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Mind-Blowing Display Created Using 250 Canon DSLRs and Flash Units

the Japanese band androp created a "video"-wall for their video clip using 250 Canon DSLRs and Flash Units. A computer controlled all the flashes in real-time while they played their song in front of the wall. Check the video, which is ubercool, but there is also a making-of video... Way cooler.

KIWI&POM - Disco Chair

The KIWI&POM - Disco Chair is a cool, awesome, pretty and highly annoying chair in one.

Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

cuboro: wooden marble track system

Remember when you were a kid and you created marble tracks? Either in sand or using your matchbox road tracks? Or maybe you did like me and glue pieces of cardboard onto sheets of old wallpaper hanging from the ceiling to make huge marble tracks? No?!? Sure you did!

Either way, now is the time to catch up on lost/refound hobbies using the wooden marble track system from Cuboro. This swiss company makes 3D cubes with parts of tracks or tunnels cut out and you can use them - in a 3D kinda way - to create anything you can image. :) Sooo cool, not cheap, but sooo cool! They even have a webkit in Flash where you can sample, try out and get inspired from various tracks and see what the possibilities are. Needless so they, they are endless. Combine all the cubes in (5/6)! factorials using 3D assemblies to go even further, the Mathematics quickly require a super computer just to hold on. :) Awesome!

Chesapeake Retrievers

I absolutely adore these dogs! :)
Chesapeake Retriever (Chessie). Cute. Loving. Active. Strong (willed). Like myself :) Haha

Stunning animated GIFs: Cinemagraphs

Of course, movies are great. HD even better. Lytro is the new photography revolution we are all waiting for. But beauty deson't have to be so complicated...

Check out these stunningly gorgeous and simple animated GIFs called Cinemagraphs by Diego Guevara. Absolutely amazing! And I can't get over the fact I can't print them. I've left my window untouched for 30 minutes already, just glancing at an image. It's amazing how the movement totally changes the picture, which is already good and pretty. But the sudden flash of "life" increases the attraction to the picture a 1000-fold! :)

My favorite? The taxi in the window...

Organizing your team

Lately, there seem to be a lot of web-based todo list managers, task trackers and simply project management tools available. All integrate with your smartphone, so they're REALLY useful if you find one you like to use and you can get your team on board too.

I've used BaseCamp extensively and like a lot. Mobile site is awesome. I've mostly used for myself, to track tasks and projects and record progress and issues.
Because these tools use Email to send updates, you don't need to use the website. You can simply use your mail client to respond to messages from others, but the website records and chronologically orders all responses. And you get notified when there is a deadline or milestone approaching. Because I do Management by Priority, this usually adjust my focus and improve concentration. :)

I'd love to hear if anyone has good or bad experiences with one or another tool and why.

The 10 Fundamentals of Building a Private Cloud Service

Gartner has a report on The 10 Fundamentals of Building a Private Cloud Service, something we're doing at work. Haven't read it yet, bookmarking it here for a little light reading later.

Anybody have similar reports or studies?

Chrome extensions for G+

ComPixels has a bunch of articles on linking G+ to FaceBook, Twitter, cross-post from G+ to Twitter/FaceBook, and so on. Haven't figured out most of them myself, but I'm tagging various useful extensions here and will let you know.

Update: you may want to move your pictures over from FaceBook to G+ and take advantage of using Picasa.
Update2: Chrome extension that changes G+ CSS slightly to make it better readable.
Update3: 5 Chrome extensions for G+
Update4: Whole bunch of add-ons apps for G+

An interesting Social Media aggregator that you can use to create a story a subject, and combine content from various sources.

Check Frequently Asked Questions - Using the plug-in you can embed stories on your blog, tumbler, blogger, wordpress and more.

Google Ocean now double in size

Google has teamed with the world's leading Oceanographic institutes to makes the searchable seabed twice its previous size.
Google Earth, Columbia University Map Seafloor Area Bigger Than North America

Differences in today's clouds

Great read on the differences in paradigm between World's three great Clouds at this time: Apple, Google, Amazon:
“It Just Works.”.
Apple's has or will make the cloud invisible, where Google makes it transparant and Amazon visible.

Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Google's Rankings

Great article on Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and how well they are correlated. Excellent read for anyone working with or interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Reminds me also of LSI, which we were working with at KPN Research back in 1996-1997