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Lego Super-8 Video Projector

A guy in Germany has built a super-8 video projector from Technic Lego!

Acer Iconia Tab A500

Just as my friend MrVanes, I am becoming more and more partial to the Acer Iconia Android Tablet. Not that I need one, mind you. But I'm so curious to see Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and can't wait to try version 3.1 that's out now (but won't come to Acer until June this year).

While there are a number of 9-10" Android tablets out now, most people still get the iPad2. Fine, really. It works well, sure. But it's too easy. :) I might buy an iPad for my parents or grand parents, because they need a stable well-engineered device that just works. And Apple certainly works well. Perhaps Android does too, don't know yet, but it is not as polished yet IMHO for everyone. And I like to do a bit of polishing myself, which you cannot on an iPad without jailbreaking it.

So where Modaco Paul was really happy with the ASUS Transformer and the Motorola XOOM was handed out to everyone at Google I/O, I'm leaning to the Acer simply because it has a very active, passionate a…

Securing Smartphones: The Guardian Project

Every device can be hacked. Anything you store on it, is lost when you loose them and can potentially be hacked by someone who finds it. Benign or malicious. So with most of us storing more and more personal data on our smartphones, isn't it time to protect them and ourselves?

Enter The Guardian Project for Android. It's you surf using anonymously using Tor, adds a network proxy to the device, gives you a smart IM client (Gtalk, Y!, MSN, Jabber) with "Off the Record" built in for encrypted messages, creates a digital camera than can obscure, encrypt or destroy pixels in an image and has a browser that stores less data about you.

TwitPic Plans To Sell Your Images So It Can Profit

A Photo Editor has a good read on how some photo sharing sites are trying to make a profit from your pictures, when you upload pictures from your phone using Twitter. Some of these services recently changed their end-user license, allowing them to sell your picture to a News agency at a profit.

Not so bad, perhaps, saves you from the work, but they don't have to pay you royalties! Also, when you delete your account, they reserve the right to keep doing so. Read the whole story for details... And it gets worse: picplz, Color, yFrog, Instagram, Flickr and Lockerz all have similar end-user agreements! It seems only (Dutch) MobiPicture adapted their end-user agreement to state explicitly that they will never do anything with your pictures. :) Nice.

I've found an import tool to move photos from Twitpic to Flickr and there is a reliable tool to transfer Flickr photos to Smugmug, but no direct route yet. I tweeted @smugmug with the request.

SmugVault: Safe Backup

I just rescued 30 GB of important documents and pictures off of a friend's USB disk. I just want to point out that a USB disk is not a backup medium. It is not an archive. It is merely a spare copy of a (set of) files. A USB disk only stores what you put on it. If you don't refresh or update the USB disk regularly, it is outdated. And if your USB disk crashes, burns in a fire or get flooded with rain, coffee or water, you will loose every single file that's on it.

That being said, there are a number of ways to help yourself using USB disk to make copies but it will never be a true backup or archive without rigorous discipline and additional measures. So, please, store important documents in a trusted place online. If want to be sure, create a ZIP archive locally that compresses the files and encrypt the ZIP with a strong, secure password. Then, copy them to any number of places: DropBox, Google Docs, MobileMe or whatever. That way, when disaster strikes, you can access the…

A Casual Sunday Lunch on the Subway

People from a razor, a shiny knife, a New York restaurant, have done one of the most original pop-up restaurants I have come across...

Prepare a 6-course dinner and serve it out to guests in under 30 minutes... on a New York subway train. Tables were created by hanging them from overhead bars you normally hold on to. At each stop, a waiter would get on and serve the next course and remove the previous one. In the end, guests even received their $100 back because they said it had been more of an experiment and a test to see if it could be done. Brilliant!

Global searches on Google

You need WEBGL to see it. So cool and the platform has an open API.

3ERD - 3D photography

3ERD is a nice example of 3D photography. He takes two pictures using a 3D lens and combines these in Photoshop. Then he creates an animated GIF to create a kinda cool, hypnotizing effect.

Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still

Engadget has a great article on photography! We always think we can hold a camera steady enough to get sharp pictures. I used to pride myself that I could take pictures at 1/15th of a second if I steadied myself against a wall and held my breath. 1/60th easily while free-standing.

Well, I'm completely disillusioned now thanks to the article: Lasers prove you can't hold a camera still. They have a video too. Attach a laser pointer to the hotshoe of a camera, point at a wall 20m away with text on it and go up close to see the pointer moving back and forth. Even when using a tripod! Shocker!