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Canon unveils EOS 500D

I've been drooling over the EOS 5D with full-HD (1080p) video recording for as long as it has been available. The €3000 price tag kinda killed the mood each time. So it must not come as a surprise that the news of the arrival of Canon's latest prosumer digicam has me excited: the EOS 500D.

It offers 1080p shooting at 20 fps. If you turn it down to 720p, it'll reach 30 fps, though. It has the new DIGIC4, higher ISOs (upto 12800) and bursts of up to 170 JPEGs in one go. :) Can do my own TimeWarp episodes with that. ;) Best of all, the digicam has a real HDMI connector for viewing pleasures without the need to remove the storage cards.

Fastest ever camera imaging system demonstrated

T3 reports on the fastest imaging system ever: it captures images with a shutter speed of a billionth of a second! That's 0.000000001 sec!

"The process, known as Serial Time-Encoded Amplified (Steam) imaging, involves streching ‘supercontinuum’ laser pulses over time and space instead of a conventional flashbulb, and will be used initially for photographing events that happen at extremely high speeds such as communication between neurons."

Wired has details, videos and other cool info.

Google Android 1.5

Google has released the Android 1.5 SDK to developers early. I'm psyched coz it means people will be able to make cool stuff for Android phones, as well as a whole slew of netbooks and other devices that will run the OS. Since I read that both LG and Samsung will be releasing new Android smartphone this year, I can't wait until there is a cool one with my name on it!

Update: someone spotted a Samsung phone with Android (S8000 Cubic) in a Russian webshop. :) Close, so close! :)

Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer

Tom's Hardware shows Build Your Own Multi-touch Surface Computer: "Maximum PC didn't feel like shelling out $12,000 for Microsoft's Surface technology, so the staff made its own multi-touch table PC for only $350."

Great read!

ibm aptiva

I was fixing the pc of my neighbor the other day and ran into this: an ancient amd k6 at 450 MHz with 64 mb of ram! Shared with the video card even! Lol

Google uncloaks once-secret server

Google uncloaks once-secret server has much details about the modular hyper-efficient design of Google servers. One astonishing fact: each server has its own 12 V battery pack (aka UPS) for when power fails...

Psystar Open(3) with Mac OS X

With the legal suit between Apple and Psystar pending until November, Psystar opened the battle with the Open(3) with Mac OS X for $599. You get a dual core Intel Core2, 1 GB RAM and speedy add-ins. But you can upgrade to a 2.5GHz quad core and 4 GB if desired. niiice!

Canon TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II Lens

Digital Photography Review: "Canon has introduced two new perspective control lenses to its TS-E ('Tilt and Shift for EOS') range, in the shape of the TS-E 24mm F3.5 L II and the TS-E 17mm F4L. But while the latter has quite naturally grabbed the limelight as the widest angle perspective control optic ever made for an SLR system, both feature a notable improvement over existing designs.

What is literally revolutionary about Canon's new lenses is that both allow, for the first time, independent rotation of the tilt and shift axes relative to the camera and to each other. Previously the tilt axis was set as standard at 90&degree; to the shift axis, and the lenses could be modified to set them both in the same axis if the user desired. This restriction has now been discarded, making the lens movements, and therefore creative options, much more flexible. The tilt and shift mechanism rotates +/-90&degree;, allowing shift in any direction, and in addition the tilt me…

Quake Live Beta Opening Next Week

I heard of Quake III Arena being played on all kinds of small, embedded systems, but now it'll run in your browser too! Check Tom's Hardware for details...
Man I used to go through all these troubles to let people play easily and quickly while at KPN Research, if I had known then I'd be able to run q3 in a browser...! /me chuckles

Playstation 3

Well, in order to celebrate my coming independence, I went out and bought a PS3! Sadly, they didn't have a 40 GB model any more. They're really easy to upgrade with any 2.5" laptop hard disk, so why bother with bigger Sony packages when you can do it yourself? I got Resistance 2 bundled, so I can play with Imro and got MGS4 for me.

I get a Full HD player, with the best Blu-ray player out there and gaming thrown in for free. w00t

Amazon Rumored to Introduce Kindle 2.0 Next Monday

You may say: "Kindle? WTF?"But speculation is mounting that Amazon could announce a new version of its Kindle e-book reader next Monday, a move that one analysts believes will help propel the reader into a $1 billion dollar business for the online retailer by next year.

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Update: They sold 500,000 Kindles in 2008! At $399 each, that's a bunch!

Google Android for netbooks - FAQ

Martin pointed me a while ago to people who've been getting netbooks (i.e. EEE PC, InspireOne, Wind, etc) running on Google's Android OS. It's a Linux core, so being able to run on the hardware Linux already runs on is not that big a deal.

However, their work indicated Google seems (it might) target netbooks actively, instead of just mobile phones. That is very interesting, especially seen in the light of recent developments in Server Based Computing (SBC), cloud computing, online storage and backup, Software as a Service, Google Chrome, Google Apps and so on. It suddenly really makes sense to have a versatile OS ready for as many platforms as you can fit!

Check out the FAQ about those Android netbooks.

NovelQuest - Emperor Specifications

Women can't have enough shoes or handbags or earrings or so. Useless accessories, if you ask me.

Men can't have a big enough TV screen, CPU power, GPU power or PCs. However, this may be the ultimate thing: NovelQuest - Emperor. If we have that, we need no more and can be satisfied we're done. We're King of the Hill, Top Dog, Head Honcho, Master Control Program. :) w00t I for one want one! LOL

iGala WiFi Picture Frame

iGala Wireless Digital Picture Frame runs on Linux. w00t! n163!

Canonical Announces Ubuntu for ARM processor

Canonical announced their plans to carry on the Ubuntu platform ARM microprocessor RISC, very popular among manufacturers of mobile devices. "The addition of this new operating system will allow computers and netbooks offer a hybrid computing experience rich, always connected and mobile without compromising battery life, "said the announcement.

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PdaNet - your iPhone as a WiFi Router for your PC/Mac

Read about this app for the iPhone that can turn the phone into a WiFi AP so your PC, laptop or netbook can use it to access the net! Genius!PdaNet would be a must-have for me, if I'd have an iPhone. And for some reason, am leaning towards the Android instead...

Installing PCLinuxOS Mini-Me to an eeePC 900

As I am home alone today, I can nerd all I want with the heat turned dow to a comfortable 19&degree; Celsius, Trance & Techno & livesets blasting from the Mac Mini MediaPC and a pot of fresh espresso nearby! w00t

Decided to give the Mini-Me disto a try, as I read good things about it. Abusing Petra's USB Lipstick again as it is the only &$#%@& bootable USB stick in the house, I tried the Live OS and was amazed! It uses KDE but looks very crisp and clear and the OS is just blazing compared to Eeeubuntu I have been using the last week. :) Very pleased! So I am installing it, however MiniMe wouldn't start WiFi. On my netbook, that is a big Must Have so I checked Google and found Installing Mini-Me to an eeePC 900 (2.6.26 kernel - everything WORKING!!). I'll update here as I progress...

Update: Alright, now at my 3rd reinstall of minime. Got the WiFi working with madwifi update. Then enable the testing repo as well to get better support and install remaining …

Canon 5D MkII footage is back up!

If you're quick, you can see the Full-HD movie a US photographer made using a lend Canon EOS 5D Mark II digicam. Because you can use regular Canon lenses and record directly in Full-HD, it makes for an easy workflow. The video is really nice!

Tilt Shift Cameras and Lenses

A posting on Pownce today started this venture into "tilt-shift camera" techniques. A selective blurring of the scene, controlling the depth of field as well as the plane of focus, to guide the eye where you want to go. At the same time, pictures get the sense of being miniature photos. The shift of focus and the plane of focus, mimic what we often see in macro photography. So we think they're miniatures.
Anyway, turns out Nikon invented it for its SLRs in the 60s (!) and Canon followed in 73. O_O It's ancient! Not old, but ancient, antique! So I'm shocked to find this whole wikipedia page on it with a link to Vincent Laforet who did a great piece on this for the New York Times. :) Cool!

Five second boot mod for ASUS Eee PC

Intel engineers have modded the already modded Linux installation of the Eee PC! They managed a Five second boot mod! And that is all the way to an idle CPU and disk... O_o Wow!
It was so fast that the splash screen was removed. You probably couldn't see it anyway. LOL