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Generic webcams

Video chat is all the rage, I know. But webcams are stupid accessories. They cost a lot, they never work when you need them most and everyone has their own drivers. :puke:

Enter Universal Video Classes. OS X, Windows, Linux all support UVC web cams out of the box. No wires required. I recommend the $30 HP Deluxe Webcam. It's available at Amazon and every other retailer or cheap site out there. It's small, simple and works great! No software or [additional] drivers required.

Driver-Free Webcams

Found a set of Driver-Free Webcams for Mac OSX, Windows 7 & Vista, and Linux. All you need the OS and to plug them in. Just order one, so we'll see :)

IMVU: 3D Chat

I just got a total blast-from-the-past when I clicked on an ad to "meet new people". It reminded me of a 3D chat program using VRML back in 1996 called OnLive! 3D chat. I used it for my research back when I was working for KPN Research.
IMVU seems much like it. Add a little Second Life added in and a little bit like the Sony PS3 chat service I have at home (and never use). Still kinda cool because you can easily create a virtual house (like Alphaworld), virtual outfits (like Second Life) and chat in 3D. OnLive! also used audio chat, which made it the coolest, because people farther away sounded softer. - your own private in-house Twitter server

Twitter is great for status updates from friends, vague contacts, celebs and more. But you can also use Twitter for something useful.
The low threshold to post a quick note on what you're doing, a problem, an issue, a joke or a solution enables geographically separated groups to keep in touch in a fun way without getting in the way of real work to be done. Developers, consultants, producers, bands, fans, people sharing a disease in hospitals over the world, teens with the same problem or large families spread over the globe, can all keep in touch. Using the web, mail or a mobile phone everyone is informed almost instantly of what is currently going on with anyone interested.
But what if you'd like to keep the updates private? Sure, you can shield your profile and approve each follower but perhaps you'd like to keep sensitive information off of the Internet. For instance client information, configuration details or personal illness tales and emotions. Then you need a priva…

Palringo - next generation IM client

Friend of mine pointed me to Palringo, a new IM client for PC, Apple and mobile phones. Currently only iPhone and Android, but Symbian coming (soon I hope) and Symbian S60. It is different in that it combines voice mail and photos with IM. So you send someone a photo easily while in chat. Of coruse, it supports all IM protocols including MSN, ICQ, GTalk and Jabber. So it is not different from Trilian, Miranda, Pigdin, Adium and so on. But having the same IM client on desktop and phone plus the ability to send photos easily could make me switch... we'll see

A night in September

Finally met my ex last night. Was a bit of a mess leading up it (confusion, retribution, misinterpretation and so on), but in the end she proved to be the woman I chose to marry and I reconfirmed the meeting I had canceled a few hours earlier because I didn't think she was ready to be herself. Turns out she was.
The meeting went fine and we were both calm, civil and said what needed to be said. After an hour it already seemed we'd talked for hours. I cleared up many things important to me (but not all) and felt better. I wanted to continue a more informal chat about the things we're doing now, but she wasn't able to. That's fine, no biggy. Perhaps another time.

That left me dazed and shaken but calm. The sudden put-it-behind-me was a shock. Felt like I had turned around staring into a void in the future whereas I had been moping over the stuff in the past. Small case of vertigo I guess. Good, of course, but stressy nonetheless. So now it's off into the void... U…

Hootsuite: "What’s Think of it as your social network glue.
A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, Wordpress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer."

I knew it was coming and now I think it's here :) I'll be testing it soon.

About Twitter

Just to put the Twitter hype in perspective (even my privacy-phobe ex is on twitter now!), read this: If only 100 people were on Twitter.
It still roughly seems to follow early Internet rules-of-thumb:
in every community, there are 100 lurkers to every active member, and 100 active members for each wizard.

Google Wave Federation Protocol and Open Source Updates

Google Wave has opened up the first parts of its revolutionary new Internet protocol: Wave. the first open source components are the Operational Transform protocol and a prototype Wave server using the Wave protocol.

Wave is seen as the next step in Internet communication because it can seamlessly and transparently integrate Mail, IM chat and Twitter into one interface. However, it does not change the user's client if he doesn't want to. You can participate in a "Wave" with any client, while preserving the overall structure and semantics of the communication thread/msg/chat. So you may never know. That's part of the genius.

