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Apple to block OSX installation on Intel Atom netbooks

Admit it: it was too good to be true. If you can install OSX on a cheap netbook and get a working Apple-like device, Steve (Jobs) is going to have something to say about this! And the more popular it gets, the more wide-spread, the more likely he'll hear about it. Duuh!

Still it's sad that Snow Leopard Update 10.6.2 Blocks Kills Hackintoshes. Of course you can still use an older 10.5.8 or 10.6.1 OS version, if you can get a hold of it (quick: rip your ISOs now while they last! I have one at home, BTW). But the EULA clearly states that you can't install the OS on any hardware not obtained through Apple. Hence the problem with Psystar and their attempts to simply offer consumers the possibility to make their own choice: accept the Apple lock-in or not and use the Rebel EFI tool to do what they wish to. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice!

Psst, here is an OSX netbook compatibility chart.

Amazon Kindle DX

I think this is only a hype in the US and UK. Here in the Netherlands mentioning the word "Kindle" resembles the Dutch word "kinder" too much and people think your drunk and talking about children ("kinderen").

I for one am excited about the Amazon Kindle DX. I think it is long overdue that we have a good, solid usable eBook reader that everyone can use. And loads of content for it. So my only gripe to Amazon is not enabling PDF on them? Thankfully, the DX solves this! :) Finally.

The Kindle is a bit larger than the Kindle 2, which was larger than the first one. (Eee PCs have the same things happening, spot a trend?) It has a comfy 9.7" screen at 1200x824 pixels, weighs 535 gr (just over a pound@454 gr) and can hold 3500 eBooks internally. Read T3 for more details.

Update: Video and the price $489 O_o

Google Android for netbooks - FAQ

Martin pointed me a while ago to people who've been getting netbooks (i.e. EEE PC, InspireOne, Wind, etc) running on Google's Android OS. It's a Linux core, so being able to run on the hardware Linux already runs on is not that big a deal.

However, their work indicated Google seems (it might) target netbooks actively, instead of just mobile phones. That is very interesting, especially seen in the light of recent developments in Server Based Computing (SBC), cloud computing, online storage and backup, Software as a Service, Google Chrome, Google Apps and so on. It suddenly really makes sense to have a versatile OS ready for as many platforms as you can fit!

Check out the FAQ about those Android netbooks.

Birthday presents!

I had one of the best birthday parties last night! Thanks to everyone who joined me! It was almost as I remember from university... Lots of people were there and not everyone knew each other. But it turned out great and I had a blast! I also got great gift, so that's even better! :)
Tried out my USB keys, to complement my Eee PC 900 and was slightly disappointed to note U3 is a Windows/Mac only thing. Not all is lost though, because Linux comes with a great many tools to do the same anyway. Would've just been easy. I'll use one 8 GB to store boot images, tools and more and brand one as my mobile office with Truecrypt, Email, firefox, Skype, Pidgin IM, FileZilla and more.
My parents and Isa gave me the DVDs to Armin's Imagine tour last April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht as well as the registration of the Elements of Life tour on Copenhagen! Wonderful! Awesome parties, still sad a missed the party in Copenhagen! Looks awesome!
Thanks also for the liquors, the monetary gifts,…


My like MiniMe is based on PCLinuxOS, fluxflux is also derived from the minimal PCLinuxOS desktop which is then completely and easily customizable to suit your taste.
Fluxflux is also custom built for the Eee PC, not only the 900 but also the older 2G/4G and the newer 1000H and so on. Highly recommended if you don't want to mess with settings, digging through Linux files and so on, like I did yesterday. I just got MiniMe working, except for the webcam now, but perhaps I'll give it a try later on.
BTW, ubootnetin rules when it comes to creating bootable USB or SD sticks and cards!

Installing Mini-Me to an eeePC 900

Well, I managed to install MiniMi just fine. Updated the madwifi driver and got connected to Internet easily. However, the updated kernel presented some troubles...

I kept getting "mount error 123" upon reboot, after installing the new kernel. It simply wouldn't boot from /dev/sda1. Tried Google and found only problems relating to SATA disks. Then, this morning, I remembered the HOWTO listing a config file that needed a switch removed... Right! RTFM Chris! INITRDOPTS must be empty in /etc/sysconfig/installkernel! Duuh! Reinstalled, the new kernel - again - edited the file and rebooted. Now DKMS is remaking all kinds of modules and it compiles just fine! Woohoo! Thanks!

Installing PCLinuxOS Mini-Me to an eeePC 900

As I am home alone today, I can nerd all I want with the heat turned dow to a comfortable 19&degree; Celsius, Trance & Techno & livesets blasting from the Mac Mini MediaPC and a pot of fresh espresso nearby! w00t

Decided to give the Mini-Me disto a try, as I read good things about it. Abusing Petra's USB Lipstick again as it is the only &$#%@& bootable USB stick in the house, I tried the Live OS and was amazed! It uses KDE but looks very crisp and clear and the OS is just blazing compared to Eeeubuntu I have been using the last week. :) Very pleased! So I am installing it, however MiniMe wouldn't start WiFi. On my netbook, that is a big Must Have so I checked Google and found Installing Mini-Me to an eeePC 900 (2.6.26 kernel - everything WORKING!!). I'll update here as I progress...

Update: Alright, now at my 3rd reinstall of minime. Got the WiFi working with madwifi update. Then enable the testing repo as well to get better support and install remaining …

USB Xubuntu 8.04.1

Using Petra's USB stick I was finally able to install Eeebuntu on my Eee PC. All the other USB drives had boot issues in that they simply wouldn't boot! Grrr
Eeebuntu is very nice on my Eee 900, although a bit sluggish. I'm also still unaccustomed to the interface, which I find a bit unintuitive.
That led me to check out other Linux distos for the Eee. I'm very keen to try Xubuntu 8.04.1 on the Eee. Xcfe is much lighter than GNOME and should perform snappier on the Eee. I'm also eager to try PCLinuxOS in the Minime version. That is based on Mandriva Linux, a stable and robust Linux version from France. But first I'll have to wait until, hopefully, I get a couple of decent USB drives for my birthday...

Amazon S3 - Busier Than Ever, Now Cheaper

Read on Don MacAskill's blog that Amazon S3 is now cheaper. That's cool because I've envisioned building myself an online-only model for all my computing needs using an Asus Eee 900 as the workstation. All files, photos, mails and music will be online. I had planned on using S3 in some way, perhaps for archiving, and Dropbox for another. SmugVault will be used for photo archiving. will handle all my music, in combination with the widget at home on iTunes, which will handles my library.

Five second boot mod for ASUS Eee PC

Intel engineers have modded the already modded Linux installation of the Eee PC! They managed a Five second boot mod! And that is all the way to an idle CPU and disk... O_o Wow!
It was so fast that the splash screen was removed. You probably couldn't see it anyway. LOL

Asus S101 Eee PC netbook details leaked

Just bought the Eee 900 when T3 tells me the S101 Eee PC netbook details were leaked. However, there's no confirmation yet.
I'm not too sad. The 900/901 are the perfect form factor. 9" screen is just big enough. Bigger means more more power, means heavier, means less battery life. 1024x600 resolution is fine for browsing. While the S101 looks cooler and is ultra thin, I'm fine with mine. Besides, all those features cost extra money and I'm not paying €500+ for a midget sized laptop. I can get a regular for that money!

Asus Eee PC 900

While at Correct in Rotterdam, saturday, I bought myself an Eee PC! W00t! Comes with Xandros Linux, uses KDE 3.4.2 for a very Windows-like appearance and boot incredibly fast! I liked the interface they made but hated that I can't change anything easily. So needless to say I'll be experimenting with various Linux distos to see which one suits me the best. :) (Because I can!) That's what I'll use unetbootin for... There even is a torrent out there with the WinXP image, if you like. Heard that is boots very fast too and works just great too, if you prefer Windows over Linux.
Check the Eee PC specs, if your curious. I wanted a 901 series, but they are hard to find here and would be overpriced. The 900 is sweet and small and works fine.

Dropbox: online storage for all your UMPCs and netbooks

As we move more and more files, pictures, content and so on online, having a netbook (Eee PC, Aspire one, Wind, etc.) becomes very handy. And USB disks are cheap and big. However, the worst thing for a hard disk is moving it. the 2nd worst thing is turning it off and on frequently. Yet that's what we do all the time when on the move.So enter DropBox: a 2 GB online folder that connects cross-platform to Apple OSX, Windows and Linux. And for $10/month you get 50 GB. Of course, Amazon S3 also does this but without the nice GUI. Read 'em and weep.

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Samsung makes fast, cheap, low-power 128 GB solid state disks

Apple lower's prices on the SSD add-on for its Air, Eee PC eyes adding an SSD, Vista enables the use of SSD as a cache... Meanwhile manufacturers are going through hoops to make faster, energyefficient SSD drives that can be cheaper yet bigger.
Samsung's latest and greatest sold state drives hold 64 GB and 128 GB and are 1.8" and 2.5" in size. These SATA II are cheaper than before and only use 0.5 W power when in use, while doing 90 MB/s reads and 70 MB/s writes! 256 GB capacity expected by year's end...