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Jack Johnson in O2 Arena

I saw Jack Johnson in O2 Arena with Marianne. It was a lot of fun! The concert wasn't that good, though. He was a bit absentminded and unconcentrated, forgetting lyrics a lot of kinda messing up. But it was still funny enough. Sadly, he didn't talk a lot but just got thru the set and was done with it. Felt a bit disappointing. Oh well, guess everyone can have an off day and for us it was still good. :)

Short break

I'm traveling to the UK for a short break and a visit to friends. Marianne is in Cambridge and Jelte's birthday is on July 4th. I'll be going to a Jack Johnson concert in the O2 arena, checking out London and Cambridge and generally meeting a lot of new people. :)

Concerts from Paradiso

I have been to a couple of concerts in Paradiso in November. I uploaded the pictures last weekend: Music- powered by SmugMug. Check them out if you like.
I also edited lots of videos had clogged up my disk, exported mp4 movies using iMovie on my MacMini and uploaded those, after which I deleted the 500 MB+ avi files. Check out the concerts of de Dijk and Kraak 'n Smaak. Both are from The Hague Jazz in May this year.

colbie caillat: Fallin' in Paris

Was going to see friends in Utrecht but thunderstorms and havoc on the train system changed our plans. Instead, we took the train to Amsterdam and - due to's event listing - were able to attend colbie caillat in Paradiso! she's a young and upcoming singer/songwriter, 24, really cute and sings beautifully while playing her acoustic guitar. Great show!

Parkpop - The Hague - 2009

Sunday, I was waking to a beautiful day. A friend dropped by, brought breakfast (!) and we headed to the Zuiderpark in Den Haag for the annual Parkpop . I hadn't gone since 2003, and it has been bad weather each year. This year it was gorgeous, good line-up, great company and a packed park! The Pretenders were great; Milow was wonderful; everything else I forgot! ;)

Update: VPRO has Milow's concert at Pinkpop 2009

Adam Beyer - DJ-set @ Awakenings Festival 2007

VPRO broadcaster has a recording of Adam Beyer's DJ-set @ Awakenings Festival 2007. :) Now if only I could find a way to download and store it... They have more sets too: also Steve Rachmad and Secret Cinema. (y)

Rose - live in 't Paard

After Stevie Ann's try out in Utrecht on May23rd, I just noticed Rose also has a try out. It's on May 10th, in 't Paard in Den Haag. B) Cool! Guess I'll take my fiancée there... hihi

Stevie Ann try out concert

Being fan of Stevie Ann ever since her 9 consecutive performances in Giel's morning rush radio show on 3FM, I jumped at the chance to attend her try out concert in Utrecht om May 23rd. Found 5 crazy people to join me... ;) Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Meanwhile, check out what Google has done to the chunky MySpace interface!!! For example with MySpace used to be chunky, jucky and filled with bad looking amateur html coding... no more, or so it seems. :respect:

Stevie Ann

I am a total fan of Stevie Ann ever since she appeared on Giel's 3FM radio show in the morning for maybe 9 Monday's in a row at 830am or so, singing Queen's "One Year of Love" every time in a slightly different version. It just blew me away, this girl, a guitar and this song. It's beautiful and she's brilliant. (y) :respect:

NLGD 2006 - Games in Concert

Last night, Martin and I went to the finals of the Dutch Gaming Days in Utrecht. They ended the week with a performance by the Dutch Metropol Orchestra conducted by Christopher Lennertz: Games in Concert. However, the music they performed was computer game music.
A few weeks ago we already listened to C64 music being performed by real people at the PICNIC'06 event, but this time it was all kinds of games music: Halo2, Medal of Honor, Curse of the Monkey Island, Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda and more. It was amazing. Sadly, I don't have any recordings but a national radio station, Radio 2, made recordings and the event was broadcast at 11pm last night, so there may be streams or recordings on the site of the radio station.

Long time, no blog

Oops, dunno what happened but I haven't blogged for like 3 weeks...! Psych! No particular reason either. Just didn't see anything worth blogging. I'm not on vacation. Not until end of August.
Anyway, July has been awesome so far! We have a heatwave here and temps have soared up to 30+ Celcius. Thank god we live in the Hague. The sea is only 20 min away. :) Most of Holland in on vacation and abroad, so traffic is down to a minimum. Of course, the government uses this time to do major roadwork and wreaks havoc in the most unlikely places. So people have been known to get stuck in traffic jams up to 20 miles long without water and airco. :( Not good.
I have been going Soomers as often as I can. :) It's always good to be there, chill, sunbath and relax. Great Summer! we try to take friends along whenever possible too. So if you feel like the beach, give us a call and we'll be there.
Went to Extrema Outdoor last weekend. Had a blast in the beautiful weather and the great s…

Happy Queen's Day!

