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Differences in today's clouds

Great read on the differences in paradigm between World's three great Clouds at this time: Apple, Google, Amazon:
“It Just Works.”.
Apple's has or will make the cloud invisible, where Google makes it transparant and Amazon visible.

Acer Iconia Tab A500

Just as my friend MrVanes, I am becoming more and more partial to the Acer Iconia Android Tablet. Not that I need one, mind you. But I'm so curious to see Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and can't wait to try version 3.1 that's out now (but won't come to Acer until June this year).

While there are a number of 9-10" Android tablets out now, most people still get the iPad2. Fine, really. It works well, sure. But it's too easy. :) I might buy an iPad for my parents or grand parents, because they need a stable well-engineered device that just works. And Apple certainly works well. Perhaps Android does too, don't know yet, but it is not as polished yet IMHO for everyone. And I like to do a bit of polishing myself, which you cannot on an iPad without jailbreaking it.

So where Modaco Paul was really happy with the ASUS Transformer and the Motorola XOOM was handed out to everyone at Google I/O, I'm leaning to the Acer simply because it has a very active, passionate a…

The Cosmonaut: A Wide-Grip Stylus for Touch Screens by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt — Kickstarter

Here is an example of how wide-spread the acceptance of touch interfaces has gone: The Cosmonaut.

Now, special pens are being created for those who regularly want to draw or scetch on a tablet such as the iPad or NOOK or XOOM. And the weird thing: it actually makes sense to me too. It's more accurate, you can change the tip, your screens stays cleaner and your kids won't mess up or destroy the screen with sand on their hands.

Zite: Personalized Magazine for iPad

Zite is exactly what I was looking for until I saw... it was only for the iPad. Seriously, I'd even consider buying an iPad just for this...

I read a lot of online material. When in college in 1987, I routinely browsed 25 newsgroups each day, every day. Later on, I had my default websites open automatically whenever I'd start my browser. Then there came tabs and MorningCoffee saved me hours of effort. Next, RSS feeds came and saved me the effort of opening the actual website and instead simply browser whatever news articles there had been written or none at all. RSS was a lifesaver because I never go a site anymore if I don't know for sure there is a new article there. Most of the time, I still don't because I read the headline or summary and decide it is not interesting enough.

But what I really want is something like Pulse Reader but nicer, less intrusive. I have NewsRob on my Android and read approx. 200-250 articles on it every day. By "read" I mean of co…

The Daft Punk's Console

Rana Sobhany became widely known when she played a DJ set at an Apple gig using only 2 iPads as consoles. Not laptops, nor iPods nor CD players or anything. Pretty cool, sure. But it's just the same thing in a different flavor right?!

Then I spotted the iDaft app on her iPad and saw how she used Daft Punk's brilliant song "Harder Better Faster Stronger" in her sample set. Then I suddenly saw the potential of a platform like that were artists can produce original sound bytes and samples and loops, pack them into an App and get used by other artists in ways they never even dreamed of! Voila! A revolution is born!

But the best part is, you can use the same app right from your browser, to make your own special version of the Daft Punk song. It also comes in Flash and plays in any browser, anywhere! Brilliant!

Courier - the iPad you really want

Forgot to blog about this. But I heard colleagues say Microsoft also has a tablet like PC in the bleachers, much like the Apple iPad. The Courier is a device even the biggest Microsoft haters would want. Even if only to hold it and play with it... Check the info on Engadget and judge for yourself.

Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components

was reading several threads about adding Ogg Vorbis support to the Mac. The open audio format is better than mp3 (twice the quality in the same space) but not widely supported because, uhm, I dunno. I guess it makes too much sense.

Anyway, while Windows is fairly easy with audio and codecs are abundant, Apple's OS X is a bit tighter and more anal difficult. However, has a bunch of QuickTime Components that work as an add-on to QuickTime (hence the name 'components'). This makes it ubiquitous for OS X, as almost anything can tie into that. It adds a simple library and then even iTunes can play back or rip to Ogg files. :) Brilliant!

see for more tools and GUIs, if needed.

Google Releases Chrome Beta for Linux, Mac

Google has finally Released Chrome Beta for Linux & Mac. Although not all comments I hear are good...

HOWTO: Hackintosh on your PC

Lifehacker has a guided howto for installing OS X Snow Leopard on your PC, without needing the RebelEFI I reported on earlier.

They even claim you can update OS X to the latest 10.6.2 update and it will keep working!

Update: Tom's Hardware has confirmed that developers who've updated their netbooks running Hackintosh are now unable to boot. However, PC's running non-Atom Intel chips are unaffected. So Psystar computers will update without a problem.