Easy explanation of Google Wave in Dutch available at

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave Preview

Update: To me, this represents the first major innovation in the way we communicate over Internet. Many people only use Email. But some also use chat (IRC), IM (MSN, ICQ), Twitter, Blogs and Wikis. Google Wave lets you integrate all those into one medium, yet split out part from the discussion onto something that is more Email-like, or Twitter-like or on a blog or add it to a wiki-like webpage. I know it sounds confusing, but watch the show and you may get it. For me, this is a holy grail and I've been waiting for something like this because it lets me control everything from one point again without breaking a chat into pieces or copy and paste to blog, tweet and mailing list, and so on. Can't wait!
Actually, with tools popping up that provide small subsets of what Google Wave offers you as an all-in-one, the justification for Wave is already there. Why install and maintain 3, 4, 5 different communication forms or channels so everyone has their favorite, when…

WordPress and the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

When people don't know why to use Twitter but they do understand IRC, IM or SMS, tell them to watch this video of the WordPress P2 Theme on

Basically, you can build your own *internal* "Twitter-like" website aka blog for your group of friends, colleagues, family or club, whenever you like, wherever you like. No need to go public. No need to risk your security on IRC channels. All you need is a {LAMP,WAMP} server, WordPress and the P2 theme.

And if you don't know why (except not counting "because you can"), read Matt's blog about how P2 changed the way they worked at Automattic.

Update: forgot link to Matt's story
Update2: My friends MrVanes is thinking of a similar thing using Jabber, IM clients, Twitter and TwitterSpy. More when he's ready :)

YouTube's Social Network

According to the YouTube Blog, YouTube is now also becoming web2.0 and adds a social network. Using the youtube bar, you can see in real-time what your friends (on friends) are up to, what they're looking at and so on.

Spreadtweet Makes Twitter Look Like Excel

You know you're taking the Web 2.0 thingy a bit too far when you Spreadtweet To make Twitter Look Like Excel. :) LOL However, the text-only interface does make for a handy overview that you can have ready at a glance...

TED: Ueli Gegenschatz on wingsuits

Found a great talk from TED on wingsuits again. Here is the videotalk from a pioneer in this field: Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit. Man do I wish I could just go out and do this!!!

Google Lively: a Virtual World Across Social Networks

Google Launches Lively, a way for users to create 3D avatars similar to a Nintendo Mii™ that can be embedded anywhere on the web and are connected to others through the Internet.
You embed your avatar, for example, on Facebook, Hyves, Hi5, Orkut, your blog and your site(s), set up a room where others can join you and this way Lively creates a large virtual social network across all others...
I think it's a good idea, because it ties in all your networks into one instantiation or interface yet lets the social network do their own thing independently. But if it's useful... we'll seee

Social Mapping at first hand

Trying to figure out what Loic Le Meur said about social maps and how our current info/event flow is influenced by who we know. I now have iGoogle as my start page with a few tabs to organize my mailboxes, weather and Google Docs, one tab with many important RSS feeds as well a Google Reader to tie into the rest my "secondary" feeds...

I have now also found a way to update several status pages (pownce and facebook) in one go or choose to post a new blog to any or all my blogs at the same time... interesting... work in progress

Pownce: Against All Odds, Pownce Blew Us Away

Pownce, Kevin Rose’s latest startup, which we were extremely skeptical about when it first arrived on the scene less than 24 hours ago. Who needs yet another IM client, we wondered. Well, we still stand by that: it IS just another IM client. But this one simple feature, for an IM-junkie like me, is vital.

And it is this: on Pownce, you can send a message, or a file, or a song, or an event, to one person; or three of your friends; or only your family; or everyone. That’s right, you can engage in private conversations, you can speak to the world, you can have a group of close friends, and a group of associates, and a group of unknown people you just added to your profile, and you can choose when you want to send stuff to any of these groups. With this simple feature Pownce trounces all over Twitter, and comes close to being more useful than most IM clients. Read more on Pownce

TipicME - Wireless IM client for Symbian OS

I was having a discussion with someone at Doen! that she wanted to get MSN chat on her Nokia N73. She couldn't find a client. So I found one for her: TipicME - Wireless client. It's a universal chat client, so you can use it for Y!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and all! :D (y)

My Second Life - movie made inside Second Life

My Second Life is a 5 min movie shot entirely inside Second life. Very well done. Reminds me of "Red vs. Blue", made using Halo. :)
It also seems IBM has now purchased 24 islands in SL, for real estate purposes... That's a lot!

Adium - GAIM for the Mac

Still getting Ubuntu installed on my MacBook Pro. Not much luck but I think it may be because I'm not proficient enough at low-level Linux things. It takes a bit of tweaking...
Anyway, in the mean time, I'm playing with OS X. It's really gorgeous, but then so is Vista for that matter. Everything is integrated, tuned and ready to go. Apple really shines at presenting the user with a finished OS. The way it's supposed to be. However, all OSes eventually fail for lack of tweak power. That's why I use Linux. I can change anything I want, when I want to. And I usually need to for one reason or another. But... OS X is BSD so I may be able to after all.
One thing Mac doesn't do well: instant messaging. iChat sucks. :) So I found Adium. :)
/me sighs in relief