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Canada Photo Book

The photo book of our trip to Canada is online available, if you're interested. We made 700+ photos and made a selection of 300 of the best ones. About 250 of those are in the book. It's a great book of a great trip and truly shows what Marianne and I did in Canada. One the best vacations I ever had!

Remembering Email

Remembering Email is a great article on TechCrunch on how communication has changed and shifted over time. We used to call on fixed lines, then we had newsgroups, then Email, then mobile phones, and so on...

Now people are starting to use Twitter and Facebook more to communicate with friends, family but also co-workers. Email is used more for serious conversations with long-term friends. But how about kids these days? They have no idea about how we used Email back in the 90s. My parents still don't use much Email because they're not used to it. They prefer phones or Skype (because it's cheaper not because it's easier). Read the article for an interesting spin on modern communication!

Het dak van Rotterdam - Rotterdam's Roofs

Het dak van Rotterdam is a site by a specialized photographer making 360 degree panorama shots. The site has been around for a while but totally revamped and redesigned. It is now in a breathtaking design in Flash, I know, but it is totally usable! You've got to take a look!

Twitter widget for Blogger failing

I know my Twitter widget is failing. I've been trying to quickly fix the problem but haven't been successful. I don't have the time now to look at it more closely. Please check my Twitter page instead.

About Ironkey's secure hardware encrypted USB drives

Willam Storage explains on Posterous about his attempts in May 2010 to crack/hack secure, hardware encrypted USB drives from various vendors. The attempts were successful and employed relatively simple keyloggers that he wrote himself, as part of an assignment by a security firm offering competitive products.

While the Ironkey seems a reasonable attempt to ward off hackers and provide some protection against the average person who finds a USB drive, it does not seem safe enough against serious hackers or industrial spies. And I'd say a product such as Ironkey should actually also protect against the latter. Because the former are warded off easily enough, without having to rely on hardware encryption with built-in anti-virus and malware detection.

Instead, use any USB drive or key you like but create ZIP/7z archives with strong, secure, randomly generated passwords that you communicate with your peer via a secure channel. E.g. meeting them in person, sending then an SMS (?) or excha…

Big data looking a big answer to give

HP has made an interesting 3 min video that outlines the problem we face (in companies) every day: There is so much data we could use, if only we knew we had the data and what the problem is that it solves. But without seeing or knowing the data you have, it's impossible to foresee a use for it. And without having a use for it, why would you store the data? So it's a viscous circle. In IT, the answer is Big Data. Huge piles of unstructured chunks of data waiting for a good use case and a problem to solve or answer to give.
See also Google's BigQuery and Apache Hadoop.

Fire Burns Differently in Space

They've been experimenting with fire on the space station. They need good extinguishers (obviously) and fire behaves fundamentally different in zero gravity. Hot gases don't rise up. So oxygen can't flow in. Instead fire burns in spheres using a different mechanism. And it has been discovered that some fires simply don't go out... Read Fire Burns Differently in Space at