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Blik! Wall decals in my bedroom. I love looking at them. Especially in the morning when i wake up. I tried to stick them in natural pattern, as if they were just released. A few close and some distant because they got away a little sooner...

99 luft ballons

Finally put up the 99 Luft Ballons from Blik. If you'd like your own wall decals and live in EU, please Supernice in the UK. S&H is much cheaper. ;)

Life, love and their relationship to Lief

Thought of the text in June last year, had the sculpture made out of tin in October last year by Simone de Jong. Got it just after my bday but took until now to put it up. It was time...

My new bed!

Yay! Saturday I got my new bed from! Made to order, by hand, and customizable if needed. All solid cast-iron. It'll last 50 years easily, they said.
I got a standard "Brighton" model.
Now if I only were good at math... ;)

Update: I could have sworn we had two 90cm mattresses. Sadly they're only 80cm but the bed I bought is 2x90cm wide. Doh! Off to buy new mattresses I guess.

Restaurant Square

I will be a (part-time) chef again at Square in Den Haag at "het Plein", right in the backyard of the Dutch parliament. It's a nice place but management has its issues. They try though. So it's not the best places, but my old friends Daniel (chef), Deborah and Gio from Doen! are there and for 2 days it's good enough. Gonna work Thursday and Friday evenings. Busy times but that's what I want to learn anyway. The rhythm of the kitchen when the going gets tough, I can handle the rest. How do you optimize? Where to cut corners and where not (NOT the quality!).

Should be interesting and I'll be tired on the weekend again. But I can sleep in on Friday morning, so that's important. Yey!

CityDance Den Haag

Yesterday, after a long day of work on my aquarium, I treated myself to some dance music. There was a free festival on the Malieveld in Den Haag: CityDance Den Haag 2009, with Benny Rodriguez, Don Diablo and Dennis van der Geest, so I quickly changed and went there. Sadly, none of the people I knew in Den Haag responded to my call-for-company, but what the heck?! Dancing only requires one, the rest is optional. :)

Don Diablo, I discovered, is a house music genius similar to (but no where near) the original mixing genius Ben Liebrand. He mixes traditional songs from charts with house music and always in a way that is worth listening to. He does add value there. It is no longer the song, but different with a pleasant familiar ring to it. :) Granted, it's not always music you can still dance too - or it could be me - but it's good to hear. Sadly, his talents were wasted on the crowds because his trendy, hip sounds did not contain the minimum required bpm, where bpm > 130. :( Oh…

2nd annual World Photo Walk

Damn, I missed the 2nd Annual world photo walk here in The Hague. :( Would have been cool and great to meet some new interesting people. Bummer, what's her face!

Parkpop - The Hague - 2009

Sunday, I was waking to a beautiful day. A friend dropped by, brought breakfast (!) and we headed to the Zuiderpark in Den Haag for the annual Parkpop . I hadn't gone since 2003, and it has been bad weather each year. This year it was gorgeous, good line-up, great company and a packed park! The Pretenders were great; Milow was wonderful; everything else I forgot! ;)

Update: VPRO has Milow's concert at Pinkpop 2009


Finally bought myself a new bed. Petra took our other one but left me the mattresses. I've been sleeping on the floor since march, trying to find a decent new bed for some weeks. But everything seems a big square block with legs to stand on. So boring. I've always wanted an Auping bed, but they're a bit too modern for my house. Petra was right there, when she mentioned it. :) So we got a vintage-style bed back then. Now I'm hooked, thank you very much!

Fortunately, Slaapkamergeluk specializes in made-to-order cast-iron "Spijlenbedden", built in the traditional English cast-iron way guaranteed to last 30+ years. Looking forward to the arrival of mine in 4-5 weeks! :D

Sabrina Starke | Official website

Sabrina Starke... just a mental note here. She's performing in the Hague and I wanna check her out.

Restaurant Rousseau

After Cuba, I had decided to reserve a table for two at Restaurant Rousseau in Den Haag. As long as I've been here, I wanted to eat here. "As French as you can outside France!", they said. And they were right!

