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Sjoerd's wedding pictures

Got busy last weekend and uploaded the pictures of Sjoerd's wedding last Juli. Now I only have to make the wedding book from them...

Mosaic arrived!

Just in time for my parents to see it, the Plexiphoto print of the mosaic was delivered yesterday and maybe even take it with them! If not, Isa or I will take it when we go down to visit this Summer.

Petra's Inspirational Cards

Yesterday, Petra's Inspirational Cards were delivered and we now have boxes full of them here, stacked high out of the way as much as possible. :) She already sold 150 200 as a gift for business relations. A few people have also asked for them. :)
If you'd like an Eyeopener set of 55 beautifully photographed cards with a little oneliner to make to you think and reflect, check out FeelGoodies, who are her "Authorized Reseller". :D Hihi sounds so cool!

Update: added deeplink to cards

Birthday presents!

I had one of the best birthday parties last night! Thanks to everyone who joined me! It was almost as I remember from university... Lots of people were there and not everyone knew each other. But it turned out great and I had a blast! I also got great gift, so that's even better! :)
Tried out my USB keys, to complement my Eee PC 900 and was slightly disappointed to note U3 is a Windows/Mac only thing. Not all is lost though, because Linux comes with a great many tools to do the same anyway. Would've just been easy. I'll use one 8 GB to store boot images, tools and more and brand one as my mobile office with Truecrypt, Email, firefox, Skype, Pidgin IM, FileZilla and more.
My parents and Isa gave me the DVDs to Armin's Imagine tour last April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht as well as the registration of the Elements of Life tour on Copenhagen! Wonderful! Awesome parties, still sad a missed the party in Copenhagen! Looks awesome!
Thanks also for the liquors, the monetary gifts,…

Eyeopener: Your Daily Inspiration

Petra started a project a while ago: creating a set of 60 catching images to accompany an equally large set of inspirational phrases. Taking (and finding!) 60 image takes a while, but today she put the first 40 online: Petra Oldengarm -- fotografie. Click on "Inspiratie". :)

Once the set is complete, you can also order a printed set to take with you or give away as a present for the going gets tough and a little inspiration is needed!

Update: The whole set "Eyeopener" is available at

Open Source Hardware Gifts

With Sinterklaas just around the corner (tomorrow), I guess this is a little late but for Xmas you might just make if you want to: Open Source Hardware Gift Guide by MAKE. MAKE is a website and magazine for people who like to tingle with things... very cool!

Ideas for wedding gifts

I've updated the gallery with examples of gifts as wedding presents. I had some images on my phone (N73) and finally configured Email properly, so... It also includes a picture of the Portazul shop in The Hague that has lot of stuff that we like.
The idea is to create a colorful dinner or breakfast table with different sets of two and each item would remind us the people who've given them to us. And white is too hard to keep separate. ;) So choose whatever you like, just get two of whatever...

Perfect Xmas gifts

Have a girlfriend and don't know what to give her? Want to make her use and love computers more? Think about giving her this. LOL
It's a patent for using an inkjet printer to print "highly detailed, customized, multicolored designs that are scaled to precisely fit within the boundary of each individual nail". tsk tsk tsk