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Multi-Pinhole Technique “Paints” Objects With Photographs From Life


Take a nice, smooth 3D object such as a vase and paint it evenly with a light-sensitive solution. Put the vase in a box with a pinhole, calculate light and exposure et voila: a 3D photo on a 3D object using a cheap pinhole camera.

Watch the video: Multi-Pinhole Technique “Paints” Objects With Photographs From Life. Via TechCrunch.

Android least open source mobile platform

Interesting read: Android is least open of open source mobile platforms over on ArsTechnica. Valuable points are made. Also interesting is that the most open platform, Eclipse, is generally believed to be a disaster to work with. It's so flexible and open and customizable that the general public won't be able to get it suited to there needs.

True openness let's anyone contribute anything they feel like. Through a process of community-driven discussion and cherry-picking, various fixes and enhancement then find their place into the product. However, quality control, consistency checks and overall architecture are often overlooked or under staffed and, as a result, don't take place. It's also not a fun job to do, to have to tell people that what they did was great but can't find a place in the product because it breaks "the general idea". Someone sees a thing, investigates and works on it. If you shoot that down all the time, that person will never again…

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