Sadly, shortly after I had made the reservation, Petra told me she wanted to divorce me. However, I could not move myself to cancel the reservation. Not after all this. So I wanted and thought and finally took an old girlfriend with me and treated her to a delicious evening of fine French food. My god, it was great! We had the menu gastonomique with 6 courses and it took almost 4 hours. But it was worth it! Highly recommended!

I left beachclub Doen! in October and started working for, a small privately owner cooking studio in The Hague. They needed people capable of entertaining people while they prepare their own (3-4 course) meals. :) So I wanted to try it. It's fun! A bit stressy from time to time, especially when I am not that familiar with the menus yet, but making sure everything goes right and people don't get stuck is fun.

What's also fun, is they have a new website! :) No, no involvement from me whatsoever. But I've already spotted a few minor things. I like the new site a lot though! Very snappy responds, nice design, warm colors.

Today is my first day at, a cozy cooking studio in the Houtrustkerk in Den Haag. It for groups of people who'd like to eat out but get involved too and exists for 8 years already, 3 years of which in the basement of a small community church. You pick a menu, maybe get a wine tasting as well and show up. I'll be one of the head chefs ;) who welcomes you, explains the deal, leads you to the cooking islands where all the necessary ingredients are already waiting for you and then I tell everyone how to start... It's great fun to cook as well as host!

Scallywags Lebanese-style

Last Thursday, petra and I went to Scallywags - the restaurant where Ahmad cooked for a few friends. He's from Lebanon and usually cooks in Scallywags Beirut, but now that he's in Den Haag, he was sharing his Lebanese cooking style with us. It was delicious! Totally different tastes, some familiar some new, but each equally tasty! As far as I am concerned, I could go for Lebanese cooking on a more regular basis... :)

Rose - live in 't Paard

After Stevie Ann's try out in Utrecht on May23rd, I just noticed Rose also has a try out. It's on May 10th, in 't Paard in Den Haag. B) Cool! Guess I'll take my fiancée there... hihi

Den Haag skate night

Just found out The Hague (Den Haag) has a fairly active skate night community too. Used to go skating to work back when I was living in Groningen. I joined their skate night too. Haven't been skating in years but this sounds like the perfect opportunity! Must get some new wheels and bearings though, their are kinda worn (to threads). :)
Check out the Skatetôg - Den Haag op rolletjes! website.

wedding rings

Saturday we picked up our wedding rings at Albert ten Cate juwelers in Loosduinen (The Hague). They are beautiful! White gold, slightly tainted with another metal to make them tougher and gain a particular shine. My ring are rounded whereas Petra's is more square. It just fits better to our hands that way. Petra has a picture on smugmug.

Ideas for wedding gifts

I've updated the gallery with examples of gifts as wedding presents. I had some images on my phone (N73) and finally configured Email properly, so... It also includes a picture of the Portazul shop in The Hague that has lot of stuff that we like.
The idea is to create a colorful dinner or breakfast table with different sets of two and each item would remind us the people who've given them to us. And white is too hard to keep separate. ;) So choose whatever you like, just get two of whatever...

New couch!

We bought a new couch two weeks ago! It's great. Tons of room to sit from now on. Had to rearrange the living room completely to make room for it, but it was worth it. Room seems less cluttered now and the couch is very comfy. Check out a picture I took in the store. I'll post a picture of our new room soon. ;)

update: new couch is shown here

Xmas days

Christmas was great this year! No family, no fuss, just us. :) Highly recommended. Screw them all and do what *you* want to.
Although plans were slightly altered when Petra's sister called us in panic about her relationship and we drove to Assen on the 23rd, Sunday we went to sauna Peize in Peize instead of Elysium in Bleiswijk. On Xmas day, Petra and I cooked our special dinner (with canard from my parents from France!) and all was well. Boxing day, Dec. 26th, we got up on time and cooked a dish for a Xmas lunch at friends from our Spinning "club" at Jack Slagman healthclub in Den Haag.