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Retro space invader chair

If i had a lunch room or coffee corner or big game room, I'd get 3 of these in a jiffy : Space Invader Chair


For the bleeding-edge browser design and HTML/CSS3 standards showcase, they created Madmanimation. A browser-based storyboard that shows what pure HTML5 code and CSS3 can do today.

It's not mindblowingly beautiful or shockingly altering the way we interact with web browsers. However, if you realize that there is no line of JavaScript of Flash in that demo and only state-of-the-art CSS3 code was used, then it truly is amazing anyway!

Read more about the techniques used on LukeW. The demo was run An Event Apart in 2011.

ASCII Flow Diagram Tool

Sometimes you want to draw a simple ASCII Flow Diagram Tool in your Email or so. Now you can!

Real-life Angry Birds

T-Mobile created a huge Real-life Angry Birds in Barcelona. Watch and be amazed! Sooo much more fun!

Choose better passwords or "GPU Password Cracking"

GPU Password Cracking on your graphics card it mind-bogglingly easy. Your average ATI Radeon card can accomplish brute-force cracks of most common password in minutes, hours of your get "crazy" and add in symbols (such as &,#,%, etc.) If you don't do that, please change your passwords now!

Also, try not to use things such as "Freddy1946Mercury" and think it's safe. Nor "FreddyMercury1946" or similar. They know that too and checking for it first, to see if you can skip brute-force attack is easily done. Instead consider "Fr3dd7M3rcur71946$". Almost the same, but (almost) infinitely harder to crack and still easy to remember. Even better, if you start with a symbol or put it in the middle of the name or date. But they're still names and variations thereof. Best is to use something like the Mozilla Secure Password guide. You can also solely use generated passwords in combination with a tool such as LastPass or KeyPass.