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CoPress: open source College newspaper CMS

Just heard about CoPress, an open source CMS for student newspapers where hosting is taken care of, based on the popular WordPress by Matt Mullenweg.

CoPress came from the frustration of a student editor (Daniel Bachhuber) unhappy with his current CMS hosted by an outside company. He looked around to other CMSs (Drupal, Django, WordPress) and finally founded a new company (CoPress) to give him what he needed: an open platform for anyone wanting to run a College newspaper of sorts.

Hootsuite: "What’s Think of it as your social network glue.
A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, Wordpress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer."

I knew it was coming and now I think it's here :) I'll be testing it soon.

NextGEN Gallery for WordPress

You may know I'm thinking of moving my Blogger site over to WordPress, because WP is a blog tool as well as a decent CMS and that gives the ability to create pages as well. Not just "articles" or "posts".

Just found another reason to do so because now there is a very nice plugin called the NextGEN Gallery WordPress Plugin that offers a simple and easy administration back-end to handle multiple photos, galleries and albums. Found it through a link on Petra's blog to a photo project called "100 Abandoned Houses".

WordPress Themes Tutorial

WordPress Themes Tutorial is an elaborate 12 part tutorial on how to make your own WordPress theme. While not hard, it is not trivial either, especially for those how have never seen PHP and how framework like WordPress work.

Twitter integration with WordPress: Twitter Tools has a widget for WordPress that integrates your Twitter feeds into the WordPress CMS as well as providing archiving of your tweets. Handy!

Must get around to migrating my Blogger site to WordPress soon. WP is way to cool to ignore and provides way more than Blogger. Sorry Google, no offense. You've served me very well these last 8 or 9 years.

WordPress 2.8 Beta Hands On Review

With the release date estimated for June 10th, preview and review of WordPress 2.8 Bèta are popping up.

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave Preview

Update: To me, this represents the first major innovation in the way we communicate over Internet. Many people only use Email. But some also use chat (IRC), IM (MSN, ICQ), Twitter, Blogs and Wikis. Google Wave lets you integrate all those into one medium, yet split out part from the discussion onto something that is more Email-like, or Twitter-like or on a blog or add it to a wiki-like webpage. I know it sounds confusing, but watch the show and you may get it. For me, this is a holy grail and I've been waiting for something like this because it lets me control everything from one point again without breaking a chat into pieces or copy and paste to blog, tweet and mailing list, and so on. Can't wait!
Actually, with tools popping up that provide small subsets of what Google Wave offers you as an all-in-one, the justification for Wave is already there. Why install and maintain 3, 4, 5 different communication forms or channels so everyone has their favorite, when…

WordPress and the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

When people don't know why to use Twitter but they do understand IRC, IM or SMS, tell them to watch this video of the WordPress P2 Theme on

Basically, you can build your own *internal* "Twitter-like" website aka blog for your group of friends, colleagues, family or club, whenever you like, wherever you like. No need to go public. No need to risk your security on IRC channels. All you need is a {LAMP,WAMP} server, WordPress and the P2 theme.

And if you don't know why (except not counting "because you can"), read Matt's blog about how P2 changed the way they worked at Automattic.

Update: forgot link to Matt's story
Update2: My friends MrVanes is thinking of a similar thing using Jabber, IM clients, Twitter and TwitterSpy. More when he's ready :)

Your very own Social Network

BuddyPress, based on the popular CMS for sites and blogs WordPress, has been released as GPL. Now you can create your own Social Network a la Facebook with just your friends.

"The idea behind it was to see what would happen to the web if it was as easy for anyone to create a social network as it is to create a blog today. There’s been an explosion of social activity on the web, it’s probably the most important trend of the past few years, but there’s been a dearth of Open Source tools that enable the social web."

Google Blog Converters 1.0 Released

I've been meaning to change my Blogger account(s) over to WordPress, but Google didn't have export features. Only import. Well, that 's changed!

Now that Google allows exports, their angle on it being "your blog, your data", they've also made a converter script. Check the Google Open Source Blog for details. From what I gather, the export yields an XML file that the script can convert to other formats (currently LiveJournal, MoveableType and WordPress).

Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars

"WordPress adds Gravatar support." WTF? I thought. Yet another plugin that someone made. Then I read that Automattic bought Gravatar. WTF? I thought again.
Then more and more blogs, Web2.0 sites and services announced support for Gravatar, so I had to check it out: Gravatar is simply a Globally Recognized Avatars. A little avatar with a picture, a symbol, a character or image that you choose to identify you. Much like the pictures that MSN adds to you in Messenger. Gravatar simply is a global version of that, that will appear next to your posts or comments on any blog, site or in any forum that supports it. Duuh!

WordCamp NYC: Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress

CenterNetworks has a video of Matt Mullenweg on the State of Wordpress taken at WordCamp NYC. He talks about the current state of Wordpress, a walkthrough of the upcoming version 2.7 and the future.

WikiMatrix - Compare wiki software

WikiMatrix is a site much like OpenSourceCMS. They help you compare a whole slew of open source software in an easy way. Where OpenSourceCMS helps you compare and test-drive different CMS systems, WikiMatrix compares more than 80 Wiki programs. The database is extensive and the user interface is excellent!
It's easy to compare features, hide the ones that are equal among all the selected ones, and most features are explained well (if not, you can add one yourself since the matrix is a wiki itself!).

update: try if you need a wiki quickly and don't have the means to set one up yourself

Photo Matt really enjoys Pownce

Was just browsing the WordPress blog and noticed that Photo Matt enjoys Pownce. Weird! Luckily Martin mailed me an invite, so I'll let you know. :) Already installed the Mac OS X desktop app...

Full Code Press - a CMS is born

Full Code Press is a competition for web geeks, like me. On August 18th, a full-blown CMS will be built for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours! You can enter as a team from your country. Since it is the web, although the HQ is in Australia, internet knows no boundaries. :) Very cool...

Peper IT

I was growing tired of my website Peper IT, which uses Pivot, being hacked somehow. While there may be vulnerabilities in Pivot, I also suspect some security issues at my provider. However, they're fine otherwise and host 100000+ domains, so it's likely to be Pivot and/or my inability... ;)
Anyway, gave up on Pivot and switched to Wordpress 2.1 for the new Peper IT. Now I'll have to import all the articles... *sigh*. Love live XML!
In the mean time, I've "switched off" the oldsites.

Blogger bèta

Blogger decided to move all owners of old BloggerPro accounts over to new servers and at the same time, limit theirs rights (for which we had paid money about 2 years ago). We lost the ability to create new subdirectories or additional (web)pages, like the ones you see in my menu on the right.
While that was not good, it also meant we could start using the new Blogger service, which they had substantially upgraded behind the scenes. However, for Pro users to enjoy that, they had to limit other things. oh well... I have started to test the new Blogger on my News&Linkdump blog and I must say it's really a lot better. We get new lay-out features, extra edit functions and more content management features. There is also a new category/tag feature, finally, and other things I have yet to try.

The New Blogger

Google finally updated Blogger, check out The New Blogger: dynamic pages (like Wordpress), categories, more feeds, lay-out control, access control, integration with Google Account for more easy monetizing with Adsense.
Check out the tour of the new features...

XFN for relationships

The title sounds like a medication for your (struggeling?) relationships. It's not. But it may help in some way nonetheless. :)
XFN 1.1 is a tool for web people, webmasters, bloggers, journalists, etc., to assign some value to hyperlinks (URLs) that indicate what the relationship of that link is to the author. It is mostly used in blogrolls, i.e. a list of blogs you read or are affiliated with or that you simply repsect or admire.
You can use XFN to indicate links are other websites by you, by friends, relatives, family, children, siblings, co-workers and so on and so forth. Since I'm using WordPress for my family website, I ran into XFN (it's built-in into the WP's link management module)...

WordPress 2.0

Freshmeat informed my that WordPress 2.0 has been released. WordPress is the successor to b2/cafelog and very designer-friendly blog tool. It very pretty and has several features I have come to love: categories, good commenting, plugins.
I still use Pivot for my work blog (currently undergoing redesign and upgrade after a virus infected all my content :puke:) and Blogger for my personal blog (which you're reading), my other work blog and my alumni blog. As I'm upgrading Pivot, I started thinking of converting everything to Pivot. It's very powerful and easily capable of supporting >1 blog from one interface. I could write an entry once and select in which blogs it should be published. That would be great. However, upto now, I didn't know WordPress was also open source and free... But Pivot doesn't need MySQL as it only uses text files. This makes it very open and accessible (as the hackers have proven ;). But WordPress is also a CMS at the same time. Pivot only h…