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KIWI&POM - Disco Chair

The KIWI&POM - Disco Chair is a cool, awesome, pretty and highly annoying chair in one.

Constructed from 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire, the chair transforms into a neon rainbow when powered. A pulse setting enables the chair to flash on and off creating an instant disco installation.

Stunning animated GIFs: Cinemagraphs

Of course, movies are great. HD even better. Lytro is the new photography revolution we are all waiting for. But beauty deson't have to be so complicated...

Check out these stunningly gorgeous and simple animated GIFs called Cinemagraphs by Diego Guevara. Absolutely amazing! And I can't get over the fact I can't print them. I've left my window untouched for 30 minutes already, just glancing at an image. It's amazing how the movement totally changes the picture, which is already good and pretty. But the sudden flash of "life" increases the attraction to the picture a 1000-fold! :)

My favorite? The taxi in the window...

Retro space invader chair

If i had a lunch room or coffee corner or big game room, I'd get 3 of these in a jiffy : Space Invader Chair

Acer Iconia Tab A500

Just as my friend MrVanes, I am becoming more and more partial to the Acer Iconia Android Tablet. Not that I need one, mind you. But I'm so curious to see Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and can't wait to try version 3.1 that's out now (but won't come to Acer until June this year).

While there are a number of 9-10" Android tablets out now, most people still get the iPad2. Fine, really. It works well, sure. But it's too easy. :) I might buy an iPad for my parents or grand parents, because they need a stable well-engineered device that just works. And Apple certainly works well. Perhaps Android does too, don't know yet, but it is not as polished yet IMHO for everyone. And I like to do a bit of polishing myself, which you cannot on an iPad without jailbreaking it.

So where Modaco Paul was really happy with the ASUS Transformer and the Motorola XOOM was handed out to everyone at Google I/O, I'm leaning to the Acer simply because it has a very active, passionate a…

Zite: Personalized Magazine for iPad

Zite is exactly what I was looking for until I saw... it was only for the iPad. Seriously, I'd even consider buying an iPad just for this...

I read a lot of online material. When in college in 1987, I routinely browsed 25 newsgroups each day, every day. Later on, I had my default websites open automatically whenever I'd start my browser. Then there came tabs and MorningCoffee saved me hours of effort. Next, RSS feeds came and saved me the effort of opening the actual website and instead simply browser whatever news articles there had been written or none at all. RSS was a lifesaver because I never go a site anymore if I don't know for sure there is a new article there. Most of the time, I still don't because I read the headline or summary and decide it is not interesting enough.

But what I really want is something like Pulse Reader but nicer, less intrusive. I have NewsRob on my Android and read approx. 200-250 articles on it every day. By "read" I mean of co…

iPad alternatives

The iPad is a great little device! It works very well, almost everyone seems to be able to use it instantly and everyone wants one. Well, almost everyone (hi Martin!). But while Apple must be given credit for starting it all and showing that tablets are incredibly useful and handy, the iPad is not cheap and... well... from Apple. So what else is there? Competition is always good and here it's no different.

T3 has a round-up of iPad alternatives and lists the HTC Flyer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the LG Optimus Pad and the Acer Iconia Tab A500. (Also check the review.)
But don't forget the Notion Ink Adam, Motorola XOOM, Dell Streak and more from Toshiba, Asus and Archos.

Most of the Android tablets will be based on Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb and feature a powerful dual-core CPU. The iPad2 may even the playing field again come September, but until then Android rules the iPad in power. Usability and personal preferences remain, well personal. :)

Update: Sony Ericsson Play, XOO…

John's Phone | The World's Simplest Cell Phone

Just stared amazed at the world's latest gadget: John's Phone. It's The World's Simplest Cell Phone. Really. Full stop.

It makes calls. It's a mobile phone. No SMS, no WiFi, no mp3, no camera, no address book, no display! Check the photo gallery.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Here is a cool idea and invention I could have put to great use about 15 years ago: the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen. Never miss a word. Great! Now they tell me!

Basically it is a normal pen full with high-tech electronics to record what you right with an IR camera and what you say (or those around you) with a sensitive mic. You can download what it filmed and recorded later to your computer and create a so-called "pencast". Brilliant! If only I still used a pen to actually write things down. I rarely use pens. I typ waay faster than I can write and holding a ballpen now cramps my hands.

Anyway, the pen is for sale everywhere. I found it cheapest to get in Germany, through Only €120 for the 2 GB version.

Courier - the iPad you really want

Forgot to blog about this. But I heard colleagues say Microsoft also has a tablet like PC in the bleachers, much like the Apple iPad. The Courier is a device even the biggest Microsoft haters would want. Even if only to hold it and play with it... Check the info on Engadget and judge for yourself.

Roundup: E-Readers

Wired has a roundup of 10 E-Readers of various makes and sizes and sorts. Interesting read. I love what the Kindle has done for this market and respect Amazon for that. But it's too closed and proprietary and stupid in that way. :) I love the COOL-ER readers that my friend MrVanes also loves, for the same reasons. Open, good size, good battery life and big enough, SD reader and music option. I could also get used to the Archos tablet for the reasons that Archos also makes open hardware that can be customized with various flavors and types of operating systems (think: Android OS!) and that they of the geeky kind. I.e. great stuff that is geared towards users that known there stuff

Pentax makes 40 megapixel 645D medium format camera

Well, it seems we are almost entering the next revolution in digital photography! :) Whereas previously, those who wanted to use medium format cameras and go digital had to resort to using digital backs by e.g. Kodak and pay around €35,000 for a 37-38 Mpx digital back-side for their otherwise analog camera.

Now, Pentax gets official with 40 megapixel 645D medium format camera! And it costs only $10,000 with the option of a new 55mm f2.8 lens for only $1,000! You can buy 3 of these babies for the price of just Kodak's digital back. :)

Ironically, king of the medium format cams Hasselblad also has H4D-40 (40 Mpx) digicam, but they want $20,000 for it. :)

MiFi: create an AP out of your phone

With Mifi, you can use your (smart)phone to create a wireless AP for anyone in close proximity. Using the Internet connection of your phone, those around you can connect to the Internet.

Acer Liquid A1

<bad English accent>
Well, de boullit is shroe de church!
I just ordered the Acer Liquid A1. I should get one in 5 days and counting... MrVanes IM'ed me he had just ordered one and I got caught up in enthusiasm and caved in. I have no life. I have no spine. But I DO have an Android! w00t

Numark TTi unpacking

I received and unpacked my Numark TTi USB phono aka record player last Saturday. I recorded a test LP but clicked a wrong button and deleted the file. :) LOL Need to get a female2headphone audio cable anyway so I can listen to the LPs while they digitize. Using Audacity (bundled), you can record at 45rpm and convert the track to normal speed. Cool

Wanted to test the iPod feature but sadly I think I have lost my iPod somewhere. I hope it at Square and that someone found it. Otherwise my bday present is gone and I have to get a new Ipod Nano. I kinda liked the old form factor better than the new.

Acer Liquid A1 coming to Netherlands

Yay! The Tweakers forum gave a link to a pre-order site for the Acer Liquid A1: only €350 in this config, using Android 1.6. It should arrive Dec 10th...
Update: also has it in pre-order

Canon EOS 7D Review

Speaking of expensive digicams, I want the EOS 7D now. Also about €1500 but now for 18 Mpx. Read the Canon EOS 7D Review by DPreview.

Hasselblad H3DII-50 - 50 Mpx

When Petra first started her photo course back in 2003, they said that for all practical purposes 5 Mpx was enough resolution because at that amount you can fill a 10x15cm (aka 5x7") card with the same amount of pixels as an analogue print. We both bought an EOS 10D at that time, for € 1500. A4 prints would be fine too, albeit at a greater distance. For bigger A3 prints you'd have to get the unbelievable high resolution of 50 Mpx... Well, it's here: Hasselblad H3DII-50 Multishot. This baby will go for &euro 23,000, BTW.

Numark TT USB

I bit the bullet! After years of swaying yes and no, I just ordered the Numark TT USB digital phono. An oldskool record player to digitize old LPs. My parents still have a ton that I can't find anywhere and would like to preserve. I have a few cool 12" extended versions that I'd like to share on piratebay and Marianne has a ton of rare, old LPs that are priceless. So there I go... :)

Coffee Gadgets

If you love coffee, and I know many of you do ;), you most likely also like various (exotic) coffee gadgets. Well... feast your eyes on this dream-machine Slayer or any of the other coffee gadgets (by SpecialBite)

Nokia N900 mobile computer

Oh and speaking of Internet, should the Android Liquid A1 fail (available early december), then I can always change over to the fabulous Nokia N900 mobile computer. It runs Maemo5 Linux, has 32 GB of RAM, 1 GHz ARM processor (underclocked to 600 Mhz) and all the connectivity options anyone could want need. The specs are simply mouthwatering! A-GPS, 3D OpenGL support, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, microSD slot for up to 16 (!) GB.

Update: T3 has pricing info
Update2: T3 also has a review.