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Intel Atom CE4100 chip for STB

With Full-HD TVs and Blu-ray soundly established on the consumer market these days, Intel announces the Atom CE4100 for insanely powerful cable boxes and Blu-ray players. Dual 1080p streams can be decoded, MPEG4 and 3D graphics capability, as well as raw uncompressed 1080p capturing!

New flat screen TV

It's not a Full HD screen, simply because we don't have any sources for that and our Mac Mini media server, AFAIK, cannot handle Full HD movie decoding/display. And unless we win a PS3, we won't get one. But it's got plenty of input ports: 2 SCART, 2 HDMI, component (RGB) , VGA and composite, as well as audio in and output. We also got some fancy 2.1 speakers for it that will look totally cool! Petra loved them so who was I to argue. ;) our Home Theater setup is now almost complete... Only missing a general purpose amplifier and a DVR using Elgato's eyeTV products.

T3: Sony's first full-spec Blu-ray players outed

Now that HD-DVD is really dead, the doubting is over and it's time to take the next step: check out first full-spec 2.0 Blu-ray players. Prices: $400-500 this Summer. With the $ going further South, this may get even cheaper.

HD-DVD and Bluray copy protection cracked

Last week I read about HD-DVD's copy protection being cracked. Serenity was the first film out on HD-DVD. This morning I read that the same guy hacked Blu-ray and AACS as well... Same technique, same small hurdles. :respect:

Triple-standard disc: Blu-ray. HD-DVD and DVD

It's a mess in video medialand: Bluray, HD-DVD and regular DVDs. If you're in Hollywood, which do you support and for what will you revamp your entire distribution productline? Well... none!
Two übercool engineers at Warner have been working on a disc that will support all three technologies in one! If you're interested in technical details, read the article. Very ingenious indeed... :respect:

Matsushita: Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Will Never Merge

It seems it up to the customers again...
Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Will Never Merge. Just like Betamax and VHS, it is once again up the consumers to buy into one or the other. My guess is that PC support will matter as more and more people have a PC in the livingroom or a HTPC. Last I heard, Microsoft will back HD-DVD and HP swapped BluRay for HD-DVD, I heard for pricing/licensing reasons. Dell can therefore make or break BluRay, since Dell is the world's largest manufacturer of consumer PCs these days...

HP dumps Blu-Ray and hops over to HD-DVD

HP is doing a technology dance too. It used to side with Dell for Blu-Ray, the next generation DVD format. Now it seems that licence cost for Blu-Ray will amount to $30 per PC and HP believes that's too much. I tend to agree... however...
They're dumping Blu-Ray over $30 because HD-DVD support will be supported by Microsoft inside Vista (winXP's sucessor). That's kidding yourself because you'll pay a part for Vista too, it's just not that visible. Blu-Ray also uses Java for the interactive part (menus and the like). So Sun, HP's archrival, may be a bit too much in control for HP's taste... Politics, politics, politics...

DVD Forum approves Apple music format for DVD Audio

In addition to what I said before, I read that the DVD Forum approved mandatory use of AAC (Apple's music compression format) for DVD Audio, as well as approving the new HD-DVD standard. That's "High Definition", not "harddisk"! HD-DVD allows for a new physical construction of DVDs with upto 15 GB in a single layer, using a blue laser.
"HD-DVD was developed by NEC and Toshiba and uses discs of the same thickness and size as today's DVD products. That should make it much easier for disc manufacturers to re-tool production lines to churn out the new discs. That contrasts with Blu-ray, HD-DVD's biggest rival, which has different layer widths, and requires new production lines to be installed."