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Vector TDx: Level 45 is the end

A random Google search showed me that Level 45 is the maximum you can reach in Vector TDx, the game ended up playing heavily over Xmas... level 37 seems a natural barrier but with a little help from an editor...

Pixar's inside-jokes and cameos

I've often thought I saw something familiar in some Pixar movies such as Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Ratatouille and others. It turns out I was right!
Pixar regularly gives objects from its movies cameos in following productions. However, I had NO IDEA how often and regularly! Read Jim Hill's thorough analysis of Pixar's movies and pay respect to someone who is either crazily precise or watches WAY to many Pixar movies! :)

Overview of our Wedding Day

Petra has spend the last 2 weeks selecting, sorting and editing through all of the 1500+ photos that we have of our wedding day! I really really appreciate that, as it was one hell of a job. The result will also be enjoyable in the form of a DVD of 10-12 minutes, but in case you see yourself and want to get it, we have uploaded small versions of the final 300 images that provide an overview of our wedding day.
Apologies for anyone not in these pictures. It's not personal. But we only chose the best pictures (and many were not in focus!) that also contributed to the overall impression.

Update: Wedding photos by Josée, Marleen, Sjoerd, my honeymoon pics, Willy, Jans, Richard (bridal shoot), Suzanne, Martin

Update2: Marleen's photos from March when we went to Fumel to register

Update3: Sjoerd has pics from my bachelor party, Marleen from Petra's hen party

Update4: Petra's edited and sorted photos from the whole weekend

Update5: My sister Isabelle has a bunch of photos too

My Official Wedding Pictures

Richard made excellent photos at our wedding and Petra edited them magnificently in Photoshop (very little work needed). So with pride I can say that my wife has uploaded our wedding pictures to smugmug. :)

Wedding pictures

Josée has uploaded a ton of pictures from our wedding in France... 189 in total! Very very good to see it all again, as the whole day kinda went by in a rush and I had no idea what happened, really.
There are links to many people's photos on our wedding website: Heureux Hasard (access code needed).

Update: site is offline

Marleen's wedding pictures

My sister in-law Marleen ;) has already uploaded her pictures from the wedding to smugmug.
Petra and I have been busy sifting through 1200+ pictures during the honeymoon and are down to 600+ by now. But it's not ready to be published yet, according to Petra. :)

My wedding day

We woke up at 830 to a beautiful day: sunny and warm. Petra had already been awake a while. She was restless. Hihi At 9 breakfast was delivered: croissants, tea, coffee and juice. Wonderful! While petra had partially dressed and ready for makeup and hair, i zapped tv channels and listened to mp3s. Haha. Marleen picked petra up right on schedule, so now i have an hour to kill before i need to get dressed and pick up the flower bouquet.:)

16 more hours until the wedding

So much has happened in the last few days... Preparations, checks and final checks. My dad, petra and i have been busy with last minute details. Mostly petra and my dad... Today our guests arrived in france and we had a bbq with those staying in the chalets and a happy hour with those staying in la source blue. I'm beat. We're off to bed and will get breakfast in bed tomorrow at 9. In a few hours actually.:)

Heureux hasard - Petra and Christian get married

A month from today, Petra and I will get married. Can't believe how quickly time flies. Almost everything is settled now, only minor things left to do. My parents are taking care of many things for us, so it very easy for us so far. They are in Bussum now, visiting, taking care of legal things and picking up my grandmother for the wedding already. Once they are back, they'll book the wedding car, check reservations, etc. And on June 2nd, Petra and I drive down to Paris to met Ed and Annette, visit Paris and catch up and drive down to Fumel together. Hopefully, it's an Heureux hasard (Serendipity). :D

wedding rings

Saturday we picked up our wedding rings at Albert ten Cate juwelers in Loosduinen (The Hague). They are beautiful! White gold, slightly tainted with another metal to make them tougher and gain a particular shine. My ring are rounded whereas Petra's is more square. It just fits better to our hands that way. Petra has a picture on smugmug.

Engagement photos

Forgot that marleen had taken photos in France, 2 weeks ago, when Petra and I officially signed our engagement form. Check out Marleen's gallery of Fumel and our preparations...

la source bleue

Almost all is settled now. Hotels are booked. Wines chosen. Menu arranged. Desserts selected. Band has been met but final choice will be made later. Wedding cake will be layers and chocolate. Hair stylist etc has been chosen and so on. Pfew. Tomorrow still leaves a car to be checked and big lunch until we take a flight back at 5pm.

wedding is now official

Petra and I went to cityhall yesterday, in fumel, and officially registered to be married on june 9th in france. So there is no way back anymore. Well... No easy way at least!

Heureux hasard - Petra en Christian gaan trouwen in Frankrijk

Little update for my US friends... Although I hear Babelfish is a patient partner. :)
We've booked La source bleue for the dinner and buffet. So that's settled. We also made reservations for everyone who's indicated they'd want to stay there as well. There are still some rooms, I believe, but we've got a large part of them already. So...
Petra and I are going to Fumel on March 1st again and take care of the details, register in the city, take a doctor's exam (really), choose a cake, taste wines and champagne, pick flowers, try out an old Cadillac my dad found and so on. Lots of little details and a few major items. Nothing out of the ordinary, though, and we'll be busy beavers. A big thanks to my dad for helping out, actively searching and more. :hug:

Updated tips for the area on our wedding site

I updated and expanded the list of tips in the area of our wedding, in case you decide to stay a few days longer and take a little vacation or break. I tied to add Google Maps routes to all places so can get an ideas of distances.

Invitations for our wedding soon

With our website ready, the reservation form working and the blog up and running, it will not be long until we send out our official wedding invitations! :) I really can't wait for the day! I'm sooo excited and am really looking forward to the day and the party! :)

Anyway, the official date is going to be: Saturday afternoon on June 9th, 2007 16:00 hrs (aka 4pm) in Fumel, France.

Heureux Hasard - Serendipity

Over Xmas and New Year, Petra and I designed and implemented our wedding website. Access is limited through password access for those invited. We may move the blog into the public area, but this is a start. The site is not completely done yet.

After Xmas, on the way back in the car from Assen, we brainstormed for titles and at home we narrowed it down to a short list. In the end, we chose for "Heureux Hasard". It is French for "Serendipity" and the meaning is much easier derived from the French name than the English. It stands for a happy accidental occasion. A fortunate event that happened by accident. :) "A Cold Day in Hell" didn't even make it to the long list... ;)

Official wedding date

Well, it's official! My dad made registrations for us on Saturday, June 9th 2007 at 4pm in Ville de Fumel. :)
Start planning and packing! I know we are. There is lots to do or see in the area, so a (short) vacation following our wedding weekend is easy to do. Toulouse airport is closeby and there are tranfers all over.

Marriage in France

Just got back from a short stay in France with my parents. We figured we'd need to go there asap and check things out: the rules, cityhall, legal papers, places to get married, hotels to stay in, things to do and where friends and family can spend their time while we... get married. :)
So we did and ran around Fumel, Condat, Villeneuve sur Lot, Montrayal and many other little villages in the area.
Trouwen in Frankrijk?


Last week, Petra, my sister, my neice and I went to visit my parents in France. They recently bought a cute little summer house in Condat, just 60 km South of Cahors, near Fumel. We helped fix up the place, sand, paint, the garden, etc. At the end of the week, I made a few pictures to show what the results are... ;)