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Ghost snowboarder

Nikon D800 Preview

Nikon has a new flagship DSLR and seems to reset/redefine the new standard that all others will be compared to: the D800. Read the preview on Digital Photography Review. Impressive!

To HDR or not HDR? That's the question.

After the Washington Post published a cover photo that was processed as an HDR photo, a discussion started about if documental photos could be processed using HDR or not. Some say it alter the (digital) photo and ethics say you can't do that. Other say, using HDR properly actually creates the only photo true to the moment it was captured as you saw it then, because our eyes do biological HDR all the time.

Read a good discussion on Digital Photography Review about the subject. I tend to agree with what DPReview says: if used properly, HDR is closer to the real, natural scene as you saw it than a traditional digital photo. A CCD is not as good as your eye, ever. (Well not for a long time at least.)

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Time Lapse

And here is the time-lapse that started it all: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Time Lapse: "Sean Stiegemeier" got stuck on Iceland for 7 days because the volcano speed ashes blocking all air traffic for days in Europe... I'm glad it did. He open sourced his gear and set-up. Genius.

Heavens Revelation time-lapse

And another great timelapse: Heavens Revelation and Mountain Light by

Plains Milky Way time-lapse

Plains Milky Way is another breath-taking time-lapse of the night sky but this one is from down here. South Dakota, USA. Amazing photo's. Great work by an artist. Check his website.

Earth at night seen from space ISS

Earth at night seen from space ISS is a gorgeous time-lapse from the ISS space station of Aurora Borealis, lightning clouds aove the earth. Brillance of Earth's lights is amazing and almost as fire. Stunning!

Yosemite park time-lapse

NOTCOT.ORG has a very pretty HD time-lapse of Yosemite park. I particularly love the night-time rock climber!