Today, Holland celebrates "Koninginnedag", aka Queen's Day!
It's actually tomorrow, April 30th, but the Royal Family won't celebrate on a (religious) Sunday... :yawn: oh well, gotta respect that I guess. Doesn't make much of a difference anyway and it'll make getting up on Monday a lot easier! ;)
The Queen's birthday is neither today nor tomorrow... :confused: Her birthday is actually January 31st. :more confused: The Queen's mother's birthday is April 30th, so we celebrated it for years on this day. Since January is definitely not a good day for outdoor, open air festivals and parties, they decided to keep the national celebration on April 30th (for commercial reasons)! Gotta love it!
For Queen's Day, the Queen and her family travel to one or more villages in Holland, waving to everyone, doing ceremonial things and protocol blabla. Everywhere else, there are tons of free festivals, carnavals, concerts and dancathons. It's a big thing her…

D'Sound im Kölner Stadtgarten

Petra and I took the day off to have a break and listen to D'Sound in concert im Kölner Stadtgarten. We had a blast and wonderful evening. Thanks D'Sound for being in Cologne and signing all my CDs!

Theaters Diligentia & PePijn

In Barcelona, in our tapas bar "El Bitxo", we met these two women, Mied en Karin, who were killing time before their blues concert (DeeDee Bridgewater) in a near-by theater. One of them turned out to be kinda famous, but unknown to us three. She was playing in a national theatershow "Vrouw Holland" and said she'd love to meet us when they were in Den Haag... we didn't mind and were kinda curious too, so we said we'd meet them there. I just checked and found out that Vrouw Holland is playing Theater Diligentia next Friday! :) So I booked two tickets and we'll see! :D LOL
Mental note: must tell Marleen too!

D'sound in Kölner StadtGarten

Woohoo! My favorite band, D'Sound from Norway, has a new album: check "My Today" on CDON.COM.
And their site tells me they'll come to Germany for a concert in Cologne (Köln) on April 26th! In the Kölner StadtGarten! w00t!
"Oh honey...? Whatjar doing end of April...?" :)

Tiësto falling from grace?

TTDJ has a story about how DJ Magazine started bitching and complaining about Tiësto, after he won the 3rd title in a row for Best DJ of the World but cancelled their winners' party at the last moment. Appearantly, he wanted to practice and perfect a magic trick which he would perform the next day during the Tiësto in Concert show in Arnhem. However, DJ Mag was not amused!
Read the article for new British euphemisms!

Partyflock foto's van Tiësto in Concert

Pffew, PartyFlock isn't dead. That's what I get for getting up so early in the morning! All kinda things go wrong! LOL :D
Anyway, good news! PartyFlock is still up and running. Even better, they have wonderful pictures of last weekend's of Tiësto in Concert

Weekend well spent

Weekend well spent!
First, there was Tiësto in Concert, after spending the whole day redecorating. That was fun though. Isa, Rob, Heike, Michiel, Arjen and Petra and I took a day to break away as much of the house as possible, to prepare for the workmen coming this week and the following. Around 18:00, we called it a day, went home, showered and got dressed for Tiësto. :) The concert was better than last year, much better prepared and organized! Truely amazing! And he won Best DJ of the World, for the 3rd year in a row!!!

Tiësto in Concert in Arnhem

Last year, we were at the world's first. Of course, we also had to be there at the world's second and third concert by a single DJ in a football stadium!
Just got home from working in our new house. We had dinner in Leiden and took a shower. Now we're almost off to Arnhem to join friends for a night of dancing with Tiësto in Concert! Woohoo! :bounce:

Tiësto in Concert

Today, I got up at 830am to be first in line for the tickets for Tiësto in Concert. At 9am, the store owner had the machine all preset and pressed the connect button... a few minutes later we were told the sale didn't start until 10am. Duuh! I knew that! It was just too early to remember. LOL So at 10am I'm back and a couple of minutes later the proud owner of 2 tix! :bounce: Sadly, 5 minutes later my friend Martin calls me and tells me it is sold out. :shock: I run back to the store for him because I had no problems whatsoever, only to find myself at a loss when the lady tells me the tickets for Saturday are sold out!!! In 18 minutes... I quickly ask him if he'd like tickets for Friday, but he's unsure and needs to ask his (girl)friend. But that will prove to be too late too as 30 minutes later Friday is sold out too. :( Now we have a problem because we wanted to go together... Boohoo :'(