Digitally pimping a home network

While visiting Michiel in Singapore, I pimped their home network a bit. It was fine, but cumbersome and loosely tied together: 5 laptops, PS3, Wii. They have a cable modem, but didn't know their connection speed. WiFi was setup but not used because downloading over a fixed connection into the WiFi router was "going faster". Hehe, I told them their ISP limits the speed and after a bit of testing concluded that their 8 Mb down-link would scarcely fill the 54 Mb/s bandwidth of their 802.11g WiFi network. So no need for the fixed network hook-up not sitting near the router, freedom to sit around the house wherever they wanted to. I moved the Linksys WRT54G into a nook, out of the way, receiving thousands of thank-yous from the housekeeper who hated the nasty blue box on the floor in the livingroom. ;)

I then tied the PS3 and Wii to the WiFi network. This meant all devices were now on the same subnet. I installed PS3 media server on Molina's Vista Acer laptop. (It's fr…

Apple to block OSX installation on Intel Atom netbooks

Admit it: it was too good to be true. If you can install OSX on a cheap netbook and get a working Apple-like device, Steve (Jobs) is going to have something to say about this! And the more popular it gets, the more wide-spread, the more likely he'll hear about it. Duuh!

Still it's sad that Snow Leopard Update 10.6.2 Blocks Kills Hackintoshes. Of course you can still use an older 10.5.8 or 10.6.1 OS version, if you can get a hold of it (quick: rip your ISOs now while they last! I have one at home, BTW). But the EULA clearly states that you can't install the OS on any hardware not obtained through Apple. Hence the problem with Psystar and their attempts to simply offer consumers the possibility to make their own choice: accept the Apple lock-in or not and use the Rebel EFI tool to do what they wish to. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice!

Psst, here is an OSX netbook compatibility chart.

New Apple MacBook Pro revealed by OS X update

In an update for Snow Leopard for developers, Apple has revealed that two new MacBook Pros are likely to appear soon. Rumors have it that these will contain quad-core CPUs, since Mac Pro and new iMacs are already available with the Intel i5/i7 quad-core CPUs. If true, this will make the new MacBooks extremely fast compared to current versions! See also MacRumors.

Android 2.0 SDK

Google's just released the Android 2.0 for mobile smartphones with the Android OS.
Highlights are:
* multiple (G)mail accounts
* support for Exchange mail accounts
* more camera controls
* search in all SMS/MMS messages
* HTML5 support in browser (needed for Google Wave)
* Bluetooth 2.1

Google is actively looking at what Apple's iPhone brings and improving it. And open source... :)
Update: Engadget shows ass-kicking turn-by-turn navigation on Android using the free Google Maps! OMG!

Rebel EFI: OSX on any Intel PC

With Rebel EFI Psystar, the company that brought cheap clone Macs, lets you install OS X on any hardware you have (compatibility permitting of course). :) Cool!

Apple iMac Goes Intel Core i5, i7

Apple has refreshed their iMacs. The entry models still have a Core 2 Duo but the high-end versions will use Intel's new Core i5/i7 quad-core super fast CPUs! Prices start at $1200 for the low-end and $2000 for the top model. Still, if I would design my own Windoze PC, it'll also cost me at least $2000 and probably more!

Source: Tom's Hardware

Mac updates: app update

I'm a bit of a verion-holic so I was interested when the XS4ALL newsletter informed of a tool for the Mac to keep all your software up-to-date: app update. Best of all: it's free and open source ;)

Engadget: Apple dictated Light Peak creation

What I thought to be an R&D project from Intel could very well a deliberate move into a new technology from Apple. Engadget may have dictated Intel to create this new technology and could begin using it as early as 2010!

Next Gen networking: Intel Light Peak

Tom's Hardware reports that Intel has come up with a demo of what may become the next gen in networking: Intel Light Peak. Whereas Copper cable seems to be topping out at 10 Gb/s, Light Peak will start at that rate and easily up it to 100 Gb/s over the next decade.
The high speed optical cable will be used to connect computers, HD displays, video recorder, Blu-ray players, iPods and solid-state disks (SSDs).

Update: Apple is going to use Intel Light Peak in 2010!

Apple iPod nano fifth-gen

Apple latest iPod Nano, the fifth-gen 16GB MP3 with video recording might just make it good enough to ditch a one year old gadget and "upgrade"... Hmmm, Singapore is just in time for Xmas in October!

Palringo - next generation IM client

Friend of mine pointed me to Palringo, a new IM client for PC, Apple and mobile phones. Currently only iPhone and Android, but Symbian coming (soon I hope) and Symbian S60. It is different in that it combines voice mail and photos with IM. So you send someone a photo easily while in chat. Of coruse, it supports all IM protocols including MSN, ICQ, GTalk and Jabber. So it is not different from Trilian, Miranda, Pigdin, Adium and so on. But having the same IM client on desktop and phone plus the ability to send photos easily could make me switch... we'll see