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Fujifilm X-Pro1

DPReview has a great preview of a cool retro-looking Fujifilm X-Pro1 digital camera. I love the look and the lenses. f1.4 35 mm fixed lens. Wow! But they are interchangeable too, so that's great. I looks very versatile and handy. And it's mirrorless, so almost no mechanical parts means it can potentially last forever.

Securing Android For the Enterprise

Slashdot once again has a real urgent but nerdy topic: Securing Android For the Enterprise. Android lacks a real native IPsec VPN client until Android 4.0 (ICS, Ice Cream Sandwich), which makes operating Android in an Enterprise environment a bit dodgy. iOS has fixed this a while ago largely because they wanted to be more attractive for business users and that has worked well. No manager still wants a Blackberry - like they used to - but they prefer iPhones and iPads.

Sure, you can use open source alternatives such as OpenSSH or another VPN client, but without the kernel integration, not all of your traffic will be encrypted. Specifically, it won't encrypts data prior to authentication, which a real IPsec connection will do. That's fine for many users, but obviously some will object. While Cisco has an Android AnyConnect client for Gingerbread 2.3.x and Honeycomb 3.x in the Market and it seems to work, a plain default integrated IPsec client for Android is a must-have to be tak…

LEGO awesome machine

Awesome, cool, outrageously big technical Lego machine:
Update: link changed

Superhydrophobic Coatings: NeverWet

NeverWet has a coating similar to that seen on certain amphibians like frogs or lizards. It is so hydrophobic that water and even oils simply do not get a grip on the surface and slide off. Check the video on their site.