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Duty Calls

You may know that I love first person shooter games (FPS) such as Quake, Killzone, Call of Duty, etc. However awesome these games are, the story-line is basically always the same: the world is at threat, bad guys are powerful, they have massive weapons and are about to take over the world. It's all upon your shoulders now... Then they give you a gun and drop you in the game where the puzzle begins and the story unravels...

Duty Calls is a great, brilliant, creative parody on this type of games. Hilarious! 4 mins... check it you!

PlayStation Move: everything you ever wanted to know

While everyone agrees that motion controllers like the Wiimote make for a different level of gaming, no one has dared to compete. until now!

Engadget has everything you ever wanted to know about the PlayStation Move controller.

PS3 to integrate Facebook into next firmware update

With the PS3 heavily focused on gorgeous HD single player mayhem, the addition of Facebook to the PS3 may lift hard-core gamers out of their isolation. Now they can let everyone how long and what they've actually been playing. Great! No everyone has proof you have no life! :)
Of course, Sony had to do something after Microsoft stole the limelight with their Xbox360 announcements.

Home make-over

Well, Petra is gone. She moved out last weekend. The house is really empty even though most of the furniture is still here. It's weird. I guess the soul is gone or something. It feels chilly, lonely and cold. Most of the walls are empty and there is a lot of space suddenly.

It's not all bad though... I lost the Wii but gained a PS3. I lost the Ferguson Hill plexiglass speakers but gained a Logitech Z-5500 THX surround set-up. I lost analogue audio, gained Dolby Digital with fiber optical connections from both the PS3 and Mac Mini! Woohoo! Amazing!

I bought some cool wall art at Blik but sadly they're in back order and won't get here for a while. :( Oh well,can't win them all. I checked the local gardening center and found a ton of beautiful plants that I can use both in the scorching heat in the back window sill or the sunny, cooler front window. Now if I only found some nice pots to use. The window sills aren't very wide...

I also bought 2 great Wüsthoff chef kn…


Still not sure what the ps3mediaserver does. But I am intrigued. I think it is a server that the PS3 can scan for so that any media content you have lying around on your network (i.e. a Linux file server, a Windows desktop for you and your kids, your neighbours' servers, etc.) can be streamed, transcoded if needed and played back on your PS3. Why? I guess because you can and coz... why not?! :D

It connects directly to your iTunes and/or iPhoto collections... No more copying or transfer needed.

Metal Gear Online


Been playing this awesome game now for some time and while I always loved the Tom Clany's Rainbow Six genre, the MGS blows that out of the water. I needed a little more training though before I can go online... A LOT more training!

Playstation 3

Well, in order to celebrate my coming independence, I went out and bought a PS3! Sadly, they didn't have a 40 GB model any more. They're really easy to upgrade with any 2.5" laptop hard disk, so why bother with bigger Sony packages when you can do it yourself? I got Resistance 2 bundled, so I can play with Imro and got MGS4 for me.

I get a Full HD player, with the best Blu-ray player out there and gaming thrown in for free. w00t

T3: Blu-ray players review

My favo gadget magazine reviews 6 Blu-ray players. If you are thinking of buying a PS3, check this too.

Update: I bought the PS3 ;)

PS3 needs a price drop

I agree with T3 when they say that the PS3 needs a price drop. I just saw an add for the Xbox 360 for €149! :shock: The PS3 is still €350. I don't want to pay more than 300, tops! I know my friend Imro is waiting for me to buy one and I could, could I'm afraid it will cost me too much time or that I can't put in the time that I'd want to. In between work, life, wife, partying, Wii and cooking there simply isn't too much left. :(

R E V O L V: $15 Computer in India

Blogosphere is all hyped about these MIT students who are working on turning a $15 Computer in India into a more modern computer with Internet access. Check the picture book of what it looks like. Reminds me of my C64 days...

Commodore 64 users create perfect nerdstorm

There is always a bigger nerd somewhere else! :) But it takes a decent size nerd to appreciate this... ;)
Commodore 64 users have just that by creating the world's first Commodore 64 LAN party! rEALLY!
They hooked 8 C64s up with each other over an Ethernet connection and played NetRacer. :respect: (y)

Nintendo Wii

Petra bought us a Wii! We've been playing all weekend! She also got Rayman's Raving Rabbids! Soo funny and I just can't seem to milk any cows... go figure!

Home-made Wii-laptop

Guys at Engadget have been slaving over the Wii-laptop! It has a small 7" screen built-in (or should we say built-on?), stereo sound, a controller port and a power supply. They'll start a 3 episode HowTo next week... Coool

PlayStation 3 gets DIY upgrade

T3 shows how easy it is to upgrade the hard drive on the PS3. The replacement is a normal laptop-size disk you can by anywhere.
Check the T3 story PS3 gets DIY upgrade

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 launches for PS3

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 launches for PS3: "Good news for PS3 Linux enthusiasts and for the whole open source world.

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, Terra Soft?s next generation Linux operating system for Power will support PLAYSTATION 3, providing an end-user experience far surpassing previous versions. Through an aggressive, rapid co-development project conducted by Carsten Haitzler and the Enlightenment development team, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, built upon Fedora Core 5, now integrates the next generation ?E17? desktop in order to provide an unprecedented level of function and interface aesthetic. Designed for users of all ages and all levels of experience, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 is Terra Soft?s most advanced distribution to date."

Video of Fedora On PS3

Slashdot also reports a Slashdot | Video of Fedora On PS3. YellowDog Linux was supposed to run on the new playstation, but Fedora wasn't. Interesting, isn't it! :) It means you could actually make a useful computer out of the PS3 - apart from gaming of course, which is also useful and good for social skills, strategy and cooperation with other less fortunately people than yourself. :)

Sony details PlayStation 3

On the Register, there is a post that reveals the Sony PlayStation 3. :drool: So cool! B)

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)

The register has some fo the first design pictures of Sony's upcoming portable game console, much ike the Nokia n-Gage.
"Sony has already said that the PSP will be powered by a 90nm processor built from a MIPS 32-bit R4000 core. The chip will feature a SIMD vector processing engine along the lines of Intel's SSE 2 and PowerPC's AltiVec. It will feature 8MB of embedded memory clocked to 333MHz and operating at 1.2V. The memory bandwidth is quoted as 2.6GBps."

Sony PSP - portable playstation specs

ZDNET in Japan has specs of the new and upcoming portable game console from Sony, the Sony PSP. Teh Register has an English version.
Especially the hardware 3D graphics support is impressive, morphing and clipping support, a 256 bit bus with a whopping 5.3 GB/sec throughput!!! Amazing! I can't wait to see this little machine!