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Aquarium - the Making of

I put together a little movie of making my Aquarium. I had more video but I accidentally deleted my videos before I exported the movie, so they are gone. :( Oh well. It's still ok.

Scenic aquarium photos

Made some scenic photos from my aquarium and I wish to thank my grand-father, who passed away last year, for infecting me with this virus when I was 4 or 5. He have a small tropical tank with 5 fish or so. And for the coïncidence that his inheritance paid for this entire new, large set-up! Posthumous, he is still helping me with it.

Dead fish: sushi!

I got my first dead fish in the aquarium today: a Gyrinocheilus aka "algae eater" has died. It seemed to have swollen belly, so I'm guessing it was a she and had pregnancy complications. She is being eaten right now by others. :) Life is making a full cycle.

Final stage of the auqarium

well, the aquarium had me worried a little. I have a lot of snails. got them from the fish store. :( But they grew well. so it must mean the tank is in good shape. Then I spotted a lot of algae on the front window. Got me worried about NO2 and NO3 concentrations, until I realized that I get home quite late and there is no clock on the lights. So the tank receives 13+ hours of light. :) Enough for even the most stubborn extremophile to grow! and yes, as soon as I turned down lights more often, the window cleaned up.

So yesterday and today, I checked out various concentrations of Cl, K, NO2, NO3, water hardness and pH and all was fine. I planted the plants in their final spots, added rocks and some more plants in the right corner and added 20 neon tetras, 5 Diamant Gouramis ( Trichogaster leeri) and 5 Labia Fabiosas others who's name I've forgotten. Only added 3 algae eaters for maintenance. Others will follow later, but those are picky and I want to see how the tank holds up un…

Aquarium update

Last weekend, I did some more work on my tank and now it looks a bit like a real aquarium. Albeit a little deserted. This weekend it's time to get more fish and plants and try to give it its final look before getting the rest of the fish mid next month.

Strangely, I discovered some gunk growing on the decorative wood I put in. I realized I had forgotten to clean it, so I quickly removed it and scrubbed in clean. A day later, it was back. So I called the store and asked them and they said it's normal and harmless. If I wanna get rid of it, cook the wood in some water and scrub it or pour boiling water over it. It would disappear anyway on its own. Hmmm, all right we'll see.

Update: the 'Net also says the white fungus growing on the wood is harmless. *sigh*

Fish in the aquarium

Yesterday, I put the first plants, decorations and fish in the aquarium!

I have a few plants to help develop the biology in the tank and some drift wood, that still needs to soak and sink before I can place it. I also got 2 sets of small fish. Don't remember the names. I'll have to get that next time I go, when I get more plants and fish. But one set is orangy in color and will get a bright red stripe when they grow up. The other smaller kind has a black stripe and will get a red accent as well.

CityDance Den Haag

Yesterday, after a long day of work on my aquarium, I treated myself to some dance music. There was a free festival on the Malieveld in Den Haag: CityDance Den Haag 2009, with Benny Rodriguez, Don Diablo and Dennis van der Geest, so I quickly changed and went there. Sadly, none of the people I knew in Den Haag responded to my call-for-company, but what the heck?! Dancing only requires one, the rest is optional. :)

Don Diablo, I discovered, is a house music genius similar to (but no where near) the original mixing genius Ben Liebrand. He mixes traditional songs from charts with house music and always in a way that is worth listening to. He does add value there. It is no longer the song, but different with a pleasant familiar ring to it. :) Granted, it's not always music you can still dance too - or it could be me - but it's good to hear. Sadly, his talents were wasted on the crowds because his trendy, hip sounds did not contain the minimum required bpm, where bpm > 130. :( Oh…

Aquarium assembly finished

Well, the tank is up and running! :D I've updated the gallery with more photos. Have a video too. Hope I'll get to editing that this week. No need in seeing me pour buckets of water for 20 minutes. :) You get the idea after 2-3 anyway. ;)

This week, I have to pour in a splash of bacteria daily to colonize the aquarium and its filter so that the tank can handle the wastes in the water once I add fish. Each day, you add a splash for 7 days, then add a few fish. Same thing the week after. After these two weeks, the micro ecology of the tank should be sufficient to handle the full load.

Here is a good sampling of the gouramis that I am planning to put in the tank. They are very colorful, pretty fish. Not very picky about what they eat and can mate fairly easy if it's not too crowded.

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

Planning my next aquarium project to be bigger than this: Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world. ROFL

7500m3 of water! Holy Moly!

aquarium assembly

Shot of my 100 gallon tank om the table. Just put in the background. Now that has to dry 24 hrs before i can put it in place. Then i'll put in a nutrients, sand and the water. Hook up the filter and add chemicals and bacteria to seed the culture needed for when i add fish around this time next week. So there you have it!

Update: the photos on smugmug

ThinkGeek :: SoundBug

You must recognize this situation... you're sitting in a train or bus or in a meeting, listening to your iPod, IPAQ or mp3 phone and suddenly everyone wants to listen to your music! They are all bored and want to hear what great taste in music you have. :) Of course, you didn't small speakers and there aren't enough earphone repeaters to go around.
Enter the SoundBug: "Smaller than a computer mouse, Soundbug plugs into the standard 3.5mm headphone socket of any audio device. A sucker push ring attaches Soundbug firmly to any hard, glossy surface such as glass, metal or MDF. An MDF desk top, MDF cupboard door, a window or even a glass-framed picture will do perfectly." Cooool! Check the action shots of people who've turned ordinairy windows into speakers, an aquarium, a guitar, a TV and even a plasma ball. B)


Disney's releasing Pixar's latest awesome, breathtaking and tantalizing CG full-length animation story "Finding Nemo"!!! Woooooohoooooo! "To get their feet wet, the film's crew became licensed scuba divers, installed an aquarium in the office, and watched hours of The Blue Planet. After all, Nemo needs to make a splash."
May 30th it is released in the US, so that means a few month later in Europe... Boohoo :( :cry: Now if only I could somehow make it over there between those two dates... :D