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KIWI&POM - Disco Chair

The KIWI&POM - Disco Chair is a cool, awesome, pretty and highly annoying chair in one.

Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

designspray - sonic chair for iPod

Everyone has an iPod these days. Nano, shuffle, Touch, Phone. So what do you do to distinguish yourself from others? You get different headphones. Sennheiser, retro Sony or Philips big black head sets or... you get the designspray - sonic chair!

Thanks to Mirel for the tip!

Super Mario Sound Wall

If you combine WhatisBlik decals with a computer and a couple of sound bites, you get an interesting weekend project! :) Check out and pay respect to Super Mario Sound Wall by Ryan. :respect:

My new bed!

Yay! Saturday I got my new bed from! Made to order, by hand, and customizable if needed. All solid cast-iron. It'll last 50 years easily, they said.
I got a standard "Brighton" model.
Now if I only were good at math... ;)

Update: I could have sworn we had two 90cm mattresses. Sadly they're only 80cm but the bed I bought is 2x90cm wide. Doh! Off to buy new mattresses I guess.


Finally bought myself a new bed. Petra took our other one but left me the mattresses. I've been sleeping on the floor since march, trying to find a decent new bed for some weeks. But everything seems a big square block with legs to stand on. So boring. I've always wanted an Auping bed, but they're a bit too modern for my house. Petra was right there, when she mentioned it. :) So we got a vintage-style bed back then. Now I'm hooked, thank you very much!

Fortunately, Slaapkamergeluk specializes in made-to-order cast-iron "Spijlenbedden", built in the traditional English cast-iron way guaranteed to last 30+ years. Looking forward to the arrival of mine in 4-5 weeks! :D

New couch!

We bought a new couch two weeks ago! It's great. Tons of room to sit from now on. Had to rearrange the living room completely to make room for it, but it was worth it. Room seems less cluttered now and the couch is very comfy. Check out a picture I took in the store. I'll post a picture of our new room soon. ;)

update: new couch is shown here

Fireplaces or stoves, wood or gas burning

My parents gave us the chance to rebuild one of our two fireplaces in the house. We have a large livingroom in two parts, with fireplaces where gas heaters used to be, 60+ years ago. Sadly, one of them was completely destroyed, but the other is very well preservered except for some cracks in the marble. Anyway...
We chose to rebuild the missing one because it's in our seating area and the other good one is in the dining area. So we went to Houweling in Den Haag to check out possibilities. Problem was the rear smoke canal, but it tested fine, and the size of the fireplace/stove. We can't fit in a modern gas-burning fireplace, the area is not deep enough and it would come into the room all the way. So instead we chose for a smaller Morsø wood-burning fireplace, which incidently also has a high efficiency (8KW) so it can double as a real room heater instead of only being decorative. :) We also looked at SCAN Andersen stoves, but they are relatively deep (60+ cm and high (75-80 cm)…


It's been a nice weekend. Petra and i took a couple of days off to refill our endurance tanks. This takes a lot of energy and we were slowly getting ill, literally. So we slept a lot and spent the days turning the rooms into something more livable. It worked! The dining room looks amazing! The computer room is operating fine (except the lack of internet!). The guest room is ready. Even the bedroom is much better now. Our kitchen will be installed next week, so we need one last painting fury. ;-)
So we're fine. Although we could use a 3 week vacation! LOL :-D Petra is back to work, i'm doing some work again too and i even got a call for some design work out of the the blue. Woohoo! I'll try to use my USB key to upload some pics of the house...

Remodelling Dreams Residency

Did a little remodelling in my house tonight... My chairs finally arrived this week and big cardboard boxes had been standing patiently in my room! I had a huge dining table but no chairs... :) Now that they came, I had to rearrange things because it would be too tight. I've uploaded some pics of the final layout. Don't mind te mess, there cables everywhere because I had to unhook absolutely everything that had to do with audio or video in my room! :( But it's worth it.