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Plastic from garden waste using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Dow Benelux, the TU Delft and Chemists in a team with Prof. Krijn de Jong from University of Utrecht have developed a method of making the basic ingredient for plastic, paints and medication from basic garden waste materials. The secret ingredients are minuscule iron particles about 20 nanometer in diameter and the gasification of the "fuel" at a high temperature (Fischer-Tropsch synthesis). This was done before but always cost several complicated steps. This made the production too expensive. Now that the special iron particles are added to the process, the gas can be transformed into the basic organic building blocks for plastics and paint in a single step. Industry has already shown interest in this method.

I find it funny that turning garden waste like branches, grass, leaves and trunks results in the same compounds that used to be taken from oil. However, it used to be that we'd have to wait 100 million years for garden waste to be turned into oil which we would the…

Spectacular Norway Northern Lights -- National Geographic

Even National Geographic has succumbed to time-lapses. Perhaps they even invented them until they were popularized by cheaper rigs and digicam with preset functions (Canon, Nikon). Whichever, I for one can not get enough of these and the Spectacular Norway Northern Lights is stunning.

Alfresco: Enterprise content mngt with 5.6 million users

Now At 5.6M Users, Alfresco Takes On Dropbox With New Consumer Cloud, Eyes 2013 IPO
It's easy, pretty, accessible from anywhere, secure, used by 160,000 different customers throughout the world 77% of whom pay for it and... it's open source.
You get 10GB of storage and unlimited users from a single domain. Native mobile clients means you take your files with you without worrying about sync or losses in case of theft or damage.

Make Kony famous

Watch "KONY 2012" on YouTubeAct together on April 20th 2012 to make Kony famous and get the attention on him so he can be stopped.
26 years of child killing is enough...

Guinness World Record for Largest 3D Street Art

World's largest 3D street art at London's West India Quays, Canary Wharf.
1160.4 m2 large! That's almost 30x40m. Reebok sponsored two artists Joe and Max