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My grandma

Sadly, on March 2nd, my grandma died at the age of 99. she had just had her birthday on January 9th. But despite her mind, her body was slowly giving in to her old age. She lost the ability to knit, make puzzles and read. So besides watching TV, all her favorite things had slipped away. My parents had brought her back to her own home, where they provided her with full-time care. She really wanted to be in her own house when time would come. And I'm glad for her that it did. No senseless suffering. She will be buried on March 6th in Rotterdam, next to her husband who's been waiting there for 25 years already.

Update: photos from the funeral

My grandfather's birthday

Today would have been my grandfather's 95th birthday. Sadly, he died last year. But to commemorate him and my grandmother, we're having a family day today because his bday would always bring the whole family together. And because we hardly see each other otherwise, we somewhat have settled on keeping the tradition alive, which I think is nice.

So here to my grandfather Opa Peper! Happy birthday!
I have some pictures of his 90's birthday on Smugmug...

Sealife Scheveningen

A short while ago, I went to Sealife in Scheveningen with Isa and Elise (Vincent had high fever so stayed at home) and Jason, Sharon and their kids: posted a few photos.

Happy birthday mom

Just a little "Happy Birthday" to my mom, how celebrates her birthday to day! Glad to hear they'll make it to my home for my birthday! :)

Culinary Antwerp

Went to Antwerp yesterday with friends and visited Culinair Antwerpen, also known as the "Bollekesfeest" after the shape of the official glas for De Koninck beer that is made here. Was a beautiful day with Michel, Marleen and Marianne. Thanks guys! My favorites were the mussels with a Ricard&cream sauce and the Poll Fabaire crémant from Luxembourg. Yummie!

Uploaded a few early photos to my smug. More to follow.


At the "Bollekesfeest" in Antwerp, aka "Culinair Antwerpen", yesterday with Marleen, Michel and Marianne, we got a delicious bottle of bubbles: Crémants de POLL-FABAIRE from Luxemburg! Yummie! And you can buy them online. I recommend the Brut! Made from Pinot Blanc grapes, just like my favorite champagne: Dampierre! But that costs as much per bottle as a whole case of the Crémant!!!

Candid video of parents' anniversary

I was taking pictures during my parents' anniversary but also talking to everyone and presenting them with their present. After taking a few pictures, I thought I'd turned off the camera but actually switched it to video (I'm guessing here). I then proceeded to give a speech and present my parents with their present, not knowing I waa recording the whole thing.

What you get is a candid video of my parents getting their present and me trying to be witty, funny and showing off my language skills. :)

Mosaic arrived!

Just in time for my parents to see it, the Plexiphoto print of the mosaic was delivered yesterday and maybe even take it with them! If not, Isa or I will take it when we go down to visit this Summer.

Pictures from 45th wedding anniversary

I've upload the pictures of my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary.

Photo Mosaic

Last weekend, my sister Isabelle and I gave a surprise party for my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. We invited all kinds of friends and family with whom they had shared these last 45 years. As a present, we decided to ask everyone for 10 or so digital pictures of themselves, with or without my parents. Something typical or noteworthy by which they are recognizable and can be remembered. Using these pictures, I needed to have at least 750 or so, I created a mosaic for them, showing that you can't live without friends.

The mosaic was created using MozoDojo on my MacMini and printed on Plexiglas by, a young dutch start-up specializing in these high-quality (Lambda) prints. The Plexiglas captures the light and makes the prints very vibrant.

The final photo was created using 880 local images to form a mosaic of 2200 tiles (50x44). The total mosaic was 7874 px wide and 5198 px high. Since it was printed at 200 dpi, the resulting print would measure 100cm horizontal…

Microsoft's Project Natal: full-body motion sensing

E3 is stirring up major gaming news and hypes. One of the hypes is Microsoft's Xbox 360 future enhancement in the form of full-body motion sensing, facial and voice recognition and controller-less gaming for the entire family (or dorm). BTW, the video is a mock-up. The project is real though, check the Natal home page.

Update: A real video (AFAIK) and background from

WordPress and the P2 Theme: Blogging in Realtime

When people don't know why to use Twitter but they do understand IRC, IM or SMS, tell them to watch this video of the WordPress P2 Theme on

Basically, you can build your own *internal* "Twitter-like" website aka blog for your group of friends, colleagues, family or club, whenever you like, wherever you like. No need to go public. No need to risk your security on IRC channels. All you need is a {LAMP,WAMP} server, WordPress and the P2 theme.

And if you don't know why (except not counting "because you can"), read Matt's blog about how P2 changed the way they worked at Automattic.

Update: forgot link to Matt's story
Update2: My friends MrVanes is thinking of a similar thing using Jabber, IM clients, Twitter and TwitterSpy. More when he's ready :)

Cemetary Oud Kralingen

My grandfather will be buried on Tuesday, 2pm, on the Begraafplaats Oud Kralingen. It is a really old burial site belonging to the former village of Kralingen, originating in 1550. It's now part of the greater Rotterdam area.

Tilt Shift Cameras and Lenses

A posting on Pownce today started this venture into "tilt-shift camera" techniques. A selective blurring of the scene, controlling the depth of field as well as the plane of focus, to guide the eye where you want to go. At the same time, pictures get the sense of being miniature photos. The shift of focus and the plane of focus, mimic what we often see in macro photography. So we think they're miniatures.
Anyway, turns out Nikon invented it for its SLRs in the 60s (!) and Canon followed in 73. O_O It's ancient! Not old, but ancient, antique! So I'm shocked to find this whole wikipedia page on it with a link to Vincent Laforet who did a great piece on this for the New York Times. :) Cool!

Opa Peper dying

After 94 years and shortly after their 67th (!) marriage anniversary on Sept 11th, my grandfather is in the hospital of which he won't be released alive. He seems to want to die as they found him on the floor last weekend, severely dehydrated and malnourished. It seemed to refused to eat or drink. After the weekend they took him off of life support, medication and IVs leaving only morphine against the pain. He has tons of tumors all over his body.
Everyone has been to visit him, even my father who was plagued by strikes in Belgium and France. So now he can hopefully accept the idea and let go. My grandmother came in on Sunday one last time. My uncle took this picture of them holding hands one last time...
/me chokes up

Smugmug, Canon and bad press

Read Don MacAskill's blog about what he did for Vincent LaForet and his independent HF film that he made for Canon with their new 5D MkII. The film is amazing. the behind the scenes footage is cool and the camera is truly amazing! I wish I had the extra cash! :)
But then read Don's follow-up posting about Canon pulling the goodwill generated by Smugmug back and how it seems some people over at Canon have their heads screwed on the wrong way. Like Don, I don't understand but I only hope there is a good reason...

WALL-E teasers, featurettes and previews

Dave's Trailer Page has a ton of WALL-E material now that Pixar's latest has been released in the US. I have to wait another month, not quite, before it's coming out here in the Netherlands. But meanwhile I truly enjoy the sneak peeks I get! Brilliant movie!
Marleen found me WALL-E ringtones too... hilarious! Thnx Mleen!

We Ski for Wii

I thought the "Family Ski" aka "We Ski" wouldn't come out until the Fall, but it's actually coming out a week from now. :) GameSpot has a load of screenshots, game play videos and articles about Nintendo's latest skiing game for the Wii. Oh and it will be compatible with the Wii Fit's balance board... like it's not hard enough to ski already... ;)

Nintendo Family Ski for the Wii

Just in time for the... Summer, Nintendo will release Family Ski in June. Sounds interesting! I like SSX Blur but it was a bit dated in a first-generation game kinda way. Any trailers yet...?
/me looks

Mother-in-law passed away

Saturday morning, around 430 AM my mother-in-law passed away after a long period of slow regress from her cancer disease. In the end it was enough after all. She will be much missed and will always in our minds. I'm thankful that she got to attend our wedding in France in June.
Thanks to all my friends who were there when I got the news: Jan Willem, Astrid, Martin, Sjoerd, Mirel, Sander and Caro. It meant a lot to me.

Update: Funeral pictures from that day are online