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Martin's Bachelor party

2 weeks ago, we celebrated Martin's bachelor party in Utrecht. It was a rainy day, worse than expected, so we opted for a venue that was great with both good and bad weather and it was perfect: Down Under beachclub in Utrecht. It's a recreational area with waterski and wakeboarding.

We met up at Martin's at 2pm, had coffee and snacks. We also took down their beloved livingroom room door that was never repainted and finished during their renovation, due to Femke going into labor at that time... We pretended to finish that door once and for all and although Martin was concerned, I think he new it was going to be a prank. We dragged the door around with us all day...

At Down Under, we had some drinks, made designs for a stag shirt and chose the design. Martin used to own the Campus Print Shop in Enschede and his former partner Mark still does. The latter had brought a mobile silk-screen press and Martin used that to print our shirts, under the watching eyes of us all and two …


I started to maintain a little topic on about SmartPhones. It gathers the news I encounter daily and bundles all news I find on the 3 big brands: Apple, Android, Windows Phone. But also includes RIM and BlackBerry, Nokia and Symbian, as well as info about developments for tablets. iPad, ASUS Transformer, Acer Iconia, Amazon's Kindle and Fire and Nook.

It should collect usage information, OS updates on OSX, Android, etc. New handset announcements, breaking news about Microsoft, Symbian or RIM and closely associated information.