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Google Maps Navigation hits Android 1.6

After luring people for while with free turn-by-turn navigation on Android 2.0, Google announced it has released the same for any Android 1.6 device. So eat that TomTom, VDO, Garmin et al with your $$$ local DVDs!

For now it's only officially available in the US, but hackers have shown it can also work in the UK/EU. :)

Nokia N900 mobile computer

Oh and speaking of Internet, should the Android Liquid A1 fail (available early december), then I can always change over to the fabulous Nokia N900 mobile computer. It runs Maemo5 Linux, has 32 GB of RAM, 1 GHz ARM processor (underclocked to 600 Mhz) and all the connectivity options anyone could want need. The specs are simply mouthwatering! A-GPS, 3D OpenGL support, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, microSD slot for up to 16 (!) GB.

Update: T3 has pricing info
Update2: T3 also has a review.

Motorola Droid

Motorola, makers of shitty phones except the RAZOR, are trying to make a comeback with an Android phone. View the Motorola Droid unboxing on Engadget! Read their first hands-on review.

Update: In Europe, the DROID will be called MILESTONE. What's with the CAPITAL letters anyway?! No need to scream... sjeez

Google adds free turn-by-turn navigation, car dock UI to Android 2.0

Wow, Google just upgraded Google Maps in a major way!
Android 2.0 phones will have access to free turn-by-turn navigation using a Car Dock for their phone. This turns the phone into a navigation device, like TomTom VDO Dayton etc and accesses Google Maps to provide you with directions. Cost? Zero! Of course, you'll have data roaming charges through your mobile provider, so if you're a globetrotter, better buy out the data charges!


2 MIT students take a $150 weather balloon, attach a beer cooler, put a Canon digicam in it, a cell phone with GPS and send the sucker up into near-space at 24 km altitude to take some pictures! Check 1337arts. Now they want to cross the Atlantic with the same idea!

New smartphone?

Been thinking about replacing my 2+ year old Nokia N73. I like the Symbian S60 OS esp. now that it's been open sourced. So I'll stick with it even though it can be a tad slow from time to time. So far, the sparkling new Nokia E75 email-savvy mobile phone and E55 look promising. Any thoughts?

Update: E75 specs look very promising! Android is also on my list. ;)

bliin: Always There

Just checked out bliin... really cool and kinda scary too!

iPhone parks your car

Well... almost! Many people forget where they parked. This is where the iPhone can help...Park your car and tap "Park Me" to take a GPS reading; on the way back, hit "Where Did I Park" for turn-by-turn directions back to the whip. Genius!

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The Biggest Drawing in The World: Created Using GPS and DHL

The concept was simple but brilliant: place a GPS device in a briefcase and mail it via DHL with precise travel instructions over the course of a 55 day period. When all was said and done, the GPS data formed a virtual self-portrait of the artist that spread over 6 continents and 62 countries covering nearly 70,000 miles.

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Sony GPS-CS1KA: add GPS data to your photos

With Google Earth, Maps, TomTom and N95 in combination with GPS location data, GPS is becoming hot. Super hot. Adding GPS data to your photos makes them localized in an instant. iPhoto, Photoshop, smugmug, Flickr... everyone supports GPS data already. Now if only it would be easy to add GPS to your photos. A built-in GPS will come soon, but it will drain batteries even quicker. Enter little bitty devices such as Garmin and the new, sleek, sexy Sony GPS-CS1KA. Tack it to your belt while travelling and connect it to your PC when transferring images... Could it be that easy?! :)

Adding GPS coordinates to something

A little trick that might help in case you want to find the GPS coordinates of something. Goto Google Maps, find the place you're looking for and click the "link to this page" link at the upper right. Scroll to the end of the URL there and find the set of coordinates marked "sII".
For instance: grote vijver, spaarnwoude. It's where Awakenings Festival is held this coming Saturday. :bounce:

GPS-Photo Link

GPS-Photo Link is PC software that links digital camera photos with the location coordinates of where the photo was taken. A GPS receiver is used to determine the location of the photo, without physically connecting the camera to the GPS receiver.

Grab any digital camera that has time and date capabilty, and almost any GPS (Garmin and Magellan are both supported) and your ready to go! Once your back at the office, GPS-Photo Lind automatically downloads track log or waypoint information from the GPS and copies digital photos directly from the camera or a memory card.

In the left corner: The Google Switch...

While debates over the iPhone are heating up, Google seems to have a plan of its own with an iPhone killer: the Google Switch.
Hardware by Samsung, no buttons or keypad, touch sensitive, built-in Google-Maps-enabled GPS, Gtalk, Gmail and so on. Regardless of any conspiracy theories, it would be very interesting to have a Web-2.0-ready phone that integrates with all these services. Can you imagine...?

It's Alive!

The first satellite of Europe's own satellite navigation (GPS) system, Galileo, is online! The satellite was launched on December 28th, last year, and all systems are up. The engineers are testing the signal to make sure it complies with all ITU standards and regulations.
Even though we already have a GPS system, its owner - the US - reserves the right to limit accuracy at any time, or disable it for security reasons. So the EC wanted its own system. €3.4 billion later the system will come. Fortunately, countries outside the EC have already agreed to use it too, so I guess cost can be shared and/or license fees charged. Galileo's accuracy is said to be 10x greater than that of the current GPS. So that means accurate to 1 cm instead of 10 cm, or 10 cm instead of 1 m... Oh well, good enough for me!
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | First Galileo signals received

Mastering Ajax

You've heard of Ajax, right? The football (aka soccer) club from Amsterdam. However, finally geeks and nerds in Holland can also join the conversation because AJAX has arrived! So cool! :nerd:
AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is the latest cool web application technique that ties the user's web front-end to the data back-end. Instead of using boring statics pages, AJAX let's you make cool interactive pages like Google Maps, overlaying your trucks' GPS location onto it and using the mouseOver trigger to display driver's information, hours logged and more. It's not rocket science nor a dramatic killer app. It is just a cool technique to allow you to do the things you want more effectively and efficiently. And now, an expert at IBM has published a newbie's (noobs) introdution course to Master AJAX.

Details on the Nikon D200 leaked

Today Nikon introduces a new DSLR: the D200...
Heise Online reported very detailed technical specs, yesterday. It offers 10 Mpx resolution, a burst speed of 5 frames per second, 11 auto focus points, USB 2.0, WiFi and GPS support (what for?) a 2.5" screen and an MSRP (Manufactuer Suggested Retail Price) of $1849... Read the detailed hands-on over at DPReview.

Cheating wife? Try GPS panties

Reading is believing: GPS panties. It allows you to 24/7 track the wearer of the undergarments... ROFL
But wait, there's more! It also allows you to monitor the temperature and heartrate of the wearer. So this one sick guy bought some for his daughter when she entered puberty and would call her mobile phone whenever he thought she was getting too excited! OMG!

palmOne - Tungsten T5 Handheld

palmOne introduces the Tungsten T5 PDA! Woohoo!
:drool: I'm sorry but there still no phone which let's me do this. The Palm is just sexy. Not as sexy as a Clié but sexy enough. 320x480 color screen... 416MHz XScale Intel CPU... built-in speaker & headphone jack. The Treo 600 would do the trick, but it's not as sexy nor as compact. I don't understand why they can't built what I want? ;) I think IrDA should be optional and BlueTooth should be standard. WiFi simply an option. And a PDA *needs* two expansion slots. They got the message when they built laptops but now they somehow seem to forget...? Helllooo? One slot for storage and one for functionality (GPS, WiFi, Ethernet, whatever)

palmOne's plans to release the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650

Palm will release two new handhelds this fall: the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650. By accident, a GPS card for both appeared on a site but the models are still undisclosed... LOL

About Geocaching

You have a GPS, fine. No biggy there. Lots of people have them nowadays. And you use it, what 3-4 times a year? Fine... but a bit of a waste, don't you think? Maybe you should take up fishing and map out all the great spots, when you find them. Or if you're a shopaholic, perhaps you could map out all the "must-see" shops in your area. Or... you could stash away some treasure, mark its location and go GeoCaching!!! What's that, you ask? Why, step into my office! :)
"Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a GPS unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet."
You can already buy a basic GPS unit for ?140 here in the Netherlands. Or get them at the airport...