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New template

After seeing it a while and from comments by others, I decided to change the template back to a less colorful and more peaceful combination. Hope this suits you all better too.

I also extended the number of tweets on the right a bit, so you'll have a slightly longer history there.

New site lay-out

Fresh Spring, little cleaning is in order. So I edited my site a little. Removed links to old deprecated information. Used the new Blogger template designer to spruce up my design and used the bèta feature of adding a page. I might continue using Blogger now and make use the page feature or convert to WordPress after all. Dunno yet. Still ironing out little tweaks...

Living Stories

There is news in News-land :)

Google opened up their Living Stories pilot with The New York Times and The Washington Post. Here is the idea behind it.

I can't help but that the format and organization of news this way much hints at the existence of a Google Wave behind it... or is that just me?

Blogger Twitter Widget malfunctioning

As you can probably see, my twitter feed is broken and shows tweets from someone else. Blogger is aware of the bug and has notified the creator of the widget. Hope they fix it soon, this is the 2nd time I'm aware of this happening...

Update: fixed :)

About Twitter

Just to put the Twitter hype in perspective (even my privacy-phobe ex is on twitter now!), read this: If only 100 people were on Twitter.
It still roughly seems to follow early Internet rules-of-thumb:
in every community, there are 100 lurkers to every active member, and 100 active members for each wizard.

Time Tracking

Find yourself doing a gazillion things a day but in the end you don't remember what you did? Always too little time to do what you need to do, but more than enough time to do what you like to do? Problems concentrating and focusing because you are easily distracted by the dozens of things buzzing by you(r head) each day?

Read the article Why I do Time Tracking by a guy in India and how it gave him enough insight in himself to solve all these issues. Great read!

WordPress Themes Tutorial

WordPress Themes Tutorial is an elaborate 12 part tutorial on how to make your own WordPress theme. While not hard, it is not trivial either, especially for those how have never seen PHP and how framework like WordPress work.

WordPress 2.8 Beta Hands On Review

With the release date estimated for June 10th, preview and review of WordPress 2.8 Bèta are popping up.

Google Blog Converters 1.0 Released

I've been meaning to change my Blogger account(s) over to WordPress, but Google didn't have export features. Only import. Well, that 's changed!

Now that Google allows exports, their angle on it being "your blog, your data", they've also made a converter script. Check the Google Open Source Blog for details. From what I gather, the export yields an XML file that the script can convert to other formats (currently LiveJournal, MoveableType and WordPress).

Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars

"WordPress adds Gravatar support." WTF? I thought. Yet another plugin that someone made. Then I read that Automattic bought Gravatar. WTF? I thought again.
Then more and more blogs, Web2.0 sites and services announced support for Gravatar, so I had to check it out: Gravatar is simply a Globally Recognized Avatars. A little avatar with a picture, a symbol, a character or image that you choose to identify you. Much like the pictures that MSN adds to you in Messenger. Gravatar simply is a global version of that, that will appear next to your posts or comments on any blog, site or in any forum that supports it. Duuh!

WordCamp NYC: Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress

CenterNetworks has a video of Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress taken at WordCamp NYC. He talks about the current state of Wordpress, a walkthrough of the upcoming version 2.7 and the future.

The Psychology Behind Twitter

The root at what has made Twitter an internet craze is not just micro-blogging. Twitter is big because it is instant. Twitter is hot because it allows us to be voyeurs. Twitter is changing the world because it is a platform of social equality. Most importantly, it is HUGE because it has created Micro Fame. What's that...? Well, read on.

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Sexy Bloggers

Sex sells. Also in the blogosphere. Checkout the Twenty Bloggers We Want To See In Bikinis@Urlesque :)

Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away

Pownce, Kevin Rose’s latest startup, which we were extremely skeptical about when it first arrived on the scene less than 24 hours ago. Who needs yet another IM client, we wondered. Well, we still stand by that: it IS just another IM client. But this one simple feature, for an IM-junkie like me, is vital.

And it is this: on Pownce, you can send a message, or a file, or a song, or an event, to one person; or three of your friends; or only your family; or everyone. That’s right, you can engage in private conversations, you can speak to the world, you can have a group of close friends, and a group of associates, and a group of unknown people you just added to your profile, and you can choose when you want to send stuff to any of these groups. With this simple feature Pownce trounces all over Twitter, and comes close to being more useful than most IM clients. Read more on Pownce

Cool blog widget


Peper IT

I was growing tired of my website Peper IT, which uses Pivot, being hacked somehow. While there may be vulnerabilities in Pivot, I also suspect some security issues at my provider. However, they're fine otherwise and host 100000+ domains, so it's likely to be Pivot and/or my inability... ;)
Anyway, gave up on Pivot and switched to Wordpress 2.1 for the new Peper IT. Now I'll have to import all the articles... *sigh*. Love live XML!
In the mean time, I've "switched off" the oldsites.


OMG! 2007 is gonna be superduper! :) Even my sister is now blogging in blogspot...

Blogger bèta

Blogger decided to move all owners of old BloggerPro accounts over to new servers and at the same time, limit theirs rights (for which we had paid money about 2 years ago). We lost the ability to create new subdirectories or additional (web)pages, like the ones you see in my menu on the right.
While that was not good, it also meant we could start using the new Blogger service, which they had substantially upgraded behind the scenes. However, for Pro users to enjoy that, they had to limit other things. oh well... I have started to test the new Blogger on my News&Linkdump blog and I must say it's really a lot better. We get new lay-out features, extra edit functions and more content management features. There is also a new category/tag feature, finally, and other things I have yet to try.

Blog still gone

Wrote a second mail describing the problem in more detail. Hope this helps... I miss my good old Blog. After all these years and almost 2000 (!) posts! In the mean time, I'm posting drafts instead. The dates still get captured so I'll update once everything is restored, I guess...
/me crosses fingers

Blog still missing

I checked the Blogger account and all settings are fine. All the other blogs are fine too, all except the ones on the blogspot ftp server. I get an error: "Login failed, can't set startup dir to your home directory: No such file or directory." It somehow lost track of where to store my files. However, the blog itself is also gone so maybe files were transfered/deleted and settings not updated... I'll write BloggerHelp and see.
As an ex-BloggerPro user I was able to ftp to their server using a login account. Maybe something got changed and screwed up...? Hope not!