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Armin Only - Mirage

Last Saturday, I went to Armin van Buuren's show that celebrated the launch of his new album Mirage. It turned out that some of my friends were also going, instead of just me and a date, so it was even cooler to be there with Martin and Femke *and* Liedewij. It was Lied's first party after 5 years or so, and she was in for a treat.

We arrived at 23:30 hrs roughly and the party started up-tempo. Other Armin Only! parties have started a bit too mellow for my taste. And waiting until 1-2am for the music to pick up is not funny. But this year, he went straight for it! Tons of live artists. Of course, songs from his new album. Awesome performance and great light shows and lasers. I didn't bring a camera but the video below kinda says more than I could have captured anyway:

4D projection aka Video Mapping or Skinning

Was just pointed to a cool 4D promo for Ralph Lauren on their building in NY. But it reminded me of a celebration for Histor paints on the building of the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam, which in turn reminded of a snow flake projection on the Amstel hotel in Amsterdam.

It seems this is a cool new trend now. "Urban projections" of video mapping or skinning. There actually at least 3 Dutch companies involved: ACS AV and Climat Control AV, as well Livetime.

Life-size computer-animated hologram

In Japan they had a sold-out crowd to see a performance of a life-size computer animated hologram. A typical anime girl danced and moved to music by a live band. And the crowd went wild...

Volcano awake in the Netherlands?

And now something completely different...

The sea water temperature of the Waddenzee in the Netherlands has been on the rise. First they thought perhaps global warming, but nothing could have been simpler: there happens to be a volcano underneath the Waddenzee! And it has "recently" woken up after roughly 100 million years.

The volcano was discovered in the 70s and since then, the temperature has risen 3 degrees. That's a lot! SO who knows, there might be an ash cloud of a different, much closer kind.

John's Phone | The World's Simplest Cell Phone

Just stared amazed at the world's latest gadget: John's Phone. It's The World's Simplest Cell Phone. Really. Full stop.

It makes calls. It's a mobile phone. No SMS, no WiFi, no mp3, no camera, no address book, no display! Check the photo gallery.