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Which friends have an Android phone?

The Google blog showed a cool new feature Google Labs has built: Green robot icon. The icon in GMail or Gtalk shows which friends or contacts have an Android phone or device. :) Cool! I can't wait to the Liquid A1 once it comes out! My Nokia 6500C is seriously getting on my nerves. It can't do ANYTHING!

Nokia N900 mobile computer

Oh and speaking of Internet, should the Android Liquid A1 fail (available early december), then I can always change over to the fabulous Nokia N900 mobile computer. It runs Maemo5 Linux, has 32 GB of RAM, 1 GHz ARM processor (underclocked to 600 Mhz) and all the connectivity options anyone could want need. The specs are simply mouthwatering! A-GPS, 3D OpenGL support, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0, microSD slot for up to 16 (!) GB.

Update: T3 has pricing info
Update2: T3 also has a review.

Sony Ericsson on Android: Xperiax10

And Sony's is coming with an Android phone too: the Xperiax10 will hit stores early 2010. Engadget has an extensive hands-on and pretty pictures... uuuuuuh
My opinion? I think it looks stunning and I think I'll like the screen, I'm not too fond of the buttons. If they'd be soft-press, though, it might be good enough.

HTC confirmed to be cooking up Android 2.0 update for Hero

With Motorola's DROID coming, HTC is a bit jealous and confirmed to be cooking up an Android 2.0 update for Hero. I had a Hero in my fingers while in Singapore, but didn't like the feel and the form-factor. However, if you just bought one and are happy with, it would be a shame to have to buy a whole new phone just to get Android 2.0. So I'm glad HTC will release an upgrade.

Nokia NbuExplorer

When my N73 (S60 Symbian smart phone) crashed, I lost the ability to copy contents over to my new phone. I solved the immediate needs by mailing my most frequently accessed friends using Gmail. But I thought I could resync my new work phone with Google Contacts again using Google Sync. Helas, the Nokia 6500 Classic is not supported even though it supports SyncML. :(
However, I still have a recent backup of my N73 on the SD card (created backups monthly) and a colleague mentioned I should give Nokia NbuExplorer a try... :) Cool! Will do! Or convert them using the ABCNBU utility.

What have we learned from all this?!? No matter how inconvenient and bloatware and terrible Nokia OTI aka PC Suite is, it is worth trying to strip it down to the bare minimum so you can make regular backups of your contacts... because you never know when you'll really need that!

IMAP Email on the Nokia 6230

Having spent an hour trying to get Gmail access working on my old Nokia 6230, I gave up an reverted to using XS4ALL, my ISP. I know that used work. Using their excellent online helpdesk I quickly retrieved the settings and verified once more IMAP access to my Email is working.
I think the trick is the Nokia doesn't support SSL. So configuring IMAP using SSL ports 993 and 465 for secure, private and encrypted Emails to and from their server, didn't work. However, using TLS (ports 143 and 587 resp.) worked fine! Now that I know that, I may switch over the Gmail if needed. For now it's nice to know I can send/receive Emails on my phone should I need it.

Update: I think Gmail will never work on the 6230. Gmail requires the use of SSL over port 993 for incoming IMAP mails. The phone only supports TLS (port 143). Bummer.

HTC Hero with Android

I find myself strangely drawn to the HTC Herowith Android... /me gets glassy eyes and dreams some more

Android Phones

Nice website (why didn't I think of this?!) that lists all known and rumored Android Phones. *sigh* I guess coz it's just too easy...

Nokia 6500 classic from work

Work gets me a new Nokia 6500 classic. Very bare bone but decent enough. Symbian OS, so that gets me some flexibility. Hope I get it on time for my vacation... Be good to have all my contacts synced with Google again.

Update: FUCK, it's not a Symbian-powered Nokia, it's the Nokia Series 40 OS. Grrr

Mobile phone broken

At LIEF festival, my phone fell and while the batteries were already empty at 4pm, the phone hasn't come back up online since. :( RIP I guess. It's a 3 year old Nokia N73. I had been looking at a replacement for while but haven't found one that really tips the scales. I like Symbian OS phone for their versatility and usability, although they are usually s l o w. The CPU is underpowered to make it cheaper and/or last longer on one charge. So... I really wanted to try a Google Android phone, just because I can, however they suck so far. Ugly. Bricks. Needless to say, I am running from my backup phone the ancient Nokia 6230 - and bearing with it for now. My work (KPN) might give me a decent upgrader but I still want an Android.

