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Lytro announces Light Field Camera

DPReview has a great article on Lytro Light Field Camera. A revolutionary new way of taking pictures.

Space Station time lapse!

There is a stunning time lapse movie taken by astronaut Michael König from the Int'l Space Station ISS as they turn circles around Earth. Absolutely stunning. I love the Northern Lights or the night view of cities as the ISS moves over them. Or the violent lightning storms, showing that lightning does indeed strike the Earth 44 times each second...

A Map of Twitter's Languages

The world is a strange place. 7 billion people, hundreds of countries, even more languages and dialects. But they all use twitter. However, in what language do you twitter...? What do your friends speak? Your network(s)? Prospects? Clients? Are you a local company or global company?

Big Think has an article Vive le tweet! A Map of Twitter's Languages. Do Belgian's tweet in Dutch (Flemish) or French? Do Canadians use English or French? When you look at the world in this light, really cool peculiarities are found.

Online language detection is possible due to Google’s open-sourcing of the CLD (Compact Language Detector) software embedded in its Chrome browser, which tells you in what language the web page you are visiting is written - and asks if you want it translated into another. Check the article or the whole map.

Oh and what's a tweetiest country in the world? Well? The Netherlands! :) Here, 22% of the population tweets... Amazing. Didn't know we are such a chatty kind…