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Google Wave App Store official

Google has confirmed that its Google Wave tool will come bundled with its own application store. The online real-time collaborating tool will allow developers to market their own apps within the store, while Google will (happily) take a share of the revenue.

Currently only available in beta, and with only 600,000 testers worldwide, Wave is a mash-up of online documents, instant messaging and plug-ins for things like Google Maps and Weather that can all be displayed publicly in a "wave".
Source: T3 magazine

Update: BTW, I'm on Google Wave. Look me up!

The Pirate Bay fights back with anonymous internet

PirateBay, world's largest Torrent tracker, is fighting back legislation with an anonymous internet service. WTG PB!

The beta VPN services makes users very hard to track by opponents of the Torrent system. 113,000 people have already signed up for IPREDator, 80% from Sweden. 3000 are currently in the beta test program.

Of course, you could also utilize the Tor anonymous proxy system with your browser.

WordPress 2.8 Beta Hands On Review

With the release date estimated for June 10th, preview and review of WordPress 2.8 Bèta are popping up.

Quake Live Open Beta (aka Quake-Zero)

Quake Live Open Beta (aka Quake-Zero) was launched yesterday February 24. That means what once took me a 450 MB all-in-one ZIP file to be distributed to all clients, is now packaged as a Firefox/IE add-on and can be played in your friggin browser, whereas we once had to beg and bleed to get 3D support in our PCs... MAN I love being a geek! w00t

OS X and Linux support will also be added, but later. Today is good day to die!

Quake Live Beta Opening Next Week

I heard of Quake III Arena being played on all kinds of small, embedded systems, but now it'll run in your browser too! Check Tom's Hardware for details...
Man I used to go through all these troubles to let people play easily and quickly while at KPN Research, if I had known then I'd be able to run q3 in a browser...! /me chuckles

Google Chrome - comic book

Read about this while on vacation. Didn't know what it was about and no time to check into it. But Google Chrome is a new type of web browser, based on today's needs with no legacy burden. What if you could design it from scratch, not bothered with old stuff from 1997 and such. Check out the Google Chrome - comic book story that clearly illustrates the ideas the designers had and why. Recommended!

8 Useful Adobe AIR Applications That Work In Linux

While most of the cool AIR applications are meant for the Windows/Mac platform, here is a list of 8 useful AIR applications that have been tested and found to be working in Linux.Personally, I'd install WebKut just for the name and use as often as possible during live demos and presentations! ('Kut' means 'cunt' in Dutch! Pardon my French.)

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EA's 'Spore' a week from being finished

Spore is coming out in a week, or so it seems according to CNET. Also, people have created living skeletons even though EA didn't think it was possible to create them! Human-like creatures were also not possible... Right? Wrong! Coool! Never say never. Giant penis creatures have already been banned by the hundreds from sexually active creature creators... Duuh! Haven't checked, but giant boobs have also probably been tried before getting banned... Where does the surprise part come in! plug-in for MediaMonkey

Stumbled upon again, since I lost the MacBook with iTunes tied in to everything and thus actively using my mp3 collection I have moved from PC to PC, and thought I'd try to tie it in with MediaMonkey. 'Lo and behold that works (of course)!
For MediaMonkey you install the winamp plugin - use te General Version NOT the Media Library - give it the credentials to your profile and you're off. It seems also has a beta version of iScrobbler that will sync your iPod playlist with Try that later.Old-style plugins and player - Client Support –

Blogger bèta

Blogger decided to move all owners of old BloggerPro accounts over to new servers and at the same time, limit theirs rights (for which we had paid money about 2 years ago). We lost the ability to create new subdirectories or additional (web)pages, like the ones you see in my menu on the right.
While that was not good, it also meant we could start using the new Blogger service, which they had substantially upgraded behind the scenes. However, for Pro users to enjoy that, they had to limit other things. oh well... I have started to test the new Blogger on my News&Linkdump blog and I must say it's really a lot better. We get new lay-out features, extra edit functions and more content management features. There is also a new category/tag feature, finally, and other things I have yet to try.

Flock ? The web browser for you and your friends

Flock ? The web browser for you and your friends, is a new browser incorporating the Web 2.0 philosophy and based on the Gecko engine (like Firefox). It seems a good idea. Flock integrates easily with photo sites popular in the US (not elsewhere, boohoo), uses Yahoo to search and has an RSS reader integrated. It is not all that starteling but somehow I perceive it as a good thing. The beta is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, so no reason not to try it...

Open source AJAX webmail

AJAX is all the craze. I already said that. Even my friend Marcel from GloMidCo knows about it and is also an evangelist. ;)
Microsoft and Yahoo have already launched beta versions of their new
AJAX webmail clients. Google is working on an AJAX office application. But now there are more demos of what can be done. RoundCube presents an AJAX-based webmail service. Slashdot says: "the demo they have is completely cross-browser compliant and overall very impressive".

IE7 beta addresses web standards

While The Web Standards Project cheers for IE7 and its improved support for web standards, CNET was not so ecstatic about IE7.
I, for one, am happy about better standard support. It's a pain having to deal with IE separately if you really get creative with XHTML/CSS. And it doesn't add up to spend hours to fix little IE things that should just go right...

A Sneak Peek at GNOME 2.10

Is it me or there just sooo much Linux news these days? I know I report more about it because I'm using it now. But the sites I read also have more... or is that just me?
Anyway... GNOME 2.10 is out! KDE 3.4 is in beta so that will come soon too. (These are Linxu desktops, BTW, if you don't know, like your Windows desktop - but better.) OpenOffice 2.0 is beta... man all these source compiles will *kill* my poor CPU! ;)

Review of OpenOffice 2.0 beta

Tectonic in South Afrika has reviewed the 2.0 beta release of OpenOffice for you. If you have no clue, OpenOffice is a free, open source, competitor to MS Office. It reads and writes Office files (.doc, .xls and .ppt) and looks very much the same. The learning curve is non-existent but for some complicated documents, the compatibility may leave something to be desired. However, in *my* experience, everything works like a charm!
Tectonic says it "will usher in a new era of functionality, reliability, compatibility and ease of use." Many, many improvements and additions. Too many to list here, so read the review yourself!

PCMag compares 6 VoIP services (and some free ones)

Feature from PC Magazine: Talk Is Cheaper
"In this story, we explore the offerings of six fee-based providers in the home market?AT&T, Broadvox, Lingo, Verizon, VoicePulse, and Vonage?and unveil a new battery of labs-based tests to analyze voice quality and service reliability as never before. We also compare three free services (one in beta)."
Skype is among the free services...

BetaNews | Windows Update Refreshed as XP SP2 Nears

Windows Update Gets Refreshed as XP SP2 Nears, reports BetaNews. You can even test it our yourself, already.

Welcome to Gmail

I have Gmail account! Ha ha!!! One Gigabyte of room in my inbox! Jeez, even on my home PC I don't have that much room allocated to mail. :) As a regular Blogger user, I was given the option of beta testing the new mail service... Cool B)

YETI SPORTS and the penguin throwing decathlon

YETI SPORTS has a new throw the penguin game! Part 3 is out already and pretty funny too. :D Part 4 is in beta only and will be out in May. Coool and so fun to play. Reviews GMail's offer

Curious about Google Gmail beta offer and hoping you'll get a chance to review it first hand? Well, for now read the GMail review and just dream on a little longer... ;) The search features seem to be really handy for those who save everything but the privacy issues that they stumble over, seem to be a little overreacting... for now...