Lucky for me, my brother from another mother MrVanes has the same wishes, desires and longings - gadget-wise that is. ;)

Open Source GSM Network At HAR2009

At a hacker convention held in the Netherlands very recently, HAR2009 (@har2009), hackers have demonstrated it is very possible to run an open source GSM network for current mobile phones! See Slashdot for brief details or the HAR2009 GSM wiki for details. At the convention, 391 mobile users were able to talk to each other just like on any other GSM network. So cool!

Nokia 'Rover' N900 tablet phone

Apple iTablet, Nokia N-tablet, smartphone, tabletphone, smarttablet... whatever. I've been drooling over the tablet series of Nokia (n770, n800, n810) for as long as they're been around. The latest Nokia 'Rover' N900 is no exception.

Update: Photos of N900 running Maemo Linux

Sync Google Contacts with your Nokia N-Series

Forgot to blog about this earlier, but I don't backup my mobile phone's address book anymore. Instead, I sync it with Google Contacts. That way I always have a backup handy. And I get to edit the addresses, names and numbers on the web where I can also add an Email address easily (vs on the phone). Now I have everyone's phone number on the web and their email address on my phone. Cool!

Oh and Google has support for *way* more devices! Check for yours...

Sony Ericsson Android phone leaked pictures

T3 has some details on Sony Ericsson's latest Android phone codenamed "Rachael". Based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, the hardware looks decent. 1 GHz CPU, 600 MHz DSP, Wifi, bluetooth, 720p video, WXGA display support, up to 12 Mpx digicams and a whole slew of audio/video codecs. Even DVB-H (video calls, TV on your mobile) can be included. And... Linux is support too. ;)

To me it's the first decently styled Android out there, something Sony was always pretty good at. It may even become my first Sony phone. ;)

Google Android 1.5

Google has released the Android 1.5 SDK to developers early. I'm psyched coz it means people will be able to make cool stuff for Android phones, as well as a whole slew of netbooks and other devices that will run the OS. Since I read that both LG and Samsung will be releasing new Android smartphone this year, I can't wait until there is a cool one with my name on it!

Update: someone spotted a Samsung phone with Android (S8000 Cubic) in a Russian webshop. :) Close, so close! :)

New smartphone?

Been thinking about replacing my 2+ year old Nokia N73. I like the Symbian S60 OS esp. now that it's been open sourced. So I'll stick with it even though it can be a tad slow from time to time. So far, the sparkling new Nokia E75 email-savvy mobile phone and E55 look promising. Any thoughts?

Update: E75 specs look very promising! Android is also on my list. ;)

iPhone Antenna Boost tricks

I read more and more reports on signal strengths issues with the iPhone. I even notice them myself with my Nokia SmartPhone, so some of these tricks may work in general. As phones become smaller and smaller, our hands cover many places that the phone uses for signal reception. These tricks try either improve the reception in a alternative area, or boost the signal in a specific area. :) Easy
Check out C|Net's iPhone Atlas, Griffin's ClearBoost sleeve or external antenna's from the iPhoneAntenna guy. The latter can even be used with a general external signal booster. :) Fugly but will work for sure!

Note that these solutions will enhance your voice calls in case you're in an area with bad reception, for instance office buildings with heat shielded windows, many other signals interfering with your voice call or rural areas where the signal simply isn't that strong. But they also can strengthen your WiFi signal.

Nokia Quake III gains cool features

I think I've just found my next new smartphone! :)
The N82 supports Nokia Quake III. W00t And it now even supports bluetooth mice and keyboard! And an on-phone server, for those on-train in-transit LAN parties! ROFLMAO genius!

On the Google Android G1 phone

Speaking of the Android, here's what Jason Chen from Gizmodo has to say about the Android... It's not done yet. Duuh. iPhone 1.0 was also bad, 1.x was better. 2.0 had major improvements and finally at v2.2 it is getting near what it should have been at launch. Rumor has it the iPhone III (March/April 2009) is what we want. :) But I love an open platform, no matter how incomplete. It means you can do all kinds of things that a finished platform wouldn't let you do. ;)

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines

Cross-industry body publishes metadata guidelines: Digital Photography Review: "The Metadata Working Group, an alliance between Adobe, Apple, Canon, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony has published its first guidelines on the use of image metadata. The guidelines suggest methods to increase interoperability and storage of shooting settings and other associated data in digital images. It aims at standardizing the availability of metadata across all applications and devices, making it easier for users to create, organize and share their pictures."