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Blurb: Photography Book Now Winners 2010

Blurb hosted a competition among their users to submit a photo book to the Photography Book Now showcase. They've just announced the winners and there are some truly awesome photo books there. :) Really nice to see how people use the layouts Blurb offers to showcase a picture even more. Good stuff for inspiration and ideas.

Update: I went to the PBN showcase in Amsterdam and it was soo much nicer to see and feel the books in your hand! Recommend going to a Blurb meet if you can. Very nice people and very helpful with any questions regarding their products.


R.I.P. Freddy Mercury

Wave open source next steps: "Wave in a Box"

Since the announcement that Google is gonna stop the Wave development, lots of people have been asking them what will happen to the open source code. Google now let us know they will create a "Wave in a Box". Everything you need to run a small Wave server for yourself. Excellent! Time to dust off some old hardware laying around because I thought Wave was the first real innovation in the Internet since Mosaic added images to hypertext pages. I know will be right but I guess Google and I are simply in the right place but not in the right time.

Photos Rockit and Dance Valley 2010

I have updated smugmug with photos from RockIt festival in Utrecht and Dance Valley 2010. Both events were a bit rainy, notably Dance Valley, but because this meant that newbies and pussy fans did not come, only the true party people and dedicated dance fans remained, it was even better! Yes we got wet, but on a hot day you sweat loads too, so what's the difference exactly...? :)

Khan Academy

What started out as a remote tutor project for his niece, has turned into a world-wide classroom for the world that wants to learn more about Mathematics. That right! The Khan Academy is about Math, Algebra and Calculus and is the #1 educational resource on YouTube. Over 1600 videos will teach almost all basics so no one has to remain behind for whatever reason. At least not if it's a out Math! :)

The Watson Twins - Just Like Heaven

I think about you...