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2Pac Hologram Performs Live on Stage

2Pac may even go a tour again with Snoop Doog, Dr.Dre and others. Unbelievably cool!

Val Thorens

Looking forward to going skiing in Val Thorens, France, on Saturday. Got a new outfit again after 10+ years in the same gear. Will be looking very cool ;) Anyway, most people wonder if there is still snow. Well, there is. Val Thorens is at 2km altitude and can get fresh snow up to the end of April or beginning of May. Of course it'll turn to mush by mid afternoon. That just means we have to get up earlier or party sooner. :) I'm aiming for the latter. ;)

We wanted to go to Dutch Week, the week around our Queen's Day celebrations. Val Thorens turns almost entirely orange then with Dutch people. But it was completely booked or reserved already. Next year :) Either way it'll be great fun for Marianne and I.

Cool hexagonal robot

Mechanical CPU Clock

Martin pointed me to this awesome incredible mechanical CPU clock:

The guy built it for his kids to illustrate how computers work. Respect.