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Het dak van Rotterdam - Rotterdam's Roofs

Het dak van Rotterdam is a site by a specialized photographer making 360 degree panorama shots. The site has been around for a while but totally revamped and redesigned. It is now in a breathtaking design in Flash, I know, but it is totally usable! You've got to take a look!

KIWI&POM - Disco Chair

The KIWI&POM - Disco Chair is a cool, awesome, pretty and highly annoying chair in one.

Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

cuboro: wooden marble track system

Remember when you were a kid and you created marble tracks? Either in sand or using your matchbox road tracks? Or maybe you did like me and glue pieces of cardboard onto sheets of old wallpaper hanging from the ceiling to make huge marble tracks? No?!? Sure you did!

Either way, now is the time to catch up on lost/refound hobbies using the wooden marble track system from Cuboro. This swiss company makes 3D cubes with parts of tracks or tunnels cut out and you can use them - in a 3D kinda way - to create anything you can image. :) Sooo cool, not cheap, but sooo cool! They even have a webkit in Flash where you can sample, try out and get inspired from various tracks and see what the possibilities are. Needless so they, they are endless. Combine all the cubes in (5/6)! factorials using 3D assemblies to go even further, the Mathematics quickly require a super computer just to hold on. :) Awesome!

ASCII Flow Diagram Tool

Sometimes you want to draw a simple ASCII Flow Diagram Tool in your Email or so. Now you can!

Real-life Angry Birds

T-Mobile created a huge Real-life Angry Birds in Barcelona. Watch and be amazed! Sooo much more fun!

Lego Super-8 Video Projector

A guy in Germany has built a super-8 video projector from Technic Lego!

Prank on Belgian Mobistar Telco

The Belgian TV pulled a GREAT stunt on Belgian Telco Mobistar. They dumped a container at 5am in front of their main gate and waited. Their phone number was posted on the side of the container and inside was a team of 4 people who pretended to work in a call center for the container company. Surely, very quickly someone from Mobistar security called the posted number and then the fun began to see who long they could keep the fellow on hold and send around the company from "reception" to "invoices" to "shipping" to "claims" and finally to the "CEO". Brilliant!

Watch on YouTube Prank on a Belgian call center (with captions in English)


Really everything you've always wondered about The SNEEZE.

Wonderful, clearly writing and illustrated blog on sneezing in humans and (small) animals. :) The elefant baby is too cute!


Minecraft is a game, ifyou will, where you build content - gardens, houses, castles, ocean ships, rockets - and other people can walk through it. I believe the object is staying alive, as you may die and other people steal something. Sounds a bit like RPG games, role playing, but different. Reminds me a lot of Alphaworld way back in 1995, Second Life, not too long ago, World of Warcraft but friendlier and Fallout.
But some people take constructing very seriously: There is a guy who built the Star Trek Enterprise on a 1:1 scale, a working (!) 8 bit computer and Planet Earth itself. Still haven't figured out if I like it or not, I am just glad the graphics are so simple that anyone can play it 24 hrs a day, because it will run easily on modern smartphones :)

4D projection aka Video Mapping or Skinning

Was just pointed to a cool 4D promo for Ralph Lauren on their building in NY. But it reminded me of a celebration for Histor paints on the building of the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam, which in turn reminded of a snow flake projection on the Amstel hotel in Amsterdam.

It seems this is a cool new trend now. "Urban projections" of video mapping or skinning. There actually at least 3 Dutch companies involved: ACS AV and Climat Control AV, as well Livetime.

How To Make Your Own Glowsticks

How To Make Your Own Glowsticks is a really simple, 8 minute, easy to follow and amazingly effective way to make chemiluminescent liquids. Great for parties, impress the neighborhood kids or just have loads of fun!

Printer made of Lego™

Someone, who's is my next hero, has made a computer printer out of Lego! Granted, it takes a little while longer than a 60 ppm B&W model from HP, but nothing is as cool as this. Because you can!

Aquascript writes with water

Aquascript is a way to write text in the air using water. Like dancing waters to music, sort of, but Aquascript drops down water from jets and writes words in the air that way.

Don't believe me, don't understand or just skeptical? Check out this promotion for safe drinking water done in Paris last March using Aquascript:

Telling your ex the truth

Here is a great way to telling your ex how you feel... :D
Brilliant! ROFLMAO what in the hell did those cats have to fight about, and did the black one get away?! :) ROFL

Divorce can be funny

Just browsing Dave's Trailer Page and ran into 2 trailers right after each other that made me think "Uh Petra should watch this." followed by "Uh! I so need to watch that!"
What am I talking about, check out the trailers for "The Back-Up Plan" (48 MB, hers) and "The Bounty Hunter" (50 MB his). ROFLMAO Just glad I didn't lose my sense of humor in the divorce :P

Live Downhill Tetris

A bunch of skaters created a live video game in SF last Fall.
Using neon signs attached to their bodies, they freeborded (a type of skateboard) downhill in San Francisco. From above it looked like the Tetris game.
Check it out!

Okay I Love you Bye Bye

Ah good memories! The Animaniacs! ROFL
Okay I Love you Bye Bye I should try and find all those episodes on DVD somewhere... I love cartoons!

LuminoGlow - Lingerie that Glows in the Dark

And now for something completely different: LuminoGlow, Lingerie that Glows in the Dark. ROFL But it is true. The lingerie is actually not bad at all, reminds me of basic Chantelle or Hunkemöller lines. Basic but nice and feminine. And no, I do not need any help finding a female body in the dark. But the thought is appreciated!

World of Goo Creators Try Pick-Your-Price Experiment

What would people pay for a game that normally sells at $20 if they're given the choice to choose their own price?
That's what World of Goo creators decided to try for the celebration of their one year anniversary. :) Turns out, the average price was $2.03 for 57000 games sold. 12% said they were paying the amount because they already owned the game and wanted to get it for a new platform. World of Goo runs on OSX, Windows and Linux, BTW. The opportunity is extended until October 25th, so hurry while supplies last!


Who needs a boat will from here on be answered: WHY. :) And why? Because you can!

Check out this amazing yacht that will cost €60-100 million. O_o