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Blik! Wall decals in my bedroom. I love looking at them. Especially in the morning when i wake up. I tried to stick them in natural pattern, as if they were just released. A few close and some distant because they got away a little sooner...

A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals

What happens when you create an online tool where you can only draw a line, create one original and then ask 500 people to retrace the trace of their immediate predecessor?

Sounds simple, right? Well check A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals on Vimeo and prepare to be shocked, stunned and amazed!?!

New template

After seeing it a while and from comments by others, I decided to change the template back to a less colorful and more peaceful combination. Hope this suits you all better too.

I also extended the number of tweets on the right a bit, so you'll have a slightly longer history there.

Slidy: PowerPoint Slides inside your browser

PowerPoint has a some things that are nice, but many people are terrible at handling all the fancy features and create behemoths of creativeness that are simply disgraceful to look at, let alone pay attention to. Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply make slides in a browser, preferably cross-browser and on mobile devices too, and get generic bullit or numbered lists, headings, simply builds and such?

That's just what Tim Berners_lee at the W3C did, when he built HTML Slidy. A light-weigth, cross-browser slide show presentation tool built using web standards XHTML and CSS. There is even a short howto on LinuxAndFriends. You can see an example there too.

Wall•E PC Case Mod

The Wall•E PC Case Mod is Simply Awesome! There really is nothing more to be said. It's genius, brilliance and love for design thrown in with cartoons, pixar and computers!

I left beachclub Doen! in October and started working for, a small privately owner cooking studio in The Hague. They needed people capable of entertaining people while they prepare their own (3-4 course) meals. :) So I wanted to try it. It's fun! A bit stressy from time to time, especially when I am not that familiar with the menus yet, but making sure everything goes right and people don't get stuck is fun.

What's also fun, is they have a new website! :) No, no involvement from me whatsoever. But I've already spotted a few minor things. I like the new site a lot though! Very snappy responds, nice design, warm colors.

Maps+Books mash-up: Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Readers can browse sample book pages and click on highlighted locations, which then display satellite images along with relevant info, audio or video. The developer says OnScene is the "bridge" between the novel and digital media. He hopes the convergence can capture a younger demographic of book worms...Or how about walking along the path of the book's prima character in historic novels?!? Da vinci code "walk-throughs" or Carcasonne and so on... genius!

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What's the latest CSS support in email clients?

Campaign Monitor posted results of their 2008 testing of CSS support in email clients. There's now 21 different sets of test results, covering both desktop and web based email clients. This information will definitely come in handy when deciding how to construct your templates. The article has a downloadable PDF as well as a web version.

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Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

Six Revisions has a really useful collection of Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Designers. I knew a couple of them already. I don't really need all the CS3 sheets, but the fonts sheets are really useful!

Single Serving Sites all the Rage?

Have you noticed there are more and more Single Serving Sites lately...? I did... WTF? Check out these B R I L L I A N T designs though!

John Nouanesing - Product Design

I found him from Digg for the Liquid Table he made, but John Nouanesing's designs are truly genius! Both funny or humoristic and usable, they are just what a trendy yuppie or rich nerd wants. And as a nerd, you can pretend you're actually very stylish. ;)

CSS: What MS fixed in IE7

IEBlog has a list of CSS changes for IE7. Good to know! :)

A List Apart: 12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards

ALA has a nice article for all those who would like to learn CSS and proper use of web standards: 12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards. Don't be mad! Be glad!

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

S5, by Eric Meyer, is an open source, open standards based way to make presentations. All XHTML and CSS. Ready-made templates, easy to use. And get a free printer-friendly version with anything you make... So cool!

CSS Generator Form

The gods from PositionIsEverything (PIE) have done what no one thought possible! They've created a CSS generator for 1, 2 or 3 column CSS designs for websites. :)
The Page Maker, by ClevaTreva Designs, is a great piece of programming and gives you working, cross-browser CSS designs that you tweak to your needs. It also works as a great teaching utility because you can play with it and the code it generates and teach yourself how CSS works. And coming from the PIE gods it means you learn it the right way! :respect: Highly recommended!


I may soon do a very cool project for a consumer electronics manufacturer. Internet content on household appliances. I'd be involved in XHTML/CSS stuff for browsers running on uClinux... so I'm reading up on my embedded books... The boxes will use a Sigma 8620 chip for media codecs, FYI.
/me grabs a copy, a bags of chips, coke and settles in a comfy chair

Blogger fixes weird lay-out problems of existing blogs

I noticed that Blogspot was doing weird things with my lay-out. As all markup is in CSS and *I* hadn't touched it, Blogger or BlogSpot must have changed something. Turns out I was right!
After adding image uploads for everybody, it seems the CSS was broken for some templates but they weren't sure which ones. There is a fix now posted.

Convert Image to CSS

Seeing is believing! You can actually Convert An Image to CSS. Go to the site, upload an image and sit back and be amazed!

WebDesign with CSS

Want to (re)design a websiteand use only CSS this time? But you're unsure if you can do what you want and if CSS can hack it? Check out this CSS Reboot Gallery, where pros show you what's possible and how it's done. Very cool! :respect:

Easy Menu - cross browser CSS menus

Thought I'd share this one with you...
If you *ever* need to make a website and you have the need for a menu (and who doesn't?), please do yourself a favor, don't waste time with anything else, not even your own learning experience! Just go and use: EasyMenu. It's free, XHTML/CSS based so it runs everywhere and it's extensively tested. See the site for details.
Remember: *don't* try anything, even for argument's sake, don't say I didn't warn you! (I know you'll try anyway. ;)