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Canon EOS 7D specs leaked

T3 reveals canon's latest DSLR digicam: Canon EOS 7D. 18 Mpx, DIGIC4 DSP and a huge 3" high res LCD plus HD video recording inherited from the 5D. :drool:
Maybe I can get it cheap in Singapore after all! ;) naah, just a nice 17-105 f2.8 L lens would do nicely

Update: DPReview has a hands-on preview and the cam will appear in late September for $1900. :)

Siemens achieves 107 Gb transmissions

Siemens announced that it has set a new network speed record, achieving a speed of 107 giga bits -- the equivalent of roughly two DVDs worth of data -- per second, two and a half times faster than the previous record. The test transmission was conducted on a 100-mile stretch of fiber-optic cable in the U.S. It also marks the first time such a test was performed outside of the laboratory.
With Germany laying a special national separate network for VDSL - and trying to legally void competitors on it - high-speed backbone connections will be needed. Siemens also claims to get these high speeds at much less complicated than before. Go Siemens!

G.992.5 - ADSL modems

I know you are probably never gonna need this, but if you do, it'll be critical. :) So just to prepare for that situation I blog this:
ITU G.992.1) describes Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Transceivers on a metallic twisted pair that allows high-speed data transmission between the Central Office (ATU-C) and the customer end remote terminal (ATU-R).
Then there is G.992.5 (PDF) which specifies ADSL2+ stuff. I told you, you'd never need it... ;) (But I will!)


Travelling finally caught up with me. Getting up at 6am every morning is not the worst part, but sitting in the train for 2 hours after an already looong day is just too much. Thankfully, through a friend from the KIVI Kring Den Haag, who's son has a bungelow near Eindhoven, I can rent the place until Christmas and save myself 4 hours of commuting back and forth. Pffew. Now I miss my girlfriend, of course. It's not that bad, but not having her around feels a bit empty... Oh well, no such thing as a free lunch I suppose.
I did get to sleep in until 7am this morning and made it to work by 8am. Just as I normally do. So that's good. Now if I could install satellite TV in the place and add a 4Mb DSL line, I'd be a happy camper... Literally! :)


I also keep checking Sjoerdski's blog but I guess his DSL is still not reactivated. Bummer, man! Hang in there... It's tough, no Net... :hug:

WiFi is in da house

Well, it's finally true: I'm WiFied! :)
My old DSL router died a few weeks ago. I wanted to buy a replacement but Holland had done that about 5 minutes before me. Shops were all out, so I ordered a Speedtouch 585 from a webshop. Got it a bit late :(, but worse, it also turned to out to be broke. So I sent it back, got a new one and set it up yesterday. Tonight, I switched on WiFi with WPA security. Now I just need to find a good place to put it, because I was sitting 3m from the damn base station and my connection dropped away every 5 minutes... Grrr
You *must* really use WPA, BTW, WEP encryption can be cracked in under 10 minutes these days. So if you have personal stuff on the network, use WPA. If not, don't bother with security at all! Let it roam!


Just a casual login on my DSL modem/router... and what do I see...?

Line Status Enabled
Bandwidth Up/Down (Kbit/sec) 512 / 3072
Uptime 7d 02:42

My XS4ALL subscription has been upgraded and my DSL speed has *doubled*! :shock: :bounce: :party:
/me jumps around the house, happy like a little kid that just got a toy

DSL router dead - long live DSL

For reasons unknown, my Alcatel Speedtouch 510 DSL router died last Thursday. It had been giving weird results for some weeks now, where the Ethernet interface would fail non-deterministically (i.e. now and then) and a little jiggling would help sometimes but not all of the times. I noticed the device was relatively hot near the power adapter.
Tonight, when I got home and noticed the flickering of the Ethernet light, I decided to unplug the power and let the router cool down a bit. Petra was coming home soon and would need the net to do research for her photography studies. Of course, thanks Mr. Murphy, when she got home and plugged the power back in... it never came back up. The power LED, which is supposed to turn orange and then green, stayed bright red. *insert military tribute tune here*
But this was a bit of a tragedy in disguise, or so I thought. I had been wanting to replace the router with a newer version that had 4 Ethernet ports and, preferrably, WiFi with WPA2 encryption bui…


Today I received my DIY DSL kit and decided to hook up the splitter already. Save me some time later and I could verify voice working properly. When I did (voice worked fine), I suddenly realized KPN probably already had piggy-backed the voice signal on the DSL signal. That means, however, that my modem would also get a clear dial-tone sice the splitter now split the signal correctly. So... I have dial-up access again! Woohoo! 48K access at the moment... Hmm, bit of a bummer somehow. ;)
However... I decided to check the status of my XS4ALL ADSL subscription online and 'lo and behold, it says the line is technically ready! :D That might mean that I might already perhaps maybe have a DSL signal too... Of course, login and subscription need to be activated, but you never know. Maybe 2005 brings some common-sense at KPN after all. ;) (Pun intended!) So I'm off shortly to check my DSL signal and account. TTYL...

Siemens achieves 360 Mbps on mobile data transfer

"On a test system, videos and music as well as a Microsoft NetMeeting conference were transmitted in wireless mode at data rates of up to 360 megabits per second (Mbps). This speed is around one hundred times faster than the fastest DSL connection available today. To also achieve these peak data rates for larger coverage areas, Siemens is the first company in the world to test a combination of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and the so-called multi-hop technology, a new infrastructure concept. The system was already tested successfully in a field trial in the center of Munich."

Donovan : Sexy, Sophisticated House Music from San Francisco

Yesterday, as I was looking some party images, I stumbled across this DJ Donovan from San Francisco. I noticed he had some sexy, groovy, deep house tracks on his site to listen to. Unfortunately, they were RealMedia streams, streamed from Groovefactory, an Internet radio station I used to listen to a while ago.
However, Donovan's sexy, soulfull, groovy deep house is something I wanted to have and to hold, in sickness and in health 'til death or a disk crash do us part. Not just listen to when I have my 2Mb DSL line there to please me. So... what now?
Well, I found HiDownload Lite (free for 30 days, more than I need ;) to download the streams for me. (I could have used winamp to do it for me but I was listening to mp3 and I didn't want to sit without music for 1+ hour plus.) Anyway, I downed 4 streams to RealMedia and used dBpowerAMP with the Real Alternative Codecs to convert the .rm into OggVorbis files! Presto! Smooth, crisp, clear steaming mp3 files for a sexy party...…

Cisco makes a new router with room to grow

"The CRS-1 Single-Shelf System consists of a single, 16-slot Line-Card Shelf with total switching capacity of 1.2 Tbps."
Yes, look again! That 1.2 terabits per second! 1200 gigabits or 1,200,000 megabits per second. My ADSL line has a down speed of 2 megabits per second. With this single machine, my provider KPN, could handle route and manage 600,000 DSL subscriptions from a single box!!! I don't think they have that many customers at all...! :D

Vroom, vroom, vrooooooooom

KPN, the network provider for ADSL by service provider XS4ALL, will once again increase access speeds while keeping prices the same! Woohoo! *insert Speedy Gonzales sound here*
On June 15th, at the latest, all upgrades should have taken places and work commences on May 24th. :respect:

Lamp Post Broadband

If you were on the road and wanted to check Email of some website, you can use GPRS or UMTS (real-soon-now). But what if some gasstation with a phone connection would simply get ADSL and put up a WiFi hotspot? Most new PDA, SmartPhones and laptops have WiFi built-in and older models can frequently be upgraded to use it. So you'd be set too, really quickly and very easily...
That's exactly what a UK company 'Last Mile Communications' must have thought. Lamppost Broadband will install 150,000 wireless transceivers in lamp posts and signs, offering 40Mbps data connections to customers.

Warriors of the Net

How does the Internet work? What are packets? What's a ping? What does a router do? How about a switch, what is the difference? These questions are answered in an award-winning movie called Warriors of the Net, made by Ericsson. It's a streaming movie, so you need a DSL or cable connection to view this properly. (The Dutch MPG is 121 MB and is used as a test for proper functioning broadband connections...)

DSL rulez

Can you say... 2 Megabit? Can you say 2048 Kilobit? Can you say de-groovy!!! :bounce: I am the proud owner of a 2 Mb/s downstream connection with my DSL from XS4ALL. (k) And to think that back in the days when I had my Venuslab, KPN Research paid some odd €40000 for this! :shock: tsk tsk tsk

Vroom, vroooom

KPN's ADSL site tells me that they're planning on upgrading the local switches in The Hague and Scheveningen on January 8th! Woohoo! 2 Mb/s here I come! (y)

Little gap...

Spend a few days away from home. Had to go to my sister's to fix their home networking. They'd installed wiring and outlets all around their house when they bought it and now that ADSL was working fine, they wanted to finally get it working everywhere too. So I bought an 8 port switch, moved some boxes to the wiring cabinet and had Internet all around the house in approx. 40 minutes! Easy as pie!
Too bad I forgot about the USB printer and Rob's laptop, that needed fixing. So I came back today and finished that off too. They now both have laptops ready to be plugged in somewhere in their house... Elise will love it because they don't need to be away from her when they want to check Email.
In between this, I went to my parents' house to help them hang up all the pictures and paintings. Over summer, the ground floor has been freshly painted again (after 20 years or so). Everything came down and now I helped them put them back up.

Life in the Fast Lane

ADSL is back up! Swoooosh!!! Yippee! Woohoo! Yeah! W00t! :D

National LambdaRail

We used to surf at 28K. Then came 33K and soon 56K. But we wanted more. Cable gave us 1, 2 and even 8Mb/s (8000K). But that bandwidth was shared with the rest of the street/block/area. So nerds chose xDSL. This started out at 1Mb/s but keeps getting faster by the week, it seems. :) (y)
So how fast is the network that connects all these big pipes of bandwidth that come into our home? Well, I remember back in 1998, 1999, Worldcom's backbone used to hum along at 625Mb/s over ATM lines. But somehow that seems to slow now. Luckily, the people of National LambdaRail agree with me and are working on a 400Gb/s network connecting the major universities across the US. The first 1000 miles or so completed. The rest will follow soon... :respect: