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Maffrecourt 2011

I spent a few days around Easter away in the Champagne area. The Manoir de Maffrecourt was our place of residence for 3 days. It have always wanted to visit the area this time of year for it's splendid scenery, views and colors. And of course the Champagne!

The Maffrecourt 2011 gallery holds my mobile pictures and is now also updated with my DSLR pics.

Update: Added 100 pics from DSLR to gallery.

Internship at les deux lacs

Well, my internship at restaurant des Deux Lacs (formerly known as "restaurant les Deux Lacs") turned into a little vacation as well. That is both good and bad. I had hoped to work full-time in a restaurant learn from that what it would like to have a place of my own. I know it'll be hard, but how hard? I know I will be tired but how tired? I expect a lot of things to have to deal with, but what exactly?

I learned some but not all of these things. I had a great time! I worked 4 days straight and was beat when they themselves went on their first vacation in 3 years. :) That gave me a pretty good indication of 'how tired exactly?'. :) The chef, Frédéric and his girlfriend, Magalie, and I got along great. Especially considering we'd only met briefly in May and for a second during times I'd had dinner there before. Fred and I worked well together as if we'd been working together for ages. I went shopping with him, something I love and he hates, so it was …

Condat 2010

Spent a brief weekend at my parents', trying to arrange a two week internship at a local restaurant. I managed to arrange restaurant les deux lacs to take me in, one of my parents' favorite restaurants. I think that instead of interning one week at two places, I'd rather spent two weeks in one place. I think that's more effective. I can always go back next year and try a different place.

While there I had great food and nature was amazing. It had rained a lot in the weeks before, but when I got there it was 30&degree; Celsius and hot. Life had exploded and everything was growing and blooming. Gorgeous!

Dream job

Today, I found my dream job (sorry, in Dutch only): chef in château Les Merles. *sigh*
15 points on GaultMillau scale (out of 20), dependable 35-45 guests year-around with peak to 55-80 in Summer. Situated in the Sud-Ouest of France (best culinary region according to the French) and near my parents. The place has a restaurant, a bistro, hotel, beds, sunny terras, country-side, golf, wellness, in short: the works. Now about my resumé, did I mention I've worked in a kitchen for, uhm, 3 years...?

Fais Moi Une Place

Fais-moi une place
Au fond d' ta bulle
Et si j' t'agace
Si j'suis trop nul
Je deviendrai
Tout pâle, tout muet, tout p'tit
Pour que tu m'oublies

Fais-moi une place
Au fond d' ton cœur
Pour que j' t'embrasse
Lorsque tu pleures
Je deviendrai
Tout fou, tout clown, gentil
Pour qu' tu souries

J' veux q' t'aies jamais mal
Q' t'aies jamais froid
Et tout m'est égal
Tout, à part toi
Je t'aime

Fais-moi une place
Dans ton av'nir
Pour que j'ressasse
Moins mes souvenirs
Je s'rais jamais
Eteint hautain lointain
Pour qu'tu sois bien

Fais-moi une place
Dans tes urgences
Dans tes audaces
Dans ta confiance
Je s'rai jamais
Distant, distrait, cruel
Pour q' tu sois belle

J' veux pas q' tu t'ennuies
J' veux pas q' t'aies peur
J' voudrais q' tu oublies
L' goût du malheur
Je t'aime

Une petite place
Ici, maintenant
Car le temps passe
À pas d' géant
Je me ferai
Tout neuf, tout beau, tout ça...
Pour être à toi

Give me a pl…

Vacation photos

I finally uploaded photos from my vacation in Cuba as well as Val Thorens. Please check SmugMug, if interested. Photos from Cuba have been split in 13 galleries separated by city or place. Otherwise there would simply be too many. Petra and Jans have more, but protected.

Update: Ironically, this was the day when the divorce was granted by the judges.

Time to leave

Had a great week in val thorens. Weather gave a lot of fresh snow but also bad visibility. But it was alright and better than no snow! Now it's time to pack and clean up and return. I'll have photos later.:)

heavy snow

It's been snowing all day! Went out for a couple of quick turns this morning but had to quit. Ice storm and no sight whatsoever. Too bad. So we stayed indoor after lunch, played board games or took naps, read books and so on. After diner we all watched a dvd. It's still snowing lightly as we're all going to bed now.
I'm okay but i am so lonely and sad. I miss her badly but i also don't want it to spoil everything...


After 2 days of fine plenty snow but kinda hard, today we woke up to a snow storm! About 3 or 4 fresh inches. W00t! Thought we were gonna stay in today but it is too good to let in by unnoticed. So we are heading out to test the waters.:)

val thorens by night


val thorens

Had a bad day yesterday but skiing went well. Went to bed early last night and slept find for the first time in a while. So today i'm feeling better and the place looks fine. This area makes for great skiing but boarding is bit less as there is no powder left. Oh well

Overview of our Wedding Day

Petra has spend the last 2 weeks selecting, sorting and editing through all of the 1500+ photos that we have of our wedding day! I really really appreciate that, as it was one hell of a job. The result will also be enjoyable in the form of a DVD of 10-12 minutes, but in case you see yourself and want to get it, we have uploaded small versions of the final 300 images that provide an overview of our wedding day.
Apologies for anyone not in these pictures. It's not personal. But we only chose the best pictures (and many were not in focus!) that also contributed to the overall impression.

Update: Wedding photos by Josée, Marleen, Sjoerd, my honeymoon pics, Willy, Jans, Richard (bridal shoot), Suzanne, Martin

Update2: Marleen's photos from March when we went to Fumel to register

Update3: Sjoerd has pics from my bachelor party, Marleen from Petra's hen party

Update4: Petra's edited and sorted photos from the whole weekend

Update5: My sister Isabelle has a bunch of photos too

Pictures of Michiel and Molina

I've uploaded about 100 pictures of Michiel and Molina's wedding...

Wedding Michiel at Château de Chaâlis

Last weekend we were in Paris... again. Well, near Paris, actually. Michiel and Molina celebrated their wedding in a (Dutch-owned and renovated) Château de Chaâlis with about 200 guests, family and friends. Impressive! Molina is from Cambodia and they met in Chicago while both were on a business for Accenture.
We drove down to Varreddes on Friday evening. The wedding ceremony - all in old tradition - was on Saturday morning at 9am. :yawn: It was very elaborate and lengthy. But old traditions take time. They brought gifts to ask Molina's parents for permission and convince them Michiel is a good candidate. Then they had gifts for both parents to ask them forgiveness of their past foolishness. They had gifts for the educator too, who gave them their knowledge and intelligence. :) They fended off ghosts, evil spirits and got the blessing from 7 long-time married couples who represent good fortune. All in all took until 3pm (!) before they were finally married. :) We had food in betwee…

My Official Wedding Pictures

Richard made excellent photos at our wedding and Petra edited them magnificently in Photoshop (very little work needed). So with pride I can say that my wife has uploaded our wedding pictures to smugmug. :)

Wedding pictures

Josée has uploaded a ton of pictures from our wedding in France... 189 in total! Very very good to see it all again, as the whole day kinda went by in a rush and I had no idea what happened, really.
There are links to many people's photos on our wedding website: Heureux Hasard (access code needed).

Update: site is offline

Photos from Paris trip

The photos from our two days in Paris with Ed and Annette are online. :) Enough memories to last me years! We had a great time, Ed, Annette. Can't wait to see you again! :hug:

Marleen's wedding pictures

My sister in-law Marleen ;) has already uploaded her pictures from the wedding to smugmug.
Petra and I have been busy sifting through 1200+ pictures during the honeymoon and are down to 600+ by now. But it's not ready to be published yet, according to Petra. :)

My wedding day

We woke up at 830 to a beautiful day: sunny and warm. Petra had already been awake a while. She was restless. Hihi At 9 breakfast was delivered: croissants, tea, coffee and juice. Wonderful! While petra had partially dressed and ready for makeup and hair, i zapped tv channels and listened to mp3s. Haha. Marleen picked petra up right on schedule, so now i have an hour to kill before i need to get dressed and pick up the flower bouquet.:)

Paris Cemetery - Père Lachaise

While in Paris with Ed and Annette, we visited the famous Paris cemetery Père Lachaise...