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cuboro: wooden marble track system

Remember when you were a kid and you created marble tracks? Either in sand or using your matchbox road tracks? Or maybe you did like me and glue pieces of cardboard onto sheets of old wallpaper hanging from the ceiling to make huge marble tracks? No?!? Sure you did!

Either way, now is the time to catch up on lost/refound hobbies using the wooden marble track system from Cuboro. This swiss company makes 3D cubes with parts of tracks or tunnels cut out and you can use them - in a 3D kinda way - to create anything you can image. :) Sooo cool, not cheap, but sooo cool! They even have a webkit in Flash where you can sample, try out and get inspired from various tracks and see what the possibilities are. Needless so they, they are endless. Combine all the cubes in (5/6)! factorials using 3D assemblies to go even further, the Mathematics quickly require a super computer just to hold on. :) Awesome!

Real-life Angry Birds

T-Mobile created a huge Real-life Angry Birds in Barcelona. Watch and be amazed! Sooo much more fun!

Duty Calls

You may know that I love first person shooter games (FPS) such as Quake, Killzone, Call of Duty, etc. However awesome these games are, the story-line is basically always the same: the world is at threat, bad guys are powerful, they have massive weapons and are about to take over the world. It's all upon your shoulders now... Then they give you a gun and drop you in the game where the puzzle begins and the story unravels...

Duty Calls is a great, brilliant, creative parody on this type of games. Hilarious! 4 mins... check it you!


Minecraft is a game, ifyou will, where you build content - gardens, houses, castles, ocean ships, rockets - and other people can walk through it. I believe the object is staying alive, as you may die and other people steal something. Sounds a bit like RPG games, role playing, but different. Reminds me a lot of Alphaworld way back in 1995, Second Life, not too long ago, World of Warcraft but friendlier and Fallout.
But some people take constructing very seriously: There is a guy who built the Star Trek Enterprise on a 1:1 scale, a working (!) 8 bit computer and Planet Earth itself. Still haven't figured out if I like it or not, I am just glad the graphics are so simple that anyone can play it 24 hrs a day, because it will run easily on modern smartphones :)

Quake Live

It's so oldskool it's cool! QUAKE LIVE runs in a browser and soon in a HTML5 browser so it'ld even run on a powerful mobile phone. I just reactivated my old nick and played a training game in QuakeLive. Look me up: [AX]Dreamszz. [AX] is my former clan name Astrix aka [*] :) ah good memories

Geohot advises against updating PS3 firmware

If you have a PS3 and use the 'Install other OS' feature, the next update - coming this Thursday, will remove that version and apparently any OS installed thru it.
It seems Sony's pushing the firmware update to remove the threat of PS3 hacks, so the hacker warns to update until he's found a way to retain the possibility of installing another OS. See Engadget for details.

PlayStation Move: everything you ever wanted to know

While everyone agrees that motion controllers like the Wiimote make for a different level of gaming, no one has dared to compete. until now!

Engadget has everything you ever wanted to know about the PlayStation Move controller.

TED: Gaming can make a better world

Great talk at TED 2010 by Jane McGonigal on why Gaming can make a better world. Really good talk that puts a few things in perspective.

I'm ready for my next 'Epic Win'. :) Check out Urgent Evoke.

Super Mario Bros in its purest form

Super Mario Bros on an 8x8 LED matrix is video of a girl (?) who did some basic house-hold electronics and ported the Nintendo Mario game to a hand-made print board, displays video info on an 8x8 mono-color LED display and transcribed some music to a music generator... to create a Super Mario version in its purest form!

OMG :respect:

PlayStation 3 has been hacked

It appears that the PS3 is hacked.
This is the first report and it's still a long way from anyone doing a zippy-be-dooda and have a hacked PS3, but the rest will be history. of course, Sony may be able to reverse it again by doing a System Update. :) So you never know.

The fact that it took 3 years is amazing. Very good system, IMHO. I respect that.

Live Downhill Tetris

A bunch of skaters created a live video game in SF last Fall.
Using neon signs attached to their bodies, they freeborded (a type of skateboard) downhill in San Francisco. From above it looked like the Tetris game.
Check it out!

PS3 Firmware v3.10: Facebook integration

The latest update to the PS3 game console brings Facebook integration to the world's most advance gaming platform! On a side note, the Dutch public broadcaster NOS also presents their news reruns on the PS3 now. Handy if you'd like to stay in touch with current events in between gaming non-stop. ;)

PS3 to integrate Facebook into next firmware update

With the PS3 heavily focused on gorgeous HD single player mayhem, the addition of Facebook to the PS3 may lift hard-core gamers out of their isolation. Now they can let everyone how long and what they've actually been playing. Great! No everyone has proof you have no life! :)
Of course, Sony had to do something after Microsoft stole the limelight with their Xbox360 announcements.

Nintendo Wii 2 specs leaked

Cool, the rumor machine is predicting that the Wii 2 will get Blu-ray and 1080p playback support. ETA is Q3 2010 and everywhere at the same time, none of this Japan-first shit, then US en then EU. Hurray to Nintendo!

World of Goo Creators Try Pick-Your-Price Experiment

What would people pay for a game that normally sells at $20 if they're given the choice to choose their own price?
That's what World of Goo creators decided to try for the celebration of their one year anniversary. :) Turns out, the average price was $2.03 for 57000 games sold. 12% said they were paying the amount because they already owned the game and wanted to get it for a new platform. World of Goo runs on OSX, Windows and Linux, BTW. The opportunity is extended until October 25th, so hurry while supplies last!

Active Computer Gaming

The problem with most computer games is that you sit down for hours learning it, improving and enjoying it. However, during that time you basically don't do much. The Wii changed this somewhat because now you stand up, swing arms, legs and generally move your body a lot more while playing games. But the true invention of the Wii was motion-sensing!

So two guys have brought motion-sensing to the PC with integrated wiimotes and a treadmill into their favorite RPG Aion. By "flapping your wings" (flapping arms with wiimotes in your hand), you can fly in the game. By running on the treadmill, you run in the game. So now, you're actually tired from a fight, from flying 5 minutes or from running away from an enemy! Coool!

Grand Turismo Opening

This game is soooo real, it's almost too good to play. It's hard, but the payback is amazing. Cars handle like a dream and every single sound in the real cars has been digitized and used in the game. Truely awesome work! :respect:

Check the opening scene of Grand Turismo to see what I mean.

Nintendo Wii price cut?

T3 seems to have a rumor of Nintendo Wii price cuts... :) The US price is said to go down by as much as $50. Cool!

It's probably due to Sony releasing a cheaper and slimmer PS3 Slim! Whatever works is fine with me!

Monopoly City Streets

Latest gaming hype, but a really cool idea: Monopoly City Streets.

Play Monopoly on maps from Google Maps and use 3,000,000 dollars to buy good real-estate and hope people will stop by and pay you. Or so I think. The site is down due to the overwhelming response from all over the world. :) It's even a twitter trend :)

Oh and you can draw/build your own favorite structure in Google SketchUp, upload it and your own building in Monopoly City

QUAKE LIVE - Linux and OS X

Ladies en gentlemen: they got 'em! :)
QUAKE LIVE is now out for Linux and Mac OS X (Safari only so far, due to bug in Mozilla 3.5). w00t

Today is a good day to die! Too bad I gotta cook now :(