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Sealife Scheveningen

A short while ago, I went to Sealife in Scheveningen with Isa and Elise (Vincent had high fever so stayed at home) and Jason, Sharon and their kids: posted a few photos.

Whoosah - Secret Cinema Invites

Last Sunday, I went with a friend to the beach in Scheveningen. Found a spot on the Noorderstrand at the Culpepper, next to Whoosah. Discovered there was a free beach party going on there from 3pm -1am. After dinner, we decided to go there because the music just got better and better.

Took a few pictures. It was packed, inside and outside. The music was great! Warren Fellow just rocked the house and sadly I had to go home at 11:30pm because there was work on Monday. So we missed Secret Cinema itself, and that was a shame I heard. Oh well.

beachclub doen!

Sunset at work.:) pretty isn't it?

Some photos Lanzarote

I quickly waded through 300 or so photos and picked a few to give you an idea of our vacation on Lanzarote...

Lanzarote Casa rural Amatista

Sorry for the long silence. We're on vacation on Lanzarote in Casa rural Amatista. We're having a great time, half way through now.
I finally decided to help out with their WiFi, as their router and AP was positioned under a desk in a drawer... Go figure. We picked a better spot and told the owner to hang it up as high as possible and voila: proper WiFi. Also removed WEP, kinda useless anyway, as he didn't want to have to hand out the password all the time. :)
Anyway, have 300 photos to process and upload. So I'll be back soon!

Pictures from Strandtent Doen

I posted some more pictures of my working in Strandtent Doen. :)

Chef to be at Strandtent Doen

Last weekend a life-long dream has been fulfilled: I am a "line chef" in beach club Doen! in Scheveningen. Really? Really. :)
I have always had the dream to be a chef, to cook in a real kitchen, to handle 100s of meals and have a drink and a laugh afterwards with the "crew". Well, now I can. I received an email on hyves a few weeks ago that was looking for new kitchen staff. Beginners, advanced didn't matter. So I thought what the heck and replied. Well, I got selected. Not because I have a ton of experience but because the chef thought it was interesting that I wanted to do this at my age with a complete lack of know-how and with my background.

So last Saturday, with the opening party, I worked 12+ hours in the kitchen of Doen! Yesterday, first real night open, I went again and tonight too. I must say, I'm dead beat, but it is a great feeling. I try to keep up the others not all of whom are qualified either - so I'm not alone - but we all pull …

Strandclub WIJ - season opening

Yesterday, Petra, Sjoerdski, Mirella and I went to the season opening party of Strandclub WIJ. I found out through Hyves that WickedJazzSounds would be playing there, so I had to go. It was great! Big crowed turned up, so entrance was a slight problem. No fee, however! :) Cool! Once inside, big numbers of trendy young, pretty and yuppie people were present. That was to be expected however. :) The night was great though. Music terrific and the people friendly. Cigarette smoke was the only downer and by 22pm we headed back home. Early night, but very much worth it! Thanks for driving Sjoerd! :hug: Nice to meet Mirella! :D

Long time, no blog

Oops, dunno what happened but I haven't blogged for like 3 weeks...! Psych! No particular reason either. Just didn't see anything worth blogging. I'm not on vacation. Not until end of August.
Anyway, July has been awesome so far! We have a heatwave here and temps have soared up to 30+ Celcius. Thank god we live in the Hague. The sea is only 20 min away. :) Most of Holland in on vacation and abroad, so traffic is down to a minimum. Of course, the government uses this time to do major roadwork and wreaks havoc in the most unlikely places. So people have been known to get stuck in traffic jams up to 20 miles long without water and airco. :( Not good.
I have been going Soomers as often as I can. :) It's always good to be there, chill, sunbath and relax. Great Summer! we try to take friends along whenever possible too. So if you feel like the beach, give us a call and we'll be there.
Went to Extrema Outdoor last weekend. Had a blast in the beautiful weather and the great s…

::::::MECCA BEACH - The place 2 be! ::::::

Went to beach with Sjoerdski and Astrid. Man oh man, summer is a great season! Weather was gorgeous. lovely breeze, excellent live DJs at Mecca.
The temperature at home was 30 celcius, so no need to be there. Sadly, Petra is preparing for her sophomore exams at the "Foto Academie" so she couldn't join us...

Summer's coming!

Today is the first gorgeous day of the year, officially!
Temps are soaring to 20 Celsius (70 F) and the sun's out. The beach is the place to be, of course, I'm all ready for summer season! Check out the beachcam of zeezicht, a beachclub at Scheveningen and see what the weather is like, people, crowds, situation and all... :) I'll be at Soomers! w00t

FijiKiwi - Bas and Maaike's travel blog

Bas and Maaike, going on a 3 month travel trip throught the Pacific have opened a travel blog: FijiKiwi. Can't wait to see pics... :)

Updated Dreams' photo galleries

I've caught up with all the photos that were laying around on my laptop's hard disk... *sigh* Sorry for the delays. I've been really busy recently during the day and at night I just can't seem to gather the strength to get behind the computer *again*...
Anyway, my smugmug online photo gallery is up to date now.
I added the vacation in Condat at my parents' house, last July. Some photos from dinner at Soomers on the beach. SOS Sundays pictures from recently in Kijkduin. Mysteryland, of course! The Dance Tour on the Malieveld in Den Haag last weekend. And more that I had laying around... Some of them are still uploading as I type this, but they'll be there shortly. Enjoy!

Billabong Beach - Strandtent Noorderstrand Scheveningen

The beach season is about to be opened. I know it's hard to imaging, looking outside... but both strandtent Soomers and strandtent Billabong Beach. Soomers is having a Sunday Brunch for Easter and Billabong annouced parties to come! Woohoo! Can't wait. Now let's hope NASA's prediction that this summer may the hottest ever will come true (sorry in advance to people living in warm countries, deserts and places with little rain...)

Beach volleyball with ENIAC and Ssst@Soomers

Today I was supposed to play beach volleyball with my alumni group/club/friends from ENIAC, but I think I caught a real cold yesterday at my sisters BBQ in Almere. *sigh* *sniff* *snotter* *caugh* *sniff*
But I drag myself there anyway, around 5pm, because I wanted to at least show my face to me peers and Soomers. Once there and outdoors, breathing fresh air, things clear up enough to enjoy the evening and Petra and I stay for dinner. Sadly, when the 2nd Ssst party at Soomers starts, I must go home because my head seems to explode and overflows with the ample production of clear and yellow fluids... Yuck! Time for bed!

Summer Carnaval Rotterdam 2004

Today, Houkje, Petra and I joined my sister, Rob and Elise for the Summer Carnaval 2004 in Rotterdam. I've been trying to get there for years now, but never made it. Either I forgot, or the weather sucked or I had other things to do. But with the great weathr (finally) I simply *had* to go. Luckily, everyone else thought so too. So we took the train to Rotterdam, had a small lunch and went to the Stadhoudersplein, near the Doelen and the Pathé cinema. There, we waited in the sun forever until the trucks and the parade finally went past us. :) Petra took great pictures from the front, while I stood in the back to complement her close-ups with overview shots... (or whatever!).
By 6pm or so, we'd had it, it was hot and the parade endless. Elise was exhausted and we were all tired and a bit hungry. Rob, Isa and Elise went home to put Elise to bed. Houkje, Petra and I went wander Rotterdam for some friends and a cooler place, preferably with food. We couldn't find our friends b…

Storm, rain, sun, wine, birthdays, dance, soomers

Pfff, weird weekend. So many things to do... I did a lot but most different from my plans! :) LOL You should never plan too much because then the agony of not doing anything you've planned just kills it! :)
Friday, went to pick my wine at Winery de Fontaine. There was a wine tasting on July 4th and I liked a few. But when I went to pick them up, Richard was back from Beirut and invited me to stay for a tasting of their own for new wines in the Bistro l'Orange (next door). So by 6pm Friday I already had a slight buzz. hihi ;)
Also on Friday, tons of parties on the beach here: Mecca, de Karavaan and de Billabong beach all had their own party but cooperated on the PR and flyers. Great idea, I think. Sadly, by the time I was gonna go, they were already over. Oh well, more energy for Saturday.
Saturday, I hoped would bring better weather. But unfortunately it was only half way better. We did have sun but also strong winds upto force 6 on the beach. However, sun is sun so I hoped o…

Beach in the afternoon at Soomers

This weekend was good. Saturday, I went to Sjoerd to go to the XtraLarge in Amsterdam. DJs Astrid, Jochen, Spider and another played there. That's a sure thing for a great evening! And the weather was great too! Got to bed at 05:00...
On Sunday morning (uuummpf), I grabbed a train to go to Petra's parents and celebrate her mom's birthday. In Amsterdam, the weather was windy and gray when I got up, but the more North I went, the clearer and bluer the skies got. When I arrived in Assen, it was sunny, warm and blue! :)
Then on Monday, a National Holiday, it rained and was cold. So we were glad to hop on the train and go home, get some work done. However, Antonique called and said to meet at the beach... Beach? "Yes, it's perfect here, sunny, warm, nice!" Huh? But by the time we entered Amersfoort station, it *was* sunny and blue and we enjoyed a wonderful sunny beach afternoon at Soomers. :D Woohoo!

Let the partying begin!!!

Shit shit shit, I was a few days too late, I missed the parties at beachclub Wij (TILT) and Billabong Beach... But you can rest assured I'll be ready for the next couple of parties. :D

Opening Rotterdam Beach

Tonight, Sjoerd, Martin, Femke, Petra (perhaps) and I will be going to the opening of the Rotterdam beach front, near the Erasmusbridge in Rotterdam. DJs Benny Rodgrigues and Miss Monica will play there for free. I had no idea what they'd do for beach, but it's nice enough. Enough room for great parties, BBQs and frisbee. That's all that matters. Good vibes, good music, food and drinks. Now for the good weather... ;)