood kids or just have loads of fun!

New template

After seeing it a while and from comments by others, I decided to change the template back to a less colorful and more peaceful combination. Hope this suits you all better too.

I also extended the number of tweets on the right a bit, so you'll have a slightly longer history there.

Photos from England

The mid-week break to England was great! Slept in almost every day, saw great cities, met new people, have fun, took pictures and saw an old friend again after 5 years or so.

I have a set of pictures from Cambridge, where Marianne is until the end of July. I have some pics of the newly-wed Jelte and his wife Linda. And I have a great pictures and memories of a fantastic birthday party for Marianne on Jesus Green park in Cambridge where I met everyone from the University. It felt like was back in the US, in the park near CMU with my old friends enjoying Summer. :) Awesome!

Jack Johnson in O2 Arena

I saw Jack Johnson in O2 Arena with Marianne. It was a lot of fun! The concert wasn't that good, though. He was a bit absentminded and unconcentrated, forgetting lyrics a lot of kinda messing up. But it was still funny enough. Sadly, he didn't talk a lot but just got thru the set and was done with it. Felt a bit disappointing. Oh well, guess everyone can have an off day and for us it was still good. :)

WC 2010 - Netherlands vs. Brasil

While visiting Jelte in London and Marianne in Cambridge, I had a chance to watch an actual football match (aka soccer) again after 15+ years or so. :) It was fun, because we won, but also because I had my trusty RSS feed reader on my Android filled with tons of interesting news and Twitter to keep me updated while not actually watching the screen. :)
I posted a ton of photos on smugmug.