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Norway 2007 - the honeymoon

Monday after wedding, Petra and I left for our honeymoon. Until we actually landed she didn't know where we went... She saw the name of the city but didn't know where that was. LOL
We went to Norway for 5 days. She had never been there but I did and loved it. June is the best time of year to go, they say. So I booked a flight to Kristiansand (pun intended!) and got a room at the lovely B&B Liana Gård in the Southern Søgne

Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast

Greetings to all from our honeymoon location in beautiful Norway. We're staying a few days only - way too short - in Liane Gård - Bed & Breakfast. It's a short 30-40 minute dive from Kristiansand airport in the Southern-most part of Norway. Wanted to go North, but not too far that Petra would freeze. ;)
There is room here for at least 20 people, so there might be a new candidate for a group